These are officially the most affordable cities in the UK to be a student

Apparently London’s getting more affordable

If someone goes to uni in a totally dead city, you can guarantee they’ll fall back on one thing in conversation: “well, it’s dead cheap, so there’s that.”

It’s the last refuge of the perennially battered by UCAS. The consolation prize for someone who took a punt on their insurance choice.

But how true are their weird, sad boasts? QS – who produce world university rankings – have rated UK uni cities on their affordability.

Aberdeen is the most affordable in the UK – but you’ll pay the price in other ways for living in the Granite City. In fact, just go to Scotland if you want a cheap city – the top three are all Scottish.

South of the border, Leeds is your best bet for an affordable English uni city. London and Brighton are at the bottom of the list. Quelle surprise. However, QS’s analysts did find that London’s affordability is improving.

The most affordable uni cities in the UK (score out of 100):

1. Aberdeen: 61
2. Glasgow: 58
3. Edinburgh: 57.7
4. Leeds: 56.5
5. Leicester: 55.9
6. Nottingham: 55.6
7. Liverpool: 55
8. Coventry: 54.4
9. Newcastle upon Tyne: 54.1
10. Manchester: 53.2
11. Birmingham: 52
12. Sheffield: 51.1
13. Bristol: 48.4
14. Brighton: 37.8
15. London: 36.9

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