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Explained: The messy TikTok feud between LawrenceTikTok90 and Zak Jack

Lawrence claims his sexuality has been outed against his will

One of the country’s most popular TikTokers, lawrencetiktok90, has been embroiled in a beef after a breakdown in relations with another TikToker – Zak Jack. While we’re used to weight loss videos from the popular creator, Lawrence TikTok drama is another matter entirely.

TikTok star Lawrence Green has amassed 3.4 million followers documenting his weight loss journey, but has this week been posting emotional videos addressing the drama – including claims that his sexuality was outed against his will.

The drama between Zak Jack and Lawrence is complicated, incredibly messy and stretches back to the beginning of this year. Here’s what’s happened.

Zak Jack and Lawrence became friends in January

Zak Jack, @zakjackk on TikTok, and Lawrence have been friends since January, after Zak messaged him.

Lawrence said the family took him in and helped him find a new house after his own house caught fire.

However, their relationship started to break down after Lawrence tried to leave their house – Lawrence says he pushed past Zak’s mum who was in his way.

During a confrontation by Lawrence’s car, Lawrence then bit Zak’s dad. Zak then says he punched Lawrence in the face to try and free his dad’s hand. Lawrence then hit Zak with his braces

Both TikTokers shared this picture of the bite marks on Zak’s dad’s hand.

lawrence tiktok drama

However, they all made up afterwards and went on holiday together.

@lawrencetiktok90Part 1

♬ original sound – Lawrence

In a video, Lawrence also claims he was paying for drinks and being manipulated for his money, which was messing with his weight loss journey.

In a further confrontation, Lawrence then told Zak he was going to move back to London, and threw a cup which smashed and injured Zak.

The Lawrence TikTok drama broke out after Zak’s mum allegedly messaged a drama channel about Lawrence

Zak’s mum allegedly messaged Don’t Hold Back, a drama channel, about beef between Lawrence and Zak, claiming Lawrence was a bully.

The channel then made a video about “lazy merch”. Lawrence, whose merch line features t-shirts with a beetroot logo, took this is a dig at him personally. He added that Zak’s family pushed him to start selling merch – something Zak later denied.

Zak’s mum then sent further messages to Don’t Hold Back, thanking them for “standing up” to Lawrence.

@lawrencetiktok90Part 2

♬ original sound – Lawrence

Lawrence then claimed Zak’s family were “blackmailing” him

In a video posted after that, Lawrence claimed Zak’s family were calling him a “groomer, abuser, bully, and violent man”, and blackmailing him with pictures.

@lawrencetiktok90Part 3

♬ original sound – Lawrence

Zak, in a subsequent video, said he believed the blackmail claims came from a message his sister sent, “trying to get [Lawrence] to leave us alone”, and shared a screenshot saying: “I swear to god if you carry on Lawrence ill make a video myself with picture proof of the shit you’ve done”.

The Lawrence TikTok drama continued when screenshots were  published outing his sexuality

An angry Lawrence then made a video coming out as bisexual, saying he hadn’t even discussed his sexuality with his family before a set of screenshots came out.

@lawrencetiktok90It’s gone to far

♬ original sound – Lawrence

“It’s no-one else’s place to out your sexuality apart from your own”, Lawrence said.

He said of Zak: “He has broken a position of trust to try and bring my career down”.

However, Lawrence said he hadn’t slept because he was overwhelmed with the support.

Zak has posted videos denying Lawrence’s claims

In a two-part video, Zak claims Lawrence’s claims are “false, or manipulated to suit his story.”

@zakjackkPart one ##zakjackk

♬ original sound – ZakJack

Zak also shared a large quantity of texts between him and Lawrence, including messages allegedly of Lawrence propositioning him.

At the end of the second video, he decried the abuse his family have received as a result of the beef.

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