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Tati Westbrook is BACK on YouTube, a whole year after the James Charles beef

I need to blow on this tea because it is scalding

Tati Westbrook has returned to YouTube, a whole year after her apocalyptic, civilisation-threatening beef with James Charles.

Just as her exit from the scene was heralded by a 40-minute long self-implosion titled “Breaking My Silence”, Tati’s return has come in the form of a video called “A Year Later…”.

In the video, mercifully only 19 minutes long, Tati said she’s back on YouTube and spilled the tea on yet another legal battle.

Here’s what you need to know.

First thing first, here’s the backstory to the Tati Westbrook YouTube beef

The first James Charles x Tati Westbrook beef bubbled up in 2019, blowing a hole in the make-up YouTuber community so large you could drive a warehouse full of cancelled Morphe palletes through it.

Essentially, James promoted someone else’s vitamins and Tati had a breakdown because she felt he owed her loyalty for kickstarting his career.

tati westbrook

James swiftly apologised, but Tati decided to set everything on fire, dropping the “BYE SISTER” video. She said fame had changed him, and that she didn’t want to be friends with James.

She also accused James of “manipulating” straight men into getting with him, and had spoken about her to “drama” channels. Again, James apologised.

Charles lost two million subscribers in a single weekend, with YouTube stans gripped on his plummeting real-time subscriber count. Meanwhile, Tati managed to roughly double her follower count in three days.

That was only drama round one, though.

A year on, in the heady (read: shit) summer of 2020, the beef was reborn – this time involving Shane Dawson.

Tati claimed she was manipulated by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson into making the “BYE SISTER” video. At this point, it had become the most controversial, conspiracy-fuelling piece of film since the Zapruder recording of the JFK assassination.

In the new video, “Breaking My Silence”, Tati said Shane had planted the seeds of doubt over James Charles in her head, and even offered to produce the “BYE SISTER” film. Shane and Jeffree denied any involvement in the video.

She said she had receipts, but did not share them, apparently on the advice of her attorney. She also alluded to legal battles with Jeffree Star.

In response, Shane Dawson said James “deserved a slice of humble pie the size of the Empire State building”, but denied being involved in the baking of that particular pie. He also said Tati was “manipulative”. There really were no winners.

And, apparently, James and Tati made up.

What has Tati Westbrook said now?

So, skip forward another year and Tati Westbrook is back with a video called “A Year Later”. Long story short, she’s back.

Long story long, Tati revealed she’s involved in a lawsuit with Clark Swanson, her former business partner. Tati claims Clark had been feeding drama channels damaging information about her.

“Finding this out really signalled to me that this, in my opinion, feels like sabotage and has made me want to go the distance and not stop the fight for justice,” she said.

However, Tati was not wearing her wedding ring in the video. Despite admitting that the drama of it all has strained her relationship with her husband, Tati said she had lost it while moving from LA to Seattle.

Most importantly, she’ll be back to make-up and reviews.

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