QUIZ: Are you more Chris Whitty or Nicki Minaj?

It’s time to pick a side

A beef has erupted that will be so hard to explain in five years’ time that it’ll need its own Wikipedia page. It’s the butterfly effect in action: a man’s balls (maybe) swell up in Trinidad, and then suddenly superstar rapper Nicki Minaj is trading barbs with the UK’s political and medical establishment.

To recap: Nicki Minaj tweeted this absolute Wembley lasange-tier bit of pandemic bollocks. She now says she was – unsurprisingly – lied to.

But one thing led to another and chief medical adviser Chris Whitty is brushing her tweet off and saying people who spread myths about the vaccine “should be ashamed.” Clearly, friends, the time has come to pick sides. And for the weak-willed among you, we’ve made a quiz to help.

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