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TikTok is freaking out after searching for ‘Art of the Zoo’ and I recommend you avoid

Or get an unsuspecting friend to Google it, I’m not the police

TikTok has had some pretty left-field freakouts over its time. There was the whole vanilla flavouring/beaver butts thing, the chainsaw revelations, and the August 27th panic. And now everyone is freaking out about something called Art of the Zoo.

People have been posting videos saying “don’t look up art of the zoo” and filming their reactions after looking it up.

@iamkaythecelebher face tho😂😂 ##fypシ ##PerfectAsWeAre ##dontlookitup ##nasty♬ original sound – todoroni

Their faces, invariably, are pure horror. Totally disturbed. Which is intriguing. It’s tempting. What could it be?

This is what Art of the Zoo means on TikTok

Despite the warnings not to look it up, people will be people. Temptation is just too much sometimes. And yet, the reactions have been – predictably – pretty awful.

@mrsellieweasleyi’m traumatised ##disturbing ##wierd ##foryou ##neveragain ##ineedtomindmyownbusiness♬ original sound – todoroni

So before you do that, let me tell you. There’s not really any two ways about this. People who search Art of the Zoo on Google Images have been met with pictures of humans having sex with animals. Bestiality. Once you know that, it’s kind of easy to understand where Art of the Zoo came from as a phrase.

Luckily, now that everyone’s searching for it, the top search results have been taken up by explainer articles – you’re welcome.

Still, that isn’t stopping people on TikTok from subjecting themselves – or their loved ones – to disgusting images for clout.

@lilbbqdeluxeburger2♬ original sound – todoroni

Why put yourself through that? That’s the real question here.

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