People on TikTok are freaking out over the 27th August and now I am too

Honestly, why is everyone scared of this random date?

Most of us have spent lockdown scrolling through TikTok and there have been some questionable trends, such as girls sighing loudly to get their boyfriend’s attention and even TikTok drama. Now, a new trend has emerged, with everyone freaking out about a random date. But what is the August 27th TikTok craze?

On the app, the hashtag #August27th is gaining millions of views and people are scared.

It’s even crossed over to Twitter, where the terror is growing. Everyone’s freaking out over August 27th – seemingly a random date.

So, where did the August 27th TikTok craze come from?

One of the first August 27th TikToks was made by @stfusamantha. Whilst it is unclear whether she started the trend, her video was the one that went viral.

August 27th TikTok

The text on the video says “If this is on your FYP…congratulations. You’ve been chosen, remember the date August 27th. It’s important.”

What’s happening on August 27th?

After @stfusamantha’s video, thousands of people on TikTok began to make their own videos about the date. The videos followed the same theme of saying “You’ve been chosen”, “remember the date”, or just simply stating “August 27th”.

From there, it took hold. Without any context to guide them, people started freaking out.

And you know what, I was scared too.

However, after @stfusamantha saw her video had gone viral, she backtracked, saying it was a joke and she had no idea it would blow up like that. “The fact that people actually think I know whats gunna happen in a month is ridiculous,” she said.

What are the theories surrounding it? Am I going to be okay?

Some people on TikTok have declared the date a TikTok holiday and are hyping it up to have something to look forward to, which makes sense given current circumstances.

Others have pointed out August 27th is an important date in astrology and that there will be positive energy on this date.

However, the most popular theory is the August 27th is when your manifestations will come true, or that it is the best day to manifest your goals.

Quite simply, if you’ve got something you want to do, August 27th might be the best way to make it happen. We’ll take that explanation. It’s comforting.

Should you be worried about August 27th?

As far as we can tell, August 27th is really just a random date that gained traction on TikTok for no apparent reason. We’re all just going to have to sit back and see what happens – it can’t be worse than anything else in 2020, right?

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