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The caption war between Luke M, Lucie and Demi is the pettiest thing you’ll see today

Shade is being thrown

Last week Love Island’s Luke M and Lucie gave away a lot of hints they were seeing each other.

They both posted the same photo of a hot tub and were liking each other’s Instagram posts. And over the weekend they confirmed they’re together.

Luke M shared a photo of them on Instagram and captioned it: “My partner in crime”.

And now the cringe worthy Instagram stories and TikToks have begun.

They’re posting pics of them together on various dates including going surfing and a drive in cinema. They’ve even created their first TikTok together about the dentist. Yeah don’t ask.

So far so cute. And then people on Twitter dragged Demi into the mix and said she was throwing shady messages at Lucie and Luke M.

Back in June Lucie shared an Instagram post with the caption: “Just recently I’ve been catching feelings….not flights.”

And then three days later Demi posted a picture of her with sunglasses on and the caption: “Honey.. you should take my advice catch that flight, not the feeling.”

Naturally a lot of people in the comments put two and two together and suggested Demi was throwing shade at Lucie.

And then on Twitter the day after it was rumoured Lucie and Luke M were dating, Demi tweeted: “Girlllllllll, know your worth” with a yawn emoji. 

Someone replied asking if it was about Luke M and Lucie or “Bieber and the mermaid with the dry hair” as they savagely referred to them as.  Demi said it wasn’t do with them and she just thinks girls need to be reminded.

She replied back: “No it really isn’t. Actually just felt like tweeting it because us gals need to be reminded sometimes lol, Twitter reads into things too deep x”.

Luke M and Demi broke up at the end of May. A source told The Sun there was no drama between the two and they had just drifted apart.

However Demi said the reason for their breakup was due to a lack of effort from Luke M and him not wanting to make it official.

She said: “With lockdown, it drove us apart and we live so far away from each other. I feel like there wasn’t a lot of effort made with communication, so we drifted as a result. It’s a shame and bad timing.

“I had my hopes that he’d ask me once we came out of Love Island, but it never really happened. As lockdown went on, little effort was made so it was called off.”

Luke M and Lucie haven’t commented on Demi’s tweet.

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