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Love Island’s Luke M and Lucie are officially dating

Ok I did not see this coming

Love Island’s Luke Mabbot and Lucie Rose Donlan are now dating after sharing identical photos on their Instagram stories.

Last night both Luke and Lucie posted a video of the same hot tub with beaut countryside in the background. There’s no denying they are literally in the same location and though they haven’t officially confirmed it – I think we can take this as their way of subtly announcing it.

Lucie and Joe broke up in December last year and Lucie has been single ever since. Luke and Demi broke up at the end of May. Apparently there was no drama or cheating that caused the two to breakup – the relationship had simply run its course.

And clearly Luke didn’t leave it long before starting things up with Lucie. A source told The Sun Lucie and Luke had started chatting during lockdown and now that the rules have relaxed they’re able to spend more time together.

They said: “They were messaging each other over Instagram during lockdown and as the rules relaxed their romance blossomed.

“Luke wasn’t single for long after he split with his ex Demi and Lucie is his dream woman – he can’t believe his luck.”

They’ve been liking each other’s posts on Instagrams and writing very cryptic and cringe captions for their most recent posts.

Two weeks ago Lucie captioned a photo of her in a swimsuit: “Dear tummy…Sorry for all the butterflies lately. I swear it’s not my fault.. it’s his.”

And last week Luke captioned a post of him smiling and shirtless with: “Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I used to.”

So yeah they’re basically together, question is, will they do a cringe photoshoot on the beach to announce it?

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