Now mummy’s gone, take this quiz and find out what percentage berries and cream you are

Only a real little lad will get over 50 per cent

A new sound rings out across the land. It’s coming from your phone. It’s in your head. It’s berries and cream.

Berries and cream, berries and cream, I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream. There’s no use explaining why the jingle from an old Starburst advert has taken over – just give in.

As the meme has spread, not only have there been umpteen remixes, but people have actually started relating to the little lad. You’ll be doing something and realise, all of a sudden, that you’re giving massive berries and cream vibes. It might be a little dance, an old-fashioned way of doing something – quaintness and tradition are at the heart of the berries and cream vibe.

And yet, judging yourself accurately is hard. Just how berries and cream are you really? Take our scientific quiz and let us do the hard brain work.

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