‘I knew I was up s**t creek’: Georgia speaks out on hilariously short Love Island stint

She’s called Hugo eloquent and polite…

Love Island’s latest dumped Islander managed just 24 hours in the villa before being sent packing on an economy flight back to Stansted. When Hugo decided to couple up with Chloe, bombshell Georgia Townend saw her BooHoo deal dreams crumble.

The Twitter reactions to her doomed stint have been understandably savage.

But perhaps she’ll become an icon, a memorable flash in the pan. The Federico Macheda of Islanders.

And, after her exit, Georgia seems to have taken the “if you don’t laugh you’ll cry approach”, saying she was well aware she was up shit creek.

“It was really tricky to go in and only have the one person I was interested in. When that didn’t pay off, I knew I was up shit creek without a paddle,” she said.

In fact, displaying a rare wholesomeness, she says she didn’t want to tear anybody’s match apart.

“I would have felt awful, selfish and really unkind if I’d ripped a couple apart if I wasn’t wholly invested,” Georgia said.

That said, she’s got an eye for drama, and has laid out her own personal philosophy on the Toby/Chloe/Abi situation. “If you like two people at the same time then it’s right that you should pursue the second one,” Georgia said.

“Because if everything you were looking for in a partner was in the first one, then you wouldn’t even consider other option.”

Shockingly, she’s even got a few kind words to say about Hugo: “I think we would have been a good match; he was really eloquent, polite. I’m not sure why there wasn’t a spark.”

And she’s not bitter about the successful bombshells from her cohort, predicting Kaz and Tyler could go all the way.”It’s 100 per cent genuine. It was almost instantaneous. I genuinely think that’s the real deal,” she said.

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