Caitlin Cavanagh
Caitlin Cavanagh

An ode to Mamma Mia: the perfect film for any occasion

It’s everything a girl could want in a movie

Just because I don’t like opera or Shakespeare, it doesn’t mean I’m uncultured

By referring to culture as things the working class aren’t exposed to, you’re invalidating our intelligence and upbringing

New ‘privately educated only’ dating app to launch tomorrow

It ‘brings together people with similar backgrounds’

Stop getting angry at me because I have a bigger student loan than you

You’ve had more money than me all your life, don’t get angry if I treat myself occasionally

Free Greggs giveaway at Silk Thursdays this week

‘From sausage rolls to donuts n the odd cheeky pie thrown in the mix’

Here’s everything that went down at Peter Mathieson’s McEwan Hall Q&A

From what went wrong in Hong Kong, to his pay package and of course, the strikes and occupation

‘Seriously, what makes us bitchy?’: Going to an all girls school is absolutely great and here’s why

If you get the ‘shit I think I’ve just come on’ feeling, feel free to ask everyone in your history class if they have a pad

George Square Lecture Theatre has been occupied by a group of students in support of the strikes

The doors were barred shut by students at 9am today

Introducing the ‘Morrissey boy’: The moody indie prick you know and shouldn’t love

You’ll quickly figure that their Nietzsche quotes become less profound with every line

A vegetarian’s pet hates: It’s not as fun or easy as we make out

If it were easy, we’d all be veggies

Why I’m fed up of the jeans-and-nice-top uniform on Edinburgh nights out

It’s fun to dress up once in a while

‘Tuition fee variety’ won’t help working class students, it will disadvantage them

It’s turning uni into Waitrose vs. Lidl, with prospective students shopping where they can afford

An ode to Heebie Jeebies – Liverpool’s club with something for everyone

A scouse take on Gatsby’s parties

Hurrah! Today marks 100 years of having the vote – for propertied, 30+ women that is

Turns out the 1918 Representation of the People Act wasn’t very representative at all

People who police uni washing machines are the absolute worst

Get your paws off my silky drawers

All the different types of note-makers you’ll find in your lectures

Are you that person with an iPad?

Stop telling me I’m not working class anymore just because I go to university

Because tofu and books apparently denounce your background

‘My A in Physics GCSE couldn’t help me here’ – A history student’s excursion to King’s Buildings

Is it really as bad as they say?