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Vote: Which costume won Halloween 2017?

From student overdrafts to Robbie Travers

That's it. Halloween is over for another year. To everyone who just put some cat ears on and proclaimed themselves "ready" to go out, I hope you're proud of yourself.

Many heroes went the extra mile to create an outfit that will forever capture the cultural zeitgeist of 2017. Now it's time to vote for your favourite.

The guy who went as a student overdraft

My financial situation definitely keeps me up at night.

The girl who dressed as the one and only Neil Buchanan

This video of someone dressed up as Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan is equally terrifying and amazing.

The Buckfast and Lambini girls

They went as grapes last year and wine this year. This level of dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Young Ed Miliband

He has Ed's cheeky grin down to a tee.

Gordon Ramsay and an Idiot Sandwich

An iconic TV moment, and the best couple's costume idea for sure.

Robbie Travers

Top marks for getting exactly the right shade of pastel blue.

Theresa May

Let me be clear that this is a strong and stable outfit decision to deliver the Brexit that this country needs.

The Trivago Woman

She haunted your every commute, so it works pretty well as a scary Halloween costume.

The Warwick Koan

Dressing up as a part of your campus is one of the most Warwick things to ever happen.

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Have you seen any costumes better than this? Send them in to [email protected]

Now it's time to vote for your favourite: