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We spoke to the students who dressed as Buckfast and Lambrini for Halloween

Last year they went as grapes but have since ‘matured’

Halloween is basically just another excuse you don't need to get shitfaced, with the only difference being you're usually dressed up in a ridiculous outfit.

The options are truly limitless, and two Scottish undergrads took the opportunity to make a joke linking last year's event to this year's celebrations. Their dedication has earned them over 75k retweets and 305k likes on Twitter.

Last year, Amy and Megan dressed up as grapes after seeing someone else do it online and needing a quick and easy last minute costume.

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But this year they went one step further, saying they had "matured" and therefore dressing as a bottle of Buckfast and Lambrini.

Rather than being a planned progression from grape to wine, the girls, both fourth years, again left it until the day before to sort their outfits. They wanted to do something better than last year's effort and "thought it would be funny if we turned grapes into wine."

Speaking to The Tab, Amy said the costume only took a couple of hours to make, using cardboard boxes, hula hoops and bin liners. They only spent £10 each and that was mainly on paint and things to make the drink labels with.

The girls wore the outfit to an annual Halloween house party that their friend was hosting. Everyone had been guessing what they would be dressing as beforehand, but no-one thought they'd be wine bottles. According to Amy everyone thought it was funny.

The girls did drink Lambrini on the night, but not Buckfast. Amy admits they're not their favourite drinks, which is vodka and Magners, but were forced to choose something that would fit with the joke.

Despite their prowess in crafting thematic Halloween outfits, the girls do not yet have plans for what they'll be wearing next year, saying it will "probably another last minute decision."