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We’ve ranked UK cities in order of how much they love chicken nugs, because someone had to

You may need dipping sauce for this

You don't need me to remind you everyone loves chicken nuggets. The crispy batter, the variety of dipping sauces available. They are there for you on every drunken walk home, and also for your hangover the next morning.

But where in the UK loves nugs the most? The people that didn't choose the nug life, because the nug life chose them.

Do the people of Lancashire cry out "Ooh I do love a good nug me," in between mouthfuls of nugget, or are they drowned out by the chanting from the rooftops of Sheffield, morsels of golden brown goodness held aloft as their voices rise: "NUGS. NUGS. NUGS. NUGS."

There is only one way to find out. A deep and probing statistical investigation to crown one British city the chicken nugget capital of the UK.

Image may contain: Nuggets, Fried Chicken, Food

Our method of investigation was simple. Find out where in the UK has the highest demand for nuggets by way of the most nugget retailers per 10,000 people. A sign that a steady supply of chicken nuggets is available whenever you may need them, which admittedly is most of the time.

The humble McNugget is obviously the Rolls-Royce of the reconstituted chicken world, but to make our investigation complete we needed to make sure we included all potential nugget vendors.

Therefore, as well as calculating how many McDonald's were within a 5-mile radius of the biggest cities in the UK, we also factored in every takeaway on JustEat that would deliver nuggets straight to your door at the click of a button.

So, after some quick maths, here are the UK cities ranked in order of how much they love chicken nuggets.

People of Durham rise up, your city is officially the chicken nugget capital of the United Kingdom, you have four nugget shops for every 10,000 people. People usually associate Durham with posh Oxbridge rejects and the wintry barrenness of the North. But what they may lack in population they more than make up with in places to buy nuggets.

Nottingham will feel hard done by in second place, with a whopping 92 places selling nuggets working out to over three nugget vendors for every 10,000 people.

Loughborough are third, followed by Leicester and Lincoln rounding out the top five.

Despite boasting 89 nugget establishments, Manchester's large population means they finished 14th, but that doesn't make the nuggets at the Maccies in Fallowfield any less tasty.

Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds also all had poor showings, predominantly due to the sheer size of their population.

If we've learnt anything at all from this, it's that I'm definitely heading out to buy a 20-box of nuggies right now.

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