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Watch Love Island Australia: Here’s how to watch Love Island Australia

Love Island Australia is even crazier than the UK version of the show

Everyone is buzzing to have Love Island back on telly, filling our evenings with pure, unadulterated joy as we watch Alex literally sweating about being alone forever, Niall attempting to reel in his rainbow fish, Georgia, and of course wonder which of the boys would be the best in bed.

But while you've been transfixed to the UK series, thousands of miles away another Love Island has been born.

Love Island Australia has just begun it's first ever series, but I'm already thinking of creating a petition for it to be broadcast at 8pm on ITV2 to get me ready for the UK offering at 9pm.

Australian Love Island

Australia's Love Island is genuinely one of the best things on tv:

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Friday, June 8, 2018

Love Island Australia is funnier and crazier than the current UK series, and they're obviously fitter – you can't beat that natural Aussie tan.

They're only ten episodes in the other day they pinned one of the boys down and waxed is arse, meanwhile we have to watch Alex the human salmon giving a masterclass in not how to talk to girls.

You can watch Love Island Australia by clicking this link which takes you to a website that is streaming all of the episodes from the first series for free.

Australia Love Island

Australia's Love Island makes ours look tame af

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Thursday, June 7, 2018

While the series is being aired on 9GO! in Australia on the channel's website they say you can only watch the show on demand from within Australia, but thanks to some absolute hero, we can now all enjoy it too.