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Want to know how good your uni is? Here is The Tab’s University League Table 2018

Oxbridge aren’t top two, for once


It's that time of the year where all you see the annual university league tables. As per, Oxford and Cambridge always come on top with the usual London lot trickling behind.

But the problem with these rankings is they're judged on boring shit like staff to student ratio, feedback satisfaction and whether you'll get a career after six months after graduating. And correct me if I'm wrong, but who actually cares or judges a uni on any of those things?

No, instead what you care about is how cheap is a pint going to be if you go to Nottingham? How much carnage are the halls in Sussex? Are the rumours true that everyone in Newcastle is a 10/10???

This is The Tab's 2018 University League, based on the things you actually care about. Spoiler: Oxbridge is no where near the top spot.

Manchester – 1st

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Nightlife – 10/10

Manchester's nightlife is notoriously good. There are literally hundreds of clubs and bars and you can go for any vibe you like, any day of the week. There are loads of ticketed events but you can also rock up to loads of decent events on the night.

It can be expensive if you’re seeing a big DJ but that’s the same anywhere, and paying £35 for WHP is kind of worth it when you end up in the venue for like seven hours.

Plus, you have the Fallowfield house parties. These basement houses are packed full of people, with proper DJs in every room. The best part? It’s all free. Don’t mind if I do.

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How fit people are – 8/10

Unbelievable scenes in the north with a decent spread of 8/10s everywhere. What this uni does best is look like they’ve had a huge all-nighter and still pull it off.

Girls will be in Nasty Gal and the really expensive parts of Urban Outfitters, have scruffy trainers and tiny tiny tummies. So if you want to fit in, make sure you’re looking your best (greasy hair and a permanent rollie in your mouth).

Local delicacies – 9/10

With venues like Kebab King, Chicken King, Abduls and whatever else you want at 5am: you got it. Plus you’ve got Gaff’s dishing out cigs and balloons until, like, I don’t think it ever even closes?

Aesthetics – 8/10

Manchester uni campus and city centre are absolutely beaut. The architecture is *mwah* (chef kissing fingers). Fallowfield is obviously really grim but in a really endearing way. The grotty charm is the aesthetic, and we like it.

Newcastle – 2nd

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Nightlife – 10/10

When have you heard of anyone having a bad night in the Toon? Whether it’s Soho Rooms for pres and trebs then onto Swingers to spend your whole time smoking in the best smoking area in the country, Newcastle has something for anyone. Also, how could you say no to the bright lights of Flares?

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Rent – 9/10

Considering how posh Jesmond actually is, it’s pretty cheap with some people getting a swish crib for £80 a week. If you want to break the trend and move to Sandyford or Heaton you can be looking at even less than that.

How fit people are – 10/10

It’s not said to be in the Golden Four for nothing. This is the upper echelon of fit people. It’s unknown why they all congregated in Jesmond, but they did, like some strange, hot cult of God-like people.

The girls all have expensive fake tans so they look like they’ve actually been on hols. Their long blonde hair is all shiny like out of an advert. The boys are every single fit guy you come across on Bumble and think ‘please match with me, please match with me’ – good haircuts, beautiful eyes, even better clothes. Absolute dreamboats the lot of them.

How annoying the people are – 7/10

Full of southern rahs which can get pretty annoying.

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Sheffield – 3rd

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Nightlife – 7/10

Sheffield has at least one club or night for each mood. If you like Indie, there’s Leadmil. If you like drugs, there’s Tuesday Club. If you like having absolutely zero taste in anything, then there’s Area. Don’t go to Area.

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Local delicacies – 10/10

Fancy a sit down meal after a night out? Yes, you read that right. I asked whether you, the person reading this, fancies a sit down. Like, sitting down in a restaurant, meal after a night out, the time when you should not be sitting down for a meal. Because if you do fancy a sit down meal after a night out, Balti King exists. Balti. King. Exists.

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How annoying the people are – 3/10

Sheffield, found right in the centre of the country, has a good mix of Northern and Southern students, meaning that the annoying traits from both sides are cancelled about. No longer do we have to suffer Ben from Manchester play Oasis at every pre drinks, because here is Amy – she has a horse. And Amy is cancelled out by Becky, who has the most obnoxious Yorkshire accent in Yorkshire, who is in turn nullified by Rich, from Bath, who plays rugby and is ridiculously chiselled. There is an equilibrium in Sheffield. We are a perfectly maintained ecosystem.

Oxford – 4th

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Halls – 8/10

There are 44 colleges (6 are permanent halls though. Simmer down Regents Park you’re not a thing). Each have very different personalities and V I B E S so make sure you speak to someone who is there about the college before or you could end up at St Catz insisting that the modern architecture is something to be proud of.

Nightlife – 7/10

Contrary to popular belief, Oxford actually has a jokes nightlife. Most first years end up going to the quite standard nights but as time goes on and you figure out #whoyouare and #whatyoureabout you realise that there are some pretty darn cool nights on.

How fit people are 10/10

People are fit and the general vibe is fit. Prepare to be a lil bit intimidated for the next 3 years.

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How annoying the people are 7/10

Obviously there are a tonne of pretentious people but in general the people aren’t annoying as you’d think – that’s what Cambridge is for.

Aesthetics 10/10

Everything and everyone is fit. The Rad Cam is as beaut as the boys doing history essays inside.

Glasgow – 5th

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Nightlife – 9/10

Nightlife is almost definitely one of Glasgow’s strengths. Most ticketed events will not be super busy and therefore you don’t always have to buy beforehand. If you leave it to buy at the door, prices are usually £3 for entry.

Top tip: Make pals with PR guys and gals from as many clubs as possible, use their soul-destroying career choice to your advantage. Queues are usually not too long unless you go to a popular club on its busiest day – Firewater Thursday, Viper on a Monday, etc.

There are way too many clubs to count. There are a bunch found in the West End but there’s a club or bar every 15 metres in town.

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How fit people are – 8/10

The Glasgow vibe mainly consists of Scottish banter and Urban Outfitters catalogues. There are definitely a lot of pretty faces about campus, yet it sometimes gets tiring when you see the same coat four or five times a day.

Local delicacies – 8/10

There’s nearly 40,000 kebab shops in Glasgow, or there about, therefore getting late night food is simple. Dominos is open until 3AM for those really late nights and there are standard places to sample deep-fried Mars bars.

How annoying the people are – 5/10

One of Glasgow’s other strengths is that the people genuinely aren’t annoying. There seems to be some ‘Glasgow filter’ in people's brains and people tend not to act like pillocks very often. Everyone is easy going and loves a drink.

Leeds – 6th

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Nightlife – 10/10

Forget Newcastle, Leeds is where the party scene is at. We have cheesy pop nights at Fruity (aka. the best student night ever), edgy Leeds events at Canal Mills and indie/hop pop events with Applebum and Propaganda. Basically every big event comes to Leeds – you’re guaranteed to find a night out that you love. We even have an event in a church, what’s more edgy than that?

Every event is ticket based so, although, it’s annoying to be buying three million tickets before freshers and losing £50, at least you’re certain you have entry and no one can flake out on you. As for how many clubs there are Leeds – there are literally clubs from the city centre to some sketchy warehouses in the industrial estates on the outskirts of town.

The sheer amount of club nights and cheap door prices thankfully make up for the lack of Leeds Ball tickets, because even if you didn’t manage to get yourself a ticket, you can drown your sorrows in one of the hundreds of events which are also on that same night. Seriously, Leeds is where it’s at.

How fit the people are – 8/10

The edgy Leeds style is iconic, we love nothing more than some new wavey garms. Is this attractive to anyone outside of this bubble? No. Hate to break it to you, but leopard print, corduroy culottes, “vintage” aka. hideous dirty sweaters topped out with a stench of weed, aren’t exactly first date material in the real world.

Within Leeds Uni, in the bounds of Hyde Park and campus, we all look wicked and it’s a mating ground. However, if you venture to Headingley, encounter any students from Beckett or actually enter the city centre, we literally look like we combined every fashion statement over the past century and forgot to wash it. Not to mention, how we accessorise it with a pretentious, slightly-too-intelligent attitude.

Then, when spring comes around and the weather raises slightly above freezing, the dirty white trainer and Red Stripe combo congregate in Hyde Park and get that edgy Leeds Instagram post to impress all of your Southern followers.

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Takeaways – 8/10

If you’ve been to Leeds, then you will know about Cripsy’s. The infamous chip shop that blasts Disney tunes, has disco lighting and is basically better than the club you’ve come from. Not to mention, the guys who work there and their killer banter. Crispy’s double cheesy chips are better than a gourmet meal in some overpriced restaurant, just sayin.

Let us also take a moment to remember Bakery 164, because, as we are all aware, it is undeniably the tastiest place in Leeds. Bakery 164 cured our halloumi craving, long before the days of famous halloumi fries. Sure there is always a queue, but that many people can’t really be wrong. And, It’s the bakery which held an event at Canal Mills, surely it doesn’t really get much better than that.

How annoying the people are – 9/10

We’re all pretentious, arrogant twats. Just look at what we’re wearing. We live in the North and yet, everyone i’ve met is from the depths of the South because apparently, it’s “cool” to go to Leeds.

Nottingham – 7th

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Halls – 8/10

With accommodation mainly hosted by University Park Campus, there really is nowhere better to live in England. Campus is the perfect place to live and whilst the halls themselves, bar Hu Stu and Cripps, aren’t exactly easy on the eye, they show you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Yes Rutland, Cav and Sherwood caused you physical pain just by looking at them when you arrived for freshers week, but there is no better place to live.

From the monthly formals, to the thin walls, to the crispy hash browns on a Wednesday and Saturday, they provide the best environment for our young freshers to find themselves and grow. If that isn’t enough, the summer balls run by each and every hall are probably the best nights you will ever have, free wine isn’t the only reason for this.

How fit people are – 8/10

As usual, the girls give the boys a run for their money up here. Maybe it’s because they’re all from Surrey, giving off the private school, pretty vibe or maybe it’s because all the fit boys actually go to Trent. Uni of boys can pretend they’re hot, swanning around in their tight shirts and rugby ties but their self-proclaimed superiority unfortunately doesn’t extend to their fitness. Best get over to Trent Ocean if you want to find ‘the one’ at uni.

Liverpool – 8th

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Halls – 8/10

Vine Court is for the poshest of the posh. Crown Place is a very good standard on-campus halls, but even that is still a bit spenny. If you’re looking for the ‘real’ university experience then Carnatic is the place for you – but be warned, it is very prison-esque.

Nightlife – 10/10

Liverpool offers something for absolutely everyone, and it’s all for a fiver or less. There’s a huge range of clubs, from RnB nights at Juicy to ‘Shit Indie Disco’ – there is definitely something for you. There’s a student night every day of the week in the UK’s best city for a night out.

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How annoying the people are – 8/10

The people in Liverpool are mostly sound. We have a few twats from the home counties, but we’re generally all pretty sound. That being said, the number of Tories is surprising considering the city’s history.

Aesthetics – 8/10

Liverpool is a campus uni which gives it a good head start. Abercrombie Square and the Victoria Building are very picturesque. However, there’s too many ugly buildings to give the uni a higher rating. At least the Cyprus Building is getting torn down now.

Edinburgh – 9th

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How fit people are – 8/10

The people are pretty fit, although there are a lot of people who constantly wear sports gear and uni stash which doesn’t do anyone any favours.

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Local delicacies – 2/10

Edinburgh is notoriously terrible for post-night out food. A lot of places close at 2 and last year the 24/7 McDonald’s decided to start closing early at 2 on weeknights and at 3 on Friday and Saturday. A tragedy.

How annoying the people are – 8/10

If you can’t stand posh Londoners, you’ll hate almost everyone.

Aesthetics – 9/10

Edinburgh has good vibes to be fair. The people are well-dressed for the most part – most people have cracking clothes and great hair. Plus Edinburgh itself is beaut – your Instagram will rake in the likes.

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Bristol – 10th

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Aesthetics – 9/10

It’s a beautiful city. The locals are eccentric but lovely. You’ll live your life through Instagram, capturing the same four images of the colourful Hotwells house, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Wills Memorial Building and Harbourside generic shots.

How fit people are – 9/10

Extremely fit people. Girls bedecked in wavy garms will chain smoke outside the ASS library, throwing their heads back in husky voiced peels of laughter as they talk about last night’s ket-fuelled antics at Motion. Guys wearing signet rings will belong to group chat names like ‘St Michael’s Pill’ where they chat about ‘getting gazeboed’ at ‘Seshminster Abbey’.

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How annoying the people are – 10/10

Very. Bristol has every stereotype: the druggy wannabe, the champagne socialists, the aspirant jocks, the rah rah red trousered brigades. Rather than reject these labels, all too often they play up to them.

Cambridge – 11th

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Nightlife – 6/10

This is the best university in the UK, so there’s no surprise it’s a little thin on the ground when it comes to clubs. That being said, for week one and two of term, before the mountain of essays pile in, nightlife can be above average. Kuda, Lola and Cindies are the main places you’ll go – better learn the words of Circle of Life now.

Rent – 1/10

The rent prices are extortionate. You’re living in a Cambridge Uni colleges, remember.

How fit people are – 6/10

Half of Cambridge are super nerdy, wearing cargo shorts and non-sexy fleeces with a ghostly disposition and large bags under the eyes. The other half all look like they should have gone to Leeds, but know they’re way too smart it and would never really feel fulfilled if they’d sold themselves short.

Regardless, this other half are a 7/10 vibe – bucket hats, rainbow bodies, sometimes glitter. You gotta have some fun somehow in old Cambridge.

Cardiff – 12th

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Nightlife – 7/10

Want your generic club night with multiple rooms and half decent smoking areas? Head to Greyfriars. Want to drink £5 wine and sing Aerosmith? Go to Live Lounge. Want a house or disco night? Go to Teak or Buffalo. Sure, it’s not Bristol, but Cardiff has a decent club selection for your every need.

How fit people are – 6/10

It's worth it for some fit Welsh rugby boys, but most of them will treat you like shit and will love the uni gym more than they love you.

Takeaways – 8/10

Cathays is host to plenty of good chippies, but none come close to Family Fish Bar. It’s unknown whether it’s Abdul, the spring rolls or the Instagram account for the takeaway that makes it so loveable, but it’s the jewel in the Cathays crown.

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How annoying the people are – 6/10

When it comes to the rugby, whether that’s Six Nations or the World Cup, Cardiff scores a solid 8 thanks to all Wales vs. England, who’s better than who bullshit. They also don’t stop banging on about how good their SU is and how “tropical VK is LIFE” – so if you hate SU’s and sugary alcoholic drinks, it’s probably not one for you.

Sussex – 13th

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Aesthetics – 10/10

There are independent coffee-shops everywhere, which are perfect for Instagramming your aesthetic avocado-on-toast brunch, alongside the glorious street art and a surplus of vintage shops. Every bar is draped in fairy lights and cool decor. We also have the sea, and the south downs. It’s the most aesthetic place in the UK.

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Rent – 2/10

It is one of the most expensive places to live in the UK. You’re looking at paying about £115 a week, and the cheapest you’ll get it around £40 a week with bills, per month.

Nightlife – 9/10

The queues are generally not too bad on non-freshers weeks. Entry is generally free before 11pm for most places, but you can do so for about £4 per club in advance with some places. You have standard chain clubs, e.g. Pryzm, Walkabout, Revs, and some more indie ones e.g. The Haunt, Coalition.

There are also some D&B based nights with places like Volks, The Arch. Along with this you get some funk nights too; Casablancas has a live jazz band and Patterns hosts loads of live music and it’s a really nice venue, as well has having great funk nights. A night for every genre of music, open till 3am mostly, great beer gardens as well that are great for pres.

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Brookes – 14th

Rent – 3/10

Oxford is the most expensive place to live as a student. Basically, you're looking at paying London prices to be in the countryside.

How fit people are – 9/10

Everyone went to private school, drives a nice car and wears a signet ring. The girls have beautiful blonde shiny hair and abs to die for, and all the boys look like they could be in the Jack Wills catalogue. Everyone speaks with a husky voice, and you'll want to marry them all.

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UWE – 15th

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Price of a pint – £1.50 to £3

It depends where you go. Pints in the SU are £1.50 which is absolute bargain, but if you want to venture further into the hidden depths of Stokes Croft and beyond you should expect to pay £3.00-£4.00 a pint.

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How fit people are – 7/10

Glitter, ket, and lots of it. No one is here to learn or get a 2:1. People are at UWE because getting into Bristol Uni was impossible and they had to go for the second best option to be in the Red Stripe capital of England. So the vibe is fun, and the people who come with it all have husky voices from smoking too much and micro-dose on MDMA are all round fit.

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How annoying the people are – 5/10

Everyone’s an annoying vegan who sniffs Ket and talks about politics. Everyone smells like old incense, fags and Thatcher’s Gold. They wear tatty garms that haven't been washed in a decade. But the truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Durham – 16th

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How fit people the people are – 7/10

Pure seven out of ten territory, in every sense – pushing the top ranks but a bit short.

Aesthetics – 6/10

It's like the Conservative party conference of 1898. Every one is strolling around town in their formal robes. You can definitely separate those who plays sports from those who study humanities.

Bournemouth – 17th

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Halls – 8/10

They are actually pretty decent, unless you’re in Corfe (LOL unlucky). From the outside they all look pretty basic and like they’re probably going to be a right dive, but once inside you’re pleasantly surprised by how fresh and modern Bournemouth halls are.

There’s an obvious hierarchy of halls, with poshos in Dorchester and those who had no other option in Student Village but once you know your place you’ll do just fine.

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Aesthetics – 7/10

If you don’t take beach pics why did you even bother coming here?

UEA – 18th

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Nightlife – 8/10

Norwich nightlife is brill, Thursday night Loft should never go amiss, we all have a song for the karaoke room ready to go at any moment.

If you're looking for something more classy, lots of the bars offer 2 for 1 cocktails at certain times including Turtle Bay and Bar and Beyond

Of course the SU nights are a firm favourite, with a constant battle between Damn Good and A List, we all know A List is better, right?

Norwich has a night for everyone. Fancy some D&B? Go Karma. Like Drake? Go Mantra. Love Arctic Monkeys? You’ve got the Waterfront, or if you fancy a cheesy night out you’ve got the LCR.

Rent – 6/10

The rent in Norwich is pretty cheap. Generally, you pay no more than £350 a month, outside of halls. Campus ensuites can be pretty expensive, at £140 a week. The Ziggs or the Village are a good bet for a cheaper option.

Aesthetics – 2/10

If you’re a big fan of dark, grey, utilitarian 1984-esque concrete buildings, which look like they will suck the life out of your university experience, then UEA is for you. The Ziggs is quite a fun building because you can’t believe the idiots who drew the blueprint and those who constructed it actually went ahead with a building of that appearance, but there we go.

Exeter – 19th

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Boy to girl ratio – 3/10

Everyone has heard the rumour that the student population is 70% girls and 30 per cent guys. In reality it’s not that bad, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. In the immortal words of Nicki Minaj, “where them boys at?”

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Nightlife – 4/10

Mainly because that’s the amount of clubs there are. This also means that there’s not a lot of variation between the nights, a night at Fever with the freshers is practically the same as a night at TP with the rugby boys. But every now and then we do have the odd edgy night at Phoenix where all the girls get their best flares out and the guys wear the waviest shirts they own.

Everyone knows that if you’re not in by 11, there’s no point even trying. Almost every student lives by the motto, the early bird catches the worm, and apparently also gets into TP before the queues become unbearable.

There is a general consensus among the clubs in Exeter that charging anything more than £4 for entry is probably unfair on the club goers. No one wants to pay anything above that to have drinks spilled all over them in an overly sweaty club, and luckily the owners know this and respect the fact that everyone knows Exeter nightlife is just not worth it.

UCL – 20th

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Halls – 3/10

They are basically as shit as anywhere else but triple the price. Welcome to London.

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How annoying the people are – 8/10

Everyone tells you this was their first choice when you know deep down it wasn’t. Also, is there anything more annoying than everyone banging on about how poor they are, deals they’ve found at the supermarket and how they’re living off their fourth batch of spag bol this week?

Aesthetics – 10/10

It is London after all.

King's – 21st

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Boy to girl ratio – 6/10

It just feels like there are a lot of girls in heeled boots trotting around campus with a Pret coffee in hand.

Halls – 3/10

The halls are expensive (again, it’s London) and the cheap ones are just not very safe.

How fit people are – 9/10

The vibe is obviously excellent because all the buildings are beaut and the people also have their shit together and are very fit. Good vibes all round.

York – 22nd

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You didn’t know what brutalist architecture meant before you arrived at York to spend the next nine months inside a concrete cell. They are pretty bog standard but most colleges are fairly central so getting up for your 9am is made far easier.

It’s a different case entirely if you live on Hes East, but the isolation is made up for by the fact you live in a PALACE.

Catered halls is a pretty good deal as I personally can’t even match the (distinct lack of) culinary proficiency. A full english everyday you say? It would be rude not to.


There are a few clubs in York – Salvos, Society, Revs, Mansion & Fibbers – although honestly, they all feel the same unless it’s a student run night such as On & On or Soul Candy. Entry can cost as little as £4 – as long as you remember to tell them that you’re a student. I’ve paid £6 before after forgetting to ask about student prices which definitely wasn’t worth it.

York does have a few underground nights running which has seen the likes of Mall Grab and Chaos in the CBD swing by in recent times. Plus, we’re only a twenty minute train journey away from the brights lights and slightly bigger city of Leeds.

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How fit people are

York is a nice mix between people who are genuinely happy to be here and people who make no effort in hiding that this was not their first choice.

There are plenty of fitties around to make anyone happy and enough to ensure that you have multiple library husbands.

But be warned, York is small enough to make it fairly likely that you’ll bump into a couple of awkward one night stands. This usually happens in the JB Morrell.

Warwick – 23rd

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Nightlife – 6.5/10

The nightlife used to be horrific. But it’s actually a bit more decent now. If you want to go somewhere mainstream and listen to a “That’s Not Me” mash-up with “Intoxicated” go to Smack or Neon. If you’re more into alternative nights, you can enjoy the student-run events at Zephyr Lounge. Switch was a revelation to those who love to drop a bit of MD every now and then, but it’s just not as good anymore. And who can forget POP? Everything is relatively cheap from tickets to drinks.

How fit people are – 7/10

Most people aren’t FIT, but mostly everyone is intelligent and that makes them fit. The WBS students are to die for though.

Aesthetics – 8/10

Leamington Spa, which is where everyone lives in second and third year, is beaut. Like yeah it’s a little boring and looks like any other Spa town, but your mum is gonna love it and your Insta will be on fire thanks to Jephson Park in the summertime.

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Birmingham – 24th

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Boy to girl ratio – 5/10

There's a pretty even mix of brum sadboys and basic brum girls.

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Nightlife – 7/10

Once an event is sold out you’ll be paying double on Fab ‘n Fresh to get in. Big events in Digbeth, like Tektu or Applebaum require tickets, as does the Guild event Fab, at least a week in advance, usually more. Having said that, if you miss the opportunity to go to a big event, there’s a decent variety of more mainstream clubs; Birmingham is the UK’s second city, after all.

St Andrews – 25th

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Nightlife – 3/10

There is only one venue. Two nights a week. The union. Your union. You fill it with Pablo’s and messy bombs and hope for the best. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t love a night out with your mates? The best thing about St. Andrews is how you run into everyone and there’s always someone to chat to on a night out. Actually, maybe that’s the worst bit.

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Rent – 1/10

It's like £6000+ a year. It’s the second most expensive place in the country.

How annoying the people are – 8/10

Most people are bloody annoying, especially all the Americans. They try and talk over you in tutorials. Also, anyone who says ‘yah’ should be cancelled.

Southampton – 26th

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How fit people are – 7/10

There's a weird mix of middle class kids who think they’re cool, the type of people who never leave their rooms in halls, and a Sainsbury’s own version of the Love Island lineup.

Local delicacies – 7/10

One word: Manzils. Only here can you leave the club absolutely steaming at closing time and end up having a full sit down dinner. The water might be nasty (no one really knows why) but if you’re lucky then you might get a free poppadom. If curry ain’t your thing then chick-o-land is your number 1 – just be careful of the ‘chicken’ nuggets.

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How annoying the people are 6/10

To be honest, they’re annoying. The library is full of crisp munchers and people who literally have naps on the table (trust me – they even set alarms like it’s some kind of hotel), but enough people are solid babes, so they more than makes up for it. Also, if no one’s annoying then who are you gonna bitch about?

Coventry – 27th

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Local delicacies – 10/10

Typically, Kebab Rush or a McDonald’s is what you will eat after a night out. Kebab Rush is many student’s favourite place to get food as its cheap and very convenient to get to, neighbouring two different accommodations. There’s something of a rivalry between Kebab Rush and another kebab shop called Benny’s. This rivalry is deep. Expect to get stick if you like one over the other. That said, Benny’s do the best kebab you will ever eat and it’s all just so great.

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How annoying the people are – 7/10

After a while, it does get grating being hated by the Coventry locals as they tend to dislike students. However, I’ve found that Coventry Students either stick to themselves or are in general very nice. It's a very cliquey university. There are a lot of homeless people in the city, so you will be asked for change several times a day.

Aesthetics – 4/10

There is a lot of grey in Coventry and a lot of litter. Plenty of homeless people in the streets with little sign of improvement. However, that said there are some incredibly nice parts of the city, particularly by the train station and city centre. You have the beautiful cathedral ruins, for example, or War Memorial Park. For the most part the city is very unremarkable outside of those two areas mentioned.

Royal Holloway 28th

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How fit people are – 10/10

It’s a bunch of fit posh Surrey girls all in one place wearing head to toe Missguided. Of course they are fit.

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How annoying the people are – 7/10

I mean with all those girls things are gonna get bitchy.