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These are officially the subjects with the least contact hours

Shockingly, Medicine and Engineering don’t feature

You went off to university ready to explore your favourite subject, but now you spend the majority of your time in bed hungover and not going to lectures.

It's a lifestyle that is easy to get used to, and if you choose the right subject with not many contact hours, some days you won't even need to get out of bed to haul your lazy arse to campus.

Education, History, and Philosophy are the subjects with the fewest number of contact hours, each with only seven and a half hours a week, according to a study by HEPI. Philosophy is all made up anyway right? So it makes sense to not spend all your time sitting in lectures when you could just be "thinking about things" instead.

Other subjects with a low number of contact hours include Classics and Linguistics, both with eight hours each. Creative Arts & Design and Social studies demand eight and half contact hours out of their students, while Biological Sciences and Law require you to be out of bed for only nine hours each week.

The more science-y and, let's face it, harder subjects are the ones that have more contact hours, obviously. Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine all clock up over ten hours each week of your finite time on this planet.

Check out the table below and find out which subjects have the most contact hours:

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