Gabriel Hargreaves

Gabriel Hargreaves
York University


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10 reasons why On & On should be considered the best night in York

You won’t be disappointed

Review: The Northern Youth’s HARD launch party

The collab was celebrating HARD’s first edition “METAMORPHOSIS” of the year

The Northern Youth’s Sell-Out Event: “SECRET SETS”

Raising money for MIND

The Northern Youth are back with “Secret Sets”

They will be raising money for MIND

All lectures on Hes West have been cancelled due to a sewage leak

The library has closed and staff have been told to go home

If you’re looking for the best night out in York: On & On is where you need to go this year

The first event of the year is this Friday

SOUL Candy! is back at York!

The Upper East Side series begins in Mansion on Monday

Derwent has been listed as a Grade II building

This is big news

Every single disaster that will happen in your second year house

Get ready to hate your mates

An exclusive guide to your post exam summer blow out at York

It is an extensive list

How to dress for Big D 2018

Get your glitter ready, we’re going to space

York’s biggest BNOC of 2018: Submit your nominees now

Who is 2018’s Biggest Name on Campus? YOU decide

‘I can say n***a’ York student tells black student radio presenter

The student said: ‘If you can say hola I can say n***a’

Exclusive: Alcuin College set to close at the end of the academic year

The decision was taken lightly

Sean Kingston is actually coming to perform in York

Will you be that shawty fire burning on the dance floor?

41 things you should under no circumstances do at The University of York

Please drop out if you’ve done any more than three of these, you reprobate

All the things York students really should have given up for Lent

A whole forty days without Salvos, are you mad?!?!

MooMoos in Tunbridge Wells is the most tragic club in the UK, not just Kent

Maybe we could go to the Pitcher and Piano on Church Road? No chance, my friends and I are not bellends

YUSU Shop is closing down, so where are we supposed to get our meal deals from now?

This is surprisingly hard news to take

Contactless payments are coming to all York buses

This is huge

D Bar now has Strongbow Dark Fruit on tap

It’s literally the Christmas gift we all wanted

Which Christmas film is your College?

No one is Love Actually or Bad Santa

An exclusive cheeky peak at this year’s York Sport naked calendar

The calendar is raising money for York Mind

York VC tells MP where to shove his request for all Brexit teaching material

He emailed everyone letting him know he wasn’t taking any bullshit

Which Kanye West album is your college? Part Two


Guys, Nigella Lawson is coming to York

She’ll be in Waterstones on Coney Street

The best York Freshers’ group posts of 2017

There are some shockers this time around

Here’s how middle class you are, based on the things you took to uni

This quiz was built on hard facts

Every expectation you have as a fresher vs. the reality of your first year at uni

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Loughborough halls tried to throw a ‘slave auction’ party for Freshers’ Week

An SU officer didn’t think an apology would be ‘particularly proactive’

Jeremy Underground is dropped from club line-up after he demanded a five star hotel with a gym and sauna

The club wasted over £1,000 on his diva requests

Good news, science confirms it is actually possible to be allergic to exercise

‘Sorry, my doctor said I can’t come to the gym today’

If you’re missing Kuda this summer then don’t worry, you can take a virtual tour inside on Google Maps

Everything looks weirdly different

These are the UK universities most likely to get you a job

Trust us, the top two are seriously shocking

Guys, Tommy Fong has been spotted outside Willow

He was reading the tributes written on the door

York is one of the most affordable cities to live in for students

It means we also spend the least on going out

Stop everything, Love Island’s Chris and Kem are coming to Kuda

On paper, they were definitely the real winners

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May to appear on Question Time in York

It will be an election special on the 2nd June and you can apply to be in the audience

Here’s everything that happened when Jeremy Corbyn came to York yesterday

The Labour leader was met warmly in St Helens Square yesterday afternoon

BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn campaigns in York

Corbynmania will hit the streets on Wednesday 10th May

Theft reported after deliberate Wentworth arson attack

Money was stolen from The Edge Bar

Derwenter got the Ronaldo trim to raise money for mental health

Josh is raising money for Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)


50 different sports were played throughout the week

York stays 20th in UK University league table

This year we beat KCL, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle

University of York Hockey Club running a ‘virtual ultra-marathon’

The club are raising money for York Mind

York Minster amongst top UK tourist attractions

It was the 60th most visited place last year

York jailbreak victors make it to Gran Canaria

One team only made it to Sheffield

Which Kanye album is your college? Part One

Five minutes of your time you won’t ever get back

All eight Harry Potter films are being shown on campus this weekend

The Dumble-doors will open at 6pm on Saturday

Louis Theroux Soc are hosting a documentary screening this Thursday

They’re screening the Pro Wrestling doc and the event is completely free

York is the friendliest city in the UK according to new poll

We also came third for happiest and safest

Derwent freshers are building Lego together as a floor

They are building a replica of London’s Tower Bridge

Anti-fascist posters appear around campus

No one knows who is behind them

Asbestos saga finally ends for Derwent freshers as they return to halls

They went back to their accommodation at the beginning of term

There is a protest against Trump’s #MuslimBan in York tonight

The protest will begin at 5pm this evening

Guys, Derwent might actually have asbestos

Two freshers were immediately moved out of ‘A block’ but the university say it had nothing to do with the asbestos

Constantine freshers stuck in lift for two hours

One of the students called it “A complete piss take.”

It’s 2016, and chav socials are somehow still a thing

The University Lacrosse Club held one last week