We want to hear your rowdiest stories from state school, so send them in

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times x

There's no getting around it, school is fucked up. At no other point in your life are you so constrained by rules yet all manner of nonsense and shithousery still happens.

We've already asked private school students for all the juicy secrets from their Hogwarts-esque institutions but, if we're being honest, private school kids are a bunch of wetties and most of their mad stories involve being caught wanking.

Everyone knows state school is where all the grade-A antics occurred: Massive playground brawls, fires, rumours about teachers getting with students, it was a medium-to-large madness.

We want to hear:

• The maddest thing that happened

• The weird traditions

• The biggest rumours that went around

We want to hear your mad stories from your time at state school. Please fill in the Google Form below or email [email protected] and dish the dirt, don't worry we won't tell anyone it was you.