Will Langston
Co-Editor of The Edinburgh Tab

Edinburgh ranked as one of the most employable universities by Times Higher Education

You’re in safe hands

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Edinburgh to be on Come Dine With Me

What a sad little life, Jane

Greggs is giving away FREE Festive Bakes in Edinburgh tomorrow


We’re looking for Edinburgh’s maddest fresher – could it be you?

Nominations are now open

Someone has set up an Instagram that posts pretentious things overheard at Pollock

It posts some of the most Pollock things you’ve ever heard

The human remains found at Pollock Halls have now been identified

They are said to be from a man in his 50s

Edinburgh Uni reach peak Edinburgh Uni and release their own official tweed

Tweed jackets, trousers, berets and ties are all on sale in the uni gift shop

Edifess have deleted racist ‘Coco-Pops’ message after claiming they don’t intend to remove all controversial posts

Their statement didn’t address the post directly

Clubbers of the Week

Showcasing the best nostril-kissers, girl bands and dad-dancers in the Edinburgh club scene

You can apply for support from Student Finance if you suffer from mental illness

They help fund any additional resources that will help with your studies

Edi Uni ranked as the 29th best uni in the world

Come on, baby

Members of Edinburgh’s Pole Dancing Society were sexually harassed at the Activities Fair

A male fresher asked if there was ‘spectators pole dancing’

The Tab Edinburgh are recruiting, get involved

We are looking for the finest writers, videographers, illustrators and meme-makers

EUSA will be handing out pronoun badges at Freshers’ Week

The system will ensure everyone knows whether to refer to one another as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’

Manchester third year gets ‘Southgate you’re the one’ tattooed on him in Kavos

And to think you were only joking about this in your group chat

The best places to watch England’s semi-final in Edinburgh on Wednesday

It’s very possible that football is coming home

Edi Uni spent over two and a half million pounds on the refurbishment of Bristo Square

It’s the most expensive skatepark in the world

Edinburgh students are eligible to apply for a grant of up to £250 for lost time during strikes

Better than nothing

Exeter sent students a ‘motivational’ email which included a quote from a Nazi General

The quote was randomly generated online

We carried out a full investigation to find out which of the Love Island cast smoke

This is full of surprises