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Will Langston
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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 2

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Royal Edinburgh third year Amelia Windsor snubbed from royal wedding invite list


Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 1

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Newcastle’s Greg Williams is officially the UK’s saddest ‘sad boy’

He is now the proud owner of the keys to the sad boy kingdom

Edinburgh second years were given an exam with the answers written in the paper

A whole section worth 65 per cent will be discounted

Scotland says goodbye to cheap booze as the new minimum price is introduced

Tennent’s lager will be affected by the minimum price

Nominations for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2018 are now open

Nominate your friend who is a massive BNOC

A University of Edinburgh staff member has been convicted after installing cameras in ladies’ toilets

He has been placed on the sex offenders register for two years

This second year has passed his module without even needing to sit the exam

He admits to having done about two hours of work the entire semester

Filming for Edinburgh based drama ‘Clique’ is taking place in The Meadows right now

Casting calls have been going out on Twitter

Why do guys always wear the same ‘going-out shirt’ on every single night out?

Life’s too short to own more than one nice shirt

All the worst things about the Edinburgh Uni library

The HUB reserve can do one

We spoke to some 2 Litre Boys to hear their thoughts on the new alcohol tax in Scotland

These are the people who will be hit hardest by the change

Those grim big bottles of cider will be priced at £11.99 by law in Scotland from May 1st

Our condolences to all the 2 litre boys out there

If you do these endearingly boring things you are the ‘Uni Grandad’ of the group

Everyone has that mate who is basically already a retiree

Everything that got discussed at the HCA UCU Meeting today

Exam marks and degree classifications could see major delays

Meet the ‘2 Litre Boy’: That guy at pres with a big bottle of grim cider

Nobody cares about how many pence per unit you’re getting

A man’s body has been discovered in New Town

Police are on the scene outside an East London Street flat

All the reasons you’re still being asked for ID

Long live the Topman comic book wallet

How to spend Valentine’s Day without having to leave George Square

You won’t be the only one who has left it last minute

Edinburgh Social Anthropology exam will include content not taught to students due to the upcoming strikes

Some courses will be completely unaffected, but this is not the case for all