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Will Langston
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This Edi fourth year giving birth to her dissertation is the greatest diss pic ever taken

Ohhhh, so this is A R T.

Edinburgh Council are banning BBQs on the Meadows


Here are some of the craziest pictures from Arthur’s Seat late night blaze

14 degrees was too much for Scotland

This Edinburgh cafe is offering free salad for LIFE with this very special offer


Woman sexually assaulted in gardens behind Calton Hill

The gardens are currently cordoned off whilst the police carry out their investigation

Edinburgh student jailed for two years after hiding 10kg of cannabis in a suitcase

It had a value of £100,000

Edinburgh Uni now offers a course that teaches effective ways to help the homeless

40 people are already enrolled on the course

‘The vibe was a bit odd’: Crickets heard as a handful of the expected 388 students attend lecture

The show must go on, as they say

A cannabis shop has opened inside an old police box on Princes Street

The store is next to Frasers

‘Exceptional’ Edinburgh Geography professor dresses up as Darth Vader for his last ever lecture

Cruising into retirement at light speed

Edinburgh ranked as one of the most employable universities by Times Higher Education

You’re in safe hands

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Edinburgh to be on Come Dine With Me

What a sad little life, Jane

Greggs is giving away FREE Festive Bakes in Edinburgh tomorrow


We’re looking for Edinburgh’s maddest fresher – could it be you?

Nominations are now open

Someone has set up an Instagram that posts pretentious things overheard at Pollock

It posts some of the most Pollock things you’ve ever heard

The human remains found at Pollock Halls have now been identified

They are said to be from a man in his 50s

Edinburgh Uni reach peak Edinburgh Uni and release their own official tweed

Tweed jackets, trousers, berets and ties are all on sale in the uni gift shop

Edifess have deleted racist ‘Coco-Pops’ message after claiming they don’t intend to remove all controversial posts

Their statement didn’t address the post directly

Clubbers of the Week

Showcasing the best nostril-kissers, girl bands and dad-dancers in the Edinburgh club scene

You can apply for support from Student Finance if you suffer from mental illness

They help fund any additional resources that will help with your studies

Edi Uni ranked as the 29th best uni in the world

Come on, baby

Members of Edinburgh’s Pole Dancing Society were sexually harassed at the Activities Fair

A male fresher asked if there was ‘spectators pole dancing’

Edinburgh has been issued an AMBER weather warning

Welcome to Edinburgh, freshers

The Tab Edinburgh are recruiting, get involved

We are looking for the finest writers, videographers, illustrators and meme-makers

EUSA will be handing out pronoun badges at Freshers’ Week

The system will ensure everyone knows whether to refer to one another as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’

Manchester third year gets ‘Southgate you’re the one’ tattooed on him in Kavos

And to think you were only joking about this in your group chat

The best places to watch England’s semi-final in Edinburgh on Wednesday

It’s very possible that football is coming home

Edi Uni spent over two and a half million pounds on the refurbishment of Bristo Square

It’s the most expensive skatepark in the world

Edinburgh students are eligible to apply for a grant of up to £250 for lost time during strikes

Better than nothing

Exeter sent students a ‘motivational’ email which included a quote from a Nazi General

The quote was randomly generated online

We carried out a full investigation to find out which of the Love Island cast smoke

This is full of surprises

Just how sinister are you? Make yourself a sandwich and we’ll tell you right now

Basically, this sandwich-orientated personality test will tell you

Cambridge academic refuses to teach students in protest of ‘racist’ porters

Dr Gopal will specifically not teach at King’s College Cambridge

I hate to break it to you, it wasn’t Adam’s real mum on Twitter last night

Yes, it was a fake account

Which Love Island 2018 couple are you and your significant other?

Take this quiz to find out

A ranking: How likely you are to forget about each of the Love Island cast in one year’s time

Kendall expired three days ago

Here’s every single Love Island 2018 contestant boiled down into a starter pack

Factor 50 suncream has Alex written all over it

Which university do the Love Island cast members belong at?

Alex was too polite to decline his offer from UEA

Let’s take a look at the biggest exam catastrophes of 2018

Excuse me, I think you’ve given us a paper with answers written in it?

We worked out what the Love Island couple’s children would look like because we know you want to see it

If Eyal and Megan’s child doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will

Revealed: Exeter Uni saved £600,000 during the UCU strikes

The university won’t be given all the money

How to sneak alcohol into a festival without getting caught

These are foolproof

Revealed: Aberdeen Uni saved over £350,000 during the UCU strikes

Probs due to all the VKs they didn’t have to buy

Ranking the Love Island boys by how likely they are to fuck you over

Probably very likely

Can you guess whether Eyal or a Philosopher said these deep statements? Take this quiz and find out

What’s an aura?

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Winner Revealed

Stop what you’re doing and read this

Here is THAT episode where Adam from Love Island pulls two girls on Geordie Shore

It’s season 12, episode 2 btw

Love Island 2017 cast: Where are they now?

Probs sponsored by MyProtein or something

It’s official: Oxford have beaten Cambridge in the QS World University Rankings

FU Cambridge

Edi Uni ranked as the 18th best uni in the WORLD


University rugby club suspended after going on a naked rampage around London

They exposed themselves on public transport

We spoke to an addiction expert to find out how harmful laughing gas is for your body

Having an entire box at afters probs isn’t too good for you pal

You won’t believe how pricey some of these Edinburgh flats are throughout the Fringe

£11,680 for the month, lol no thanks

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: The Final

It all comes down to this

These Brookes third years bought a hot tub and TV for their garden so they can play Fortnite in it

Doing my diss in the tub definitely kept me up to date

Edinburgh Uni lose four students’ exam papers

The exam was worth 100 per cent of the course

We spoke to people who lived in Pollock in the 70s, 80s, and 90s to see what it was like

The rent was £6 a week in the seventies

Here are some of the craziest Fringe shows going on this year

One guys just can’t get enough of puns

The University of Edinburgh is the 34th best uni in the WORLD


Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 4

It’s time for the final round

OMG, you can get Ben & Jerry’s for £1.75 RIGHT NOW

Let’s just say we won’t be short of Chunky Monkey for the next month

These are the pills in current circulation that you should not be taking

Some contain four times over the recommended dose of MDMA

Oxford rank second place in The Guardian’s University League Table

FU Cambridge

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 3

Cast your vote now

Glasgow Uni has officially been ranked higher than Edinburgh by The Guardian

They are seven places ahead of Edinburgh

Loughborough University ranks in the top ten UK unis yet again

The graduate employment prospects are better than Oxford grads

This is what happens when your shoe gets stuck in an escalator during rush hour

Three hours later and it’s still stuck

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 2

Cast your vote now

Royal Edinburgh third year Amelia Windsor snubbed from royal wedding invite list


Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 1

Cast your vote now

Newcastle’s Greg Williams is officially the UK’s saddest ‘sad boy’

He is now the proud owner of the keys to the sad boy kingdom

Edinburgh second years were given an exam with the answers written in the paper

A whole section worth 65 per cent will be discounted

Scotland says goodbye to cheap booze as the new minimum price is introduced

Tennent’s lager will be affected by the minimum price

Nominations for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2018 are now open

Nominate your friend who is a massive BNOC

A University of Edinburgh staff member has been convicted after installing cameras in ladies’ toilets

He has been placed on the sex offenders register for two years

This second year has passed his module without even needing to sit the exam

He admits to having done about two hours of work the entire semester

Filming for Edinburgh based drama ‘Clique’ is taking place in The Meadows right now

Casting calls have been going out on Twitter

Why do guys always wear the same ‘going-out shirt’ on every single night out?

Life’s too short to own more than one nice shirt

All the worst things about the Edinburgh Uni library

The HUB reserve can do one

We spoke to some 2 Litre Boys to hear their thoughts on the new alcohol tax in Scotland

These are the people who will be hit hardest by the change

Those grim big bottles of cider will be priced at £11.99 by law in Scotland from May 1st

Our condolences to all the 2 litre boys out there

If you do these endearingly boring things you are the ‘Uni Grandad’ of the group

Everyone has that mate who is basically already a retiree

Everything that got discussed at the HCA UCU Meeting today

Exam marks and degree classifications could see major delays

Meet the ‘2 Litre Boy’: That guy at pres with a big bottle of grim cider

Nobody cares about how many pence per unit you’re getting

A man’s body has been discovered in New Town

Police are on the scene outside an East London Street flat

All the reasons you’re still being asked for ID

Long live the Topman comic book wallet

How to spend Valentine’s Day without having to leave George Square

You won’t be the only one who has left it last minute

Edinburgh Social Anthropology exam will include content not taught to students due to the upcoming strikes

Some courses will be completely unaffected, but this is not the case for all

All of the absolute worst people you’ll have in your group chat

Say words, don’t just reply with a thumbs up

Why do Edinburgh boys only do one of these seven club photo poses?

Everyone’s guilty of finger pistols once in a while

Why is it that all the clothes our mums used to dress us in are now in fashion?

His mum still buys his trousers

It’s time we showed our appreciation to the few people who actually talk in tutorials

We just sit back and watch them get a First

Stop moaning about snowy Edinburgh, it’s the best thing ever

Yes, I do want to build a snowman

We went Trick or Treating at Pollock Halls, and this is how it went down

“I can shit in the bag if you want me to”

We asked Edinburgh students what’s the maddest thing they’ve spent their student loan on

Having your own ball pit sounds pretty good tbf

All hail the pre-drinks DJ: The person controlling the music and vibes at pres

They’ll never queue your song requests

If you’re dressing up as any of these on Halloween, you’re not being creative enough

Back to the drawing board

These are the very best club smoking areas of Edinburgh

An evening spent on the stairs outside The Mash House is never a dull one

New pop-up horror bar set up at abandoned Edinburgh medical facility

Happy Halloween

Meet the mice of Edinburgh: the rodents who befriended the people they lived with

Why kill them when you could be friends with them?