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Joe Scotting
Coventry University


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Muslim students forced to pray outside due to lack of space

Discussions between ISOC and the university

Everything we know about the Cov Uni lecturer strikes happening this week

Angry lecturers will be lining the streets of Gosford

Two men shot outside Ivy House last night

The shooting happened at around 12:30 am

There was yet another brawl in Cov McDonald’s last night

A man was pushed over a wet floor sign

Coventry halls residents are being relocated because their rat infestation is so bad

There are videos of rats running in the hallway

Eric from Sex Education calls out girl who dressed up as him and blacked up

She even tagged him in the original upload

Man arrested by taser Police after carrying a four-foot spear through Coventry

He has since been charged with possession of a weapon

Coventry drop-out found guilty of attempted murder outside the Houses of Parliament

He injured several people

Prostitute convicted of trying to rob Cov student at knifepoint outside Raglan House

She and her accomplice tried to get the student to take out £100 in cash

The CU Jets won the American Football National Championship yesterday

Our boys in blue dominated East Anglia 26-0

JJ’s is actually the best club in Coventry and everyone who disagrees is just boring

The best night out in Cov is always in the firing line

Do this quiz and we’ll tell you where you should go on Halloween

Lets get SPOOKY!

Police launch murder investigation after fatal stabbing near IKEA

Police have launched a murder investigation

I’m a student drug dealer and this is how I make £65k a year

‘I’ve been stabbed twice but the money’s good’

Former Coventry student named as suspect behind Westminster car crash

Salih Khater studied accountancy at Cov

We spoke to Love Island Kaz’s hilarious brother about those grim tweets he’s been getting about his sis

And yes, we asked him about Georgia

Who are the parents of this year’s Love Islanders and what do they do?

Charlie’s dad is worth billions

We’ve managed to dig up Darylle’s old MySpace photos from before she had all those tattoos

This is one girl Adam should definitely be scared of fucking over

Alex Miller before the villa: The male escort and naked butler who won a £10k Specsavers competition

The new Alex had a long CV before entering the villa

We found out what is actually up with Muggy Megan’s weird thumbs

Turns out she may have a very rare hereditary defect

Love Island new boy Jack Fowler is a semi-professional footballer with famous friends

His tragic Insta has to be seen to be believed

Here’s who the new Love Island cast members want to couple up with when they enter the villa

They basically all want to get with Josh and Ellie

Niall Aslam has finally revealed why he quit Love Island

In an Instagram post, Niall has announced why he left the villa

Wes before the villa: Football, parties and expensive cars filled his life before Love Island

Pictures of Wes before he went on Love Island reveal his previously normal life

Before they were famous: What the cast of Love Island 2018 got up to before entering the villa

From fancy dress modelling on Amazon to appearing in a Giggs music video

No, Kasbah is not shutting down, here is what’s actually happening

Here’s the truth behind their mysterious Facebook posts

Grammy winners and TV stars: The Tab went along to the BBC’s Biggest Weekend

Katie Derham, Angelique Kidjo, and Gogo Penguin also spoke to us

Here are all the best pics from BBC’s Biggest Weekend in Coventry

Including Liam Gallagher playing the tambourine

Good news! Coventry is the fifth cheapest city for graduates to live

More K Rush, spoons, and nights at Empire for us

Breaking: Kasbah is banning Coventry students because Warwick students are ‘better behaved’

They said Warwick students are better looking too

A Cov lecturer has made racist remarks about South Africans and Bulgarians

He allegedly said it’s okay for human experiments to be carried out on South Africans and Bulgarians

A car smashed into a house on Gulson Road last night after a car chase

The car crashed into a family’s property at around 10pm yesterday evening

Revealed: Coventry brand Warwick ‘muppets’ as claims emerge Varsity could be cancelled next year

Cov are apparently looking into potentially changing opponents for Varsity 2019

A round up of all this weekend’s Varsity results so far

Both of Coventry’s basketball teams brought back big wins

Breaking: Man stabbed in front of Drinks 4 You

Police were called to Far Gosford Street shortly before 6

Why Benny’s is undeniably better than Kebab Rush

Benny’s is the king of Cov’s kebab shops and you know it

Coventry University leaks nearly 2,000 students’ personal details

The information breach went unnoticed for 28 days

Everything that Will and Kate should do when they visit Cov

Here’s our list if they really want to understand the next UK city of culture

Which classic Christmas movie is your Coventry Uni halls?

Peak for the Grinches in Quadrant

Pick an outfit and we’ll tell you which Kasbah room you are

Everyone wants to be smokers

This Coventry student has been recreating Cole Sprouse’s pretentious Instagram posts and it’s hilarious

This Riverdale superfan takes her appreciation to the next level

These were the best Cov Uni cosplayers at Birmingham Comic Con

Because what else would you spend your maintenance loan on?

There was an armed burglary in the Coventry Asda this weekend

Shots were fired as police were called to the Daventry Road store