Tom Butler-Roberts

Tom Butler-Roberts
York University


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BREAKING: York UCU members have rejected a proposed agreement to end strike action

Members voted overwhelmingly against accepting the deal

These are officially the unis with the highest drop out rates

Guess I’ll take that gap yah then

UCL have apologised after tweeting ‘dreaming of a white campus’

Some people thought they were talking about race instead of snow

The library raked in a whopping £25k in fines last year

That’s 9259 VKs

York Roast are giving away a year’s supply of Yorkshire pudding wraps

Plus, they’re filming a music video this weekend

‘The next person to speak dies’: York student makes death threat in library

He’s now been banned from campus

Meet the York students who design and sell clothes in their spare time

You wish you were this edgy

This fresher’s hilarious Insta perfectly mocks our country’s garbage MPs

Patrick is the MP for the fictional constituency of Clapham

Tommy Fong has opened a shop for Willow merch

But it’s not going to be here for long

We spoke to the York student who did his dissertation on memes

He got a first

Forget chunder charts, these freshers have an ambulance chart in their halls kitchen

There are five tallies already and they’ve only been at uni for nine days

There have been 12 complaints of racism on York’s campus in past three years

The real numbers could be far higher

The new 66 bus route will travel down Lawrence Street from January

Who would want to cycle or walk anyway?

York student shortlisted for national human rights award

They came out to Obama earlier this year

Students floored by lack of seating in lecture hall

Is this what we pay £9k a year for?

REVEALED: Almost one in five York takeaways fail hygiene standards

Don’t worry, Efe’s passed

YSJ student bags a year’s free club entry for getting a tattoo on his bum

The only problem, no-one knows who he is