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Jason Derulo allegedly owes a students’ union £20,000

Mmm Whatcha Say? You want your money back?

Picture the scene. Jason Derulo is playing your SU, you've been excited for weeks and can't wait to sing along to every word of Whatcha Say and Ridin' Solo.

This is what students at Keele University were expecting. But then Jason Derulo arrived in Stoke, and decided he "couldn't be bothered" to perform, according to SU officers.

Keele SU are kicking up a fuss because Derulo has allegedly kept the £20,000 they had paid him to perform.

To try and get him to pay them back, the SU officers hatched a plan last week to hijack the hashtag for the BBC's new "Sounds Like Friday Night" show, which Derulo would be performing on.

The Keele sabbs also released a video wishing Jason good luck for his performance, hoping he would be able to find the stage this time, and giving him another reminder about the money they say he owes them.

🚨JASON DE-NO SHOW NEWS SHARE THIS AROUND🚨 In early 2016 as many of you will remember Jason Derulo was supposed to play…

Posted by Tom Snape on Friday, October 27, 2017

The campaign was given a boost when The Hoosiers went live on Facebook, asking Jason Derulo to explain why he hadn't given the £20,000 back to Keele SU, who are a registered charity.

One Keele student told The Tab: "The whole thing was a huge let down [Everyone was] fuming even with the assumption the union hadn't lost any money."

#slfn KeeleSU you should get your 20K back? Maybe. But do we know the full story, Jason Derulo what’s the beef?

Posted by The Hoosiers on Friday, October 27, 2017

Derulo is yet to break his silence on the matter. Here's hoping it will be resolved soon and doesn't get ugly.