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Here are your best dissertation hand-in pics of 2018

If I have to read one more ‘diss’ pun I’m going to scream and will probably never be able to stop


Look, your dissertation is unlikely to be of such academic prowess that it changes the world.

Sure, it will get you a degree and be a gigantic waste of paper that will contribute to the continued degradation of our planet, but is that reason enough to go through all that stress?

No of course not, you moron, the real point of sweating over 10,000 words for months on end is for the moment you can boast about finishing it on social media.

After meticulous planning and hours spent deliberating the most hilarious way to force a 'diss' pun into your caption, you post it. The likes start flooding in. "HOOK IT UP TO MY FUCKING VEINS" you scream as the likes on your photo hit treble figures. At this point you would go through the trauma of writing another just to experience this feeling again.

But which diss hand-in pics are genuinely worthy of your attention? We've gathered up some of the best, including the most aesthetic and extra as well as those with puns so bad they're good, and arranged them all neatly below. How thoughtful of us.

You probably could have got a closer pic if someone else had taken a photo from…I dunno, THE MOON.

You can't quite read it but the title of his diss was "YAAAAAAAAAAAAS"

I spent half an hour trying to think up something funnier than the original caption but tbh I can't beat it

Get that post-diss stress highlight glow, girl

"How did my dissertation go? I do-nut want to talk about it"

If your looking for the student most relieved to be done with his diss HERE HE IS

If you can find me a more standard dissertation hand-in pic than this I will call you a liar to your face and not even feel bad about it–

It was nine months of discomfort, stress and mood swings but I'm happy to report that mother and child are both doing very well

If you make a diss=this pun in your caption you don't deserve a degree imho

Yep, this is even worse than the last one, someone take away his grad job please

With the double pun I at least hoped her degree was film studies but I had a quick stalk and it isnt, fuming

Their album drops in two weeks

FINALLY, here's a caption to be proud of. Hannah Stephens, you keep doing you pal

A crash course in attempting to deflect attention from the fact you're about to hand in 10,000 words of pure and utter garbage

Predicting final grades based on facial expressions (from left to right): High 2:1, 59.5 per cent but rounded up to to a 2:1, first class honours, 2:2

My diss photo? Staged? Nahhhhhh

When you're so proud of your dissertation you get the title printed onto a t-shirt

Most "I've definitely got a low 2:2" diss hand-in pic ever

Straight after the pic was taken, it was straight into church to pray for a passing grade

Pretty confident this will be the only dissertation photo with a life-size Monsters Inc character in it

If dissertations were marked on hand-in photos alone this would get a starred first

Doing a dissertation isn't so bad if you wrote it on a beach in what looks like the Bahamas

When you have to hand in your dissertation at 2pm but have footy down the park with the Lost Boys at 3pm

And to finish, the most extra diss hand-in Insta

Imagine getting a 2:2 after going to all this effort.