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‘Prosecco drunk’ is a thing and it’s been proven by actual, real-life science

I knew I wasn’t making it up


Being "prosecco drunk" is undeniably that sort of drunk where you get too excited, uncontrollably messy, and drunk-text your ex at the end of the night.

There is now proper science, done by actual scientists, however, that proves "prosecco drunk" is very much a real thing.

The scientific explanation is as follows: fizzy alcoholic drinks, such as prosecco and champagne, get you more drunk as the bubbles help move the alcohol more quickly through our stomach and into our bloodstream.

As your stomach fills with fizz, it is forced to move the prosecco into our intestines at a quicker rate, where alcohol absorption happens much faster.

Additionally, have you ever noticed that the first glass of seccy definitely hits you harder than the third or fourth? Science now has an explanation for that too.

The gas that creates the bubbles, carbon dioxide, starts escaping from the bottle as soon as it's popped. The carbon dioxide continues to escape, but at a slower rate the colder the drink is. Therefore as the liquid warms more gas will escape, causing less fizz and the alcohol will then move through your body more slowly. Therefore your first ice-cold glass will get you more drunk than your third or fourth.

Understanding the science now gives you options when drinking prosecco. If you're trying to stop yourself getting absolutely wrecked warm your fizzy up and let it go flat, but if you want to test how much alcohol a human being can consume, keep it ice cold and stir it until your arms fall off.