Sam Milne
Liverpool Editor

Thank u, next: These are your best messages to your exes this Valentine’s Day

Some of you have been hurt and we just want to hold you

University of Liverpool could face legal action over academic sanctions

The Office for Students told us the uni could be sued under ‘unfair terms legislation’

Students can get FREE sausage rolls at Greggs and I can’t believe I’m only just finding this out

It’s part of their £3 meal deal

University of Liverpool Young Conservatives society are upset because a woman said she didn’t want to sleep with them

The society are using it as an example of the abuse they receive

Racist ‘It’s okay to be white’ stickers found on University of Liverpool campus again

The stickers are the latest in a spate of racist incidents on campus

We need to talk about the price of university accommodation in Liverpool because it’s absolutely fucking ridiculous

And the situation is only getting worse with Carnatic being demolished

Nominations for Liverpool’s Maddest Fresher 2018 are officially open

Go on, nominate your mate who knocked his tooth out in Heebies

We spoke to the JMU student who has the bloke from Nabzy’s on his debit card

Obviously they’re on a first name basis

Exclusive: McCooley’s bouncer arrested last night after punching clubber

He allegedly knocked the clubber out

An elderly Liverpool resident celebrated her 91st birthday in style, at Bongo’s Bingo

Her family asked how she wanted to celebrate, Bongo’s Bingo was the answer

Juicy has moved from the Shipping Forecast, but we are here for it

At it’s new venue you can get £1 tequila shots

A fresher died after UoL ignored appeals for help following suicide attempt

Ceara’s request for mental health help went unanswered due to overstretched staff and industrial action

Breaking: There could be further lecturer strikes at 147 unis next term

Lecturers have been encouraged to vote in favour of the strike

107 things every fresher should under no circumstance do, EVER

Don’t trust those Christian Union people, even when they give you a free toastie

These are the things you should do under no circumstances EVER during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool

Nobody cares that you have a Maths A-Level

Arriva student bus passes will be £55 cheaper next year thanks to Guild President Rory Hughes

The price is 15 per cent less

There was an alleged kidnapping attempt on a teenage girl in Smithdown on Tuesday

The incident took place on Arundel Avenue

A World Cup fanzone has been set up to watch the England semi-final in Liverpool

Football’s coming home and this is the best place to watch it happen

We’ve composed a list of all the best places in Liverpool to watch the World Cup this summer

Don’t take me home…

There’s a new German themed bar coming to Concert Square to finally replace Walkabout

It’s called Einstein