Tom Haynes
Tom Haynes

KCL is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you can definitely find love in London

Fancy a pint at ‘front?

Sports teams are the best part of university and if you’re not in one, you’re missing out

You’re always going to be ‘falling in love with the beers’

Hommo Review: A KCL student wrote this play in two days and it shows

Hommo tries to poke holes in fragile masculinity, but confusing dance sequences and vague dialogue leave its message muddled

What King’s students REALLY think of the new Wednesday’s sports nights at Piccadilly Institute

Walkies will always be in our hearts and camera rolls

We analysed the lyrics of Chris and Kem’s “Little Bit Leave It”

“Kem… I say I’m 5″10.”

Everything people who are doing a Humanities degree are sick of hearing

“So, are you going to be a teacher?”

The definitive guide to skipping lectures for when you really can’t be bothered this semester

How neccessary is that 9am?

King’s the fourth best university in the UK for Law

Apart from that, we haven’t done great

The worst thing about King’s is the generally terrible admin

You voted in your hundreds

King’s spent £250,000 in legal battle to keep staff salaries secret

Think how many tuition fees that could have paid for

The ‘Take Time Out’ Tent is back at the Maughan

Take a break, you’ve already done enough revision today

The Maughan Library has been evacuated twice in the last hour

Not the greatest timing

Library pre-drinks are the way forward

It’s like a silent disco

VOTE: What’s the worst thing about King’s?

Can I vote for everything?

Nobody at King’s rates being at King’s

At least we beat Goldsmiths…

Why you should go out more and revise less

Coming for a drink tonight Joe? No? Thought not…

What does your first concert say about you?

Like your first shag – it’s unlikely it was any good and less likely you’re proud of who it was

Professor David Nutt: ‘Any drug less harmful than alcohol should be available legally’

The Tab chats to the government’s outspoken former drug expert

King’s named eighth best university in Europe

It’s bad news for London Met…

Lectures and seminars would be more bearable if you didn’t bring your laptop

We all know you’re not doing any work