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Which Netflix Christmas special has the most accurate quasi-British monarchy?

A real-life Brit dives deep into the royal families of Andovia and Belgravia

Ranking John Lewis Christmas adverts by their level of emotional blackmail

You won’t be able to get through this without crying

The end is nigh! Vote for the greatest clubber OF ALL TIME

There’s never been a decision bigger than this

Plan a big messy night out and we’ll tell you who to vote for on Love Island

Bet Amber loves a bit of Lambrini

Everybody has at least one friend they secretly hate, new research says

Lol you should probably tag them under this

Can you tell if this is a piece of modern art or a Wetherspoons carpet?

Basically depends how drunk you are

This weirdly difficult Year 6 SATs test will make you feel like a stupid child, no matter your age

You’re in your twenties and you’re still dumber than an 11-year-old

Clear your schedule, it’s time for a bumper tragic hometown clubbers of the week

The club you lost your virginity in is probably in this

All the messed up food that British people still insist on eating, all the time

If you give an American a sausage and bean melt they will immediately be sick

People who drink loads of coffee live longer and happier lives, science says

Good cos I’m on my fifth cup by 10am

This is the average timeline of normal relationships, to see if you’re being too intense

Apparently it’s normal to meet the parents after three months

Pick a meal deal and we’ll tell you exactly how middle class you are

Just the can of San Pelly for moi

We are the men who watch Love Island, and we will not be silenced

It’s our type of show on paper

‘What we’re offering young people is hope’: An afternoon with Jeremy Corbyn

We met the Labour leader to talk tuition fees, Love Island and the ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ chant

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Vote for Marcel to win Love Island’

The Labour leader is backing the former Blazin’ Squad star

The cringe things you’ll remember if you were a scene kid in the mid-2000s

Rawr XD

Could you actually win Love Island? Play this foolproof game to find out

It all hinges on the stick or twist

Pick a meal deal and we’ll tell you which Love Island boy you’d couple up with

Craig definitely eats Monster Munch

The Grad Index: Which of the seven types of grad will you become after uni?

Oh take me back to the sweet release of first year

Companies around the UK and worldwide have fallen victim to a huge cyberattack

Attackers are holding people to ransom for sensitive files

Can you guess the rent on these Central London flats?

Don’t try this if you’re in a bad mood

Sit back, relax and look at the filthiest clubbers of Glastonbury 2017

Well tbf there isn’t that much mud so they’re q clean

Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you what class of degree you’ll get

Cracking open a 2:1 with the boys

What was the straight-up dumbest thing that ever happened on Skins?

There’s a strong argument for it being Madison Twatter PhD

We took a thermometer on the Central Line to see how hot hell is

The tube today is hotter than the legal temperature for transporting cattle

This simple test will tell you if you’re a Northerner or a Southerner

No, there’s no such thing as the Midlands

What your British ice cream preference says about you as a person

If it’s a Nobbly Bobbly, the answer isn’t good

Every time it made absolutely no sense that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl

No this is not a spoiler, it finished years ago

Which flavour of crisp is your uni?

Obviously Exeter is Kettle Chips

This annoyingly difficult grammar test will decide if you’re an idiot or not

Whom’st have thought my grammar was so lacking

Don’t worry, Theresa, the best clubbers of the entire year will cheer you up

Cold ones for the many, not the boys

How to get abs without giving up booze, by Instagram sensation Joe Wicks

We spoke to The Body Coach about clean eating, HIIT and how he gets his hair so shiny

Should you actually vote Tory? A scientific test

If you’re still undecided, look no further

‘Snog, marry, avoid? Well Theresa’s been avoiding me’: We put your questions to Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader talks cheesy chips, tending to his allotment and abolishing tuition fees

Your choice of traditional British biscuit, and what it says about your vibe

No self-respecting adult eats Jammie Dodgers

Order a Greggs and we’ll tell you exactly how Northern you are

The North is no place for your chicken katsu bake

All the weird things Londoners do which no-one else in the UK would understand

You still don’t believe the night tube really exists

These Jeremy Corbyn memes are spicy enough to win the election by themselves

Ten minutes into socialism and chill and he gives you this look

What was the straight-up dumbest thing that ever happened on Gossip Girl?

xoxo common sense

Which of the six types of hoe are you?

Tag yourself I’m the kinky one

Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you who to vote for in the General Election

If you drink prosecco you’re definitely a Tory

Today is your last day to register to vote – here’s why you should

2.4 million young people are not currently registered for this election

This impossible British geography quiz is guaranteed to make you feel like an idiot

Rutland definitely isn’t a place you’ve made that up

Why does everyone on Made In Chelsea have such massive collars?

Seriously it’s getting out of control

There’s now a site to tell you whether to vote at home or at uni

It’ll let you know where your vote will make the most difference

How bad are you at being British?

Play our ultimate game of British ‘Would you rather?’ to find out

I don’t even care if you read clubbers of the week, honestly, I don’t

Your mate who slept with your ex is in this lol

Make a roast dinner and we’ll tell you where in the UK you belong

Only one of the questions is about your gravy preferences

The Labour Party will scrap tuition fees

This is not a drill

Where in London would you actually fit in?

If it’s Camden you need to have a long hard think

What you could get for the same rent in London versus the North

A one bed flat in Hackney costs the same as a cottage in East Yorkshire

Alright stop, collaborate and listen, the Clubbers are back for a brand new Week

Killin your brain like a poisonous mushroom

Who is legitimately the poshest person in Made In Chelsea? An investigation

I mean it’s obviously not Ryan Libbey is it

There is only one viable candidate for UK Prime Minister, and his name is Louis Theroux

His money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds

Can someone please explain to me why Northerners do all these things on a night out?

Why am I still drinking and why am I covered in gravy

We can tell how posh you are based on your controversial British food opinions

Only one question is about what you order at Greggs

Clubbers of the week: The Easter weekend hometown club special

This is better than any chocolate egg so I’m glad you didn’t get me one mum

This is what £600 a month rent would get you in different UK locations

Guess I’m moving to North Wales then

‘I’ve got my eye on Toff’: A chat with Made In Chelsea new boy Sam Prince

We spoke to Jamie’s intern about his partying habits and penchant for blondes

The eight types of single girl persona you’ve definitely channelled at some point

Tag yourself I’m the ho

This grad job will literally pay you to travel the world and take pictures

Stops include the Taj Mahal and Christ The Redeemer

The biggest fights in Made In Chelsea history, ranked by drama

Yes, the one where Millie slaps Spencer is in here

Don’t fear impending death, vote for the best clubbers of the WHOLE TERM instead!

His grip is icy, but these clubbers are feisty

This man from Sky News wants to spank you because you’re a weak millennial

He thinks things were better when young people ran large chunks of Africa

Who is Sam Prince, Made In Chelsea’s handsome new intern (not CEO)?

He likes golf, red wine and older women

Seriously though, who are the people who find The Big Bang Theory funny?

It’s literally the worst show ever created

Compose a takeaway order and we’ll tell you where in the UK you’re from

No mate you can’t have gravy on that

I’m bringing sexy back, those weekly clubbers don’t know how to act


The Lad Index: Documenting the six types of lad you met in 2017 Britain

Yes, the ‘work hard, play hard’ one is in here

Mate drops out of holiday, gets replaced by person with same name from Facebook

They literally typed ‘Joe McGrath’ in the search bar and invited the first one

Ranking the eye-gougingly awkward arguments in last night’s Made In Chelsea

Which was the most intense? And who the fuck is Mimi?

People who take naps are happier, according to science

Erm no I was just resting my eyes

Freddos are going to cost 10p again, Cadbury have announced

The price drop will be immediate

If you don’t want to see the clubbers of the week, carry on as normal


Plan a big messy night out and we’ll say where in the UK you’re from

It partly hinges on whether you’re wearing a coat

The cringe things you’ll remember if you were a mid-2000s emo kid


You’ll only pass this quiz if you’ve worked as a waiter and hated it

Who yells at you loudest: the customers or the chef?

Legs-it! Who won the battle of the pins between these two dashing politicians?

Forget the EU Referendum, these shapely shanks are the only thing we want to vote on

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, clubbers of the week

The dashing prince who turned you away during a storm is in this

I spent a day in meggings to see if athleisure can work for men

I was cold and I didn’t have pockets, but at least I looked fabulous

‘We Are Not Afraid’ billboards appearing around London

The hashtag has become popular in the aftermath of the Westminster attack

Defiant tweets that show Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism

‘London is the city that endured the Blitz – it’s got this’

Here’s what your uni’s Tinder bio would look like, if that were a thing that for some reason ever existed

Go to uni in Oxford

This test will tell you the exact time you need to go to sleep tonight


The ages you peak at for pretty much everything, according to science

Good luck marrying by 26

The reactions to JP and Binky’s pregnancy announcement, ranked by authenticity

We are all Jamie Laing

Within weeks you won’t be able to buy 10-packs of cigarettes

By May 21st, the cheapest pack of fags in the UK will cost £8.82

I’m sorry, but here’s every reason the new Beauty and the Beast is worse than the original

I am not supposed to have sexual feelings for Lumière

Yar har, fiddle dee dee, fancy a peep at the clubbers this week?

If seeing the clubbers is alright wit ye, here are the clubbers

Quiz: How absolutely disgusting is the relationship you’re in?

Ew bet you share a toothbrush

The style disasters you experienced as a teenage guy in the mid-2000s

Your skinny jeans could never be low enough

You can only pass this quiz if you went to a slightly dodgy state school

Bundles only took place at the dodgiest of comps

So it turns out all the men in Gossip Girl are actually awful

XOXO Dan Humphrey is a huge creep

I don’t want no clubs, clubbers of the week can’t get no love from me

Hangin out the passenger side of their Uber rides tryin to holla at me

We can tell where you’re from based on your British boozing habits

It’s your round mate go on get the beers in

What your major dresses like, according to everyone else

Obviously the History major is wearing a turtleneck

What your course looks like, according to everyone else

Obviously the History student is wearing a turtleneck

Ed Sheeran just got married, but just who is his hockey-playing wife Cherry Seaborn?

She’s not you, that’s one thing we know for certain

We could have had it aaaaaallllll, clubbers of the weeeeeeeeek

Hello, it’s me, I was wondering if you’d like to see the clubbers of the week?

The hardest game of London ‘Would you rather?’ you’ll ever play

What’s worse, Dalston boys or Clapham boys?

Just some tweets about the soul-destroying reality of being in final year

Everything is probably, possibly, maybe going to be fine