This grad job will literally pay you to travel the world and take pictures

Stops include the Taj Mahal and Christ The Redeemer

Grad jobs generally aren't a lot of fun. They're draining, they involve long hours, and you're not paid anywhere near enough for your 2:1 from Bristol.

Well, how about one where you "capture content of some of the world's most beautiful settings," meaning a round-the-world plane ticket with provided accommodation at each stop?

Yep, Compare The Market have announced they're on the lookout for a "Travel Advisor" to travel the world in their name, meaning one current student will be doing just that.

Locations the successful grad would visit at least eight different countries, seeing the Great Barrier Reef, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Christ The Redeemer and more.

Successful applicants would also be provided state-of-the-art camera equipment, as well as £5,000 towards their student union (for some reason).

And the best bit? The job literally requires nothing other than for you to log you pictures, videos and a blog post at the end of each month.

Candidates have been encouraged to write about their ideal location in 200 words on the official website. Five finalists will then be selected to produce a short video for a panel of judges, before being sent off to their dream destinations.

Beats commuting from your parents' house to an Insurance Underwriting job in Coventry.