Here’s what your uni’s Tinder bio would look like, if that were a thing that for some reason ever existed

Go to uni in Oxford

University. What a bloody time, eh? Everybody milling about, going to lectures, sinking pints, generally having fun – and yes, sometimes shagging!

Have you ever wondered, though, what your uni itself would be like were it to try and pull?

Probably not.

Still, we’ve done it anyway.

Part-time Red Bull brand ambassador, full-time Hyde Park hero. St Albans girl up North. Message me for High Rise tix.

I’m a Surrey girl when I’m in Pams, but if you’re looking for something nastier you’ll find me in Lakota 😉 snapchat/ insta: DrumnBassQueen123xox

Reading Knights forever, loves a snakebite and the sesh.

Ideal date: room 3 union all night long and a cheeky walk around the Harris Gardens if you’re lucky 😉 😉

If you’re from Oxford Brookes then gtfo.

6 foot 4 not sure why you care lol

A woman came into the store one day…

Luv a good night out and a few glasses with the favs in Sugar ?. Luv 2 be wined and dined. If u hav selfies in yor bio please swyp left ty xoxo

Will like long walks with you if you can put up with me and my surfer mates. Attitude a bit craggy (amiright)

Open to try new things, especially if they’re a Waitrose essential. Ideal date is in black tie with magnums of champagne in my 40 hectare estate. Aspiring politician

Netball captain, Summer ‘18 Thailand -> Cambodia -> Bali -> Australia ☀️

Not here for anything serious, just a good time!

Find me with a cosmo in my hand, contact me for guest list @ Level Love Wednesdays 🙂

Get me on snapchat Princess_Bel97

Here for the Yorkshire puds of tinder

Go to uni in Huddersfield

Camel naughty nineties every week ?

Vegan, get over it.

That and gets political when drunk.

I’d rather be a poly rather a cunt.

Just looking for a girl who loves MNB as much as I do

Find me in the Bridge smoking area with ciggies and siggies.

Living the city life aha 😉

Big Smoke / LDN / Landan

find me at Blanc or Swingers

techno // shooting // promoting // gin

Perfect date = Sohe -> Soho

Here for the craic!

Cosmic every tuesday c u there

Looking for someone to talk about it with

If ur aub swipe left lol

Life’s a beach 😉

With contributions from Daisy Bernard, Bella Eckert, Lucy Woodham, Roisin Lanigan, Reuben Nash, Elinor Rice, Marisa Lee, Victoria Brush, Tom Bithell and Hayley Soen.