‘I’ve got my eye on Toff’: A chat with Made In Chelsea new boy Sam Prince

We spoke to Jamie’s intern about his partying habits and penchant for blondes

There’s a new boy in Chelsea, and he goes by the name of Sam Prince.

Jamie’s new intern has set hearts aflutter in West London by telling everybody about his ten night benders, getting shot down by Victoria Baker-Harber and soaking up the excess liquid when Sam Thompson spills his G&T.

We managed to pull Sam away from his busy schedule as Jamie’s right-hand man for a five minute chat about girls, pints and parties. Here’s what he had to say.

Hi Sam. How does it feel to be younger than the rest of the cast?

I quite like it! If I get in trouble, maybe it means I’ll get away with it.

Are you going to uni, or are you planning on working with Jamie in the long run?

I’m planning on working in the long run. If I went to uni, I think I’d end up going out every night instead of working.

Bank holiday and #madeinchelsea tonight ?#treat

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Which of the Made In Chelsea guys has the best chat?

Jamie and Mytton both have strong chat. Quite classic.

Shag, marry, kill: Jamie, Francis and Proudlock?

Erm. No comment?

Nearly timeee #MadeInChelsea 9pm tune in ?

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What do you look for in a girl?

Someone who is bubbly and fun. I’m really spontaneous, so someone who is up for anything. And of course someone who is attractive!

What’s your type?

I don’t really have a type, but I normally tend to go for blondes.

Foxy #gabilicious

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Are you still going to try and pursue Victoria after what happened?

Erm, no. l think I’ll give her a miss. I’m not currently a CEO, haha.

Do you have your eye on any of the other Made In Chelsea ladies?

Toff! She’s gorgeous and so much fun.

And finally, do you know any actual princes?

I don’t, no.