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Welp! Renowned Shitbag Chris Brown arrested for rape in Paris

He’s still in custody

Facebook just banned me for 30 days for saying ‘men are trash’

I will not be held captive for my beliefs

Happy #NationalNutDay, a wholesome celebration of the humble nut

Bust it with friends and family on this most auspicious day

Do you want to work in recruitment? Because this is the #lad hellscape that awaits you

Honestly, you’re better than this

A brief history of how student Tories became the most tragic people on campus

From Bullingdon to blue T-shirts

Watch this bloodthirsty grandma shoot the fuck out of a 500lb gator because it ate her pet horse


Kids these days will never know the glory of old school WorldStar fight videos

Where were you when the WorldStar stopped turning?

Dr. Ariana Grande misdiagnosed Crohn’s as the cause of Pete Davidson’s ‘butthole eyes’

What are butthole eyes, are they married, net worth

Power ranking every U.S. President by their dick size

Every day is Presidents Day here

Sophie Gradon’s Boyfriend found dead just days after her funeral

His death is not being treated as suspicious

Finally, we’re all realising what an elitist, meddling hypocrite Jamie Oliver really is


Look here, Guildford is the worst town in the UK to go out in and I refuse to let you say otherwise

It’s way worse than just Casino

Jeremy Corbyn said he would investigate Cadbury’s for overcharging for Freddos

Reasonably priced chocolate for the many, not the few

The case of Molly McLaren: The student murdered by her ex outside the gym

Police found Josh Stimpson covered in blood in a gym carpark after stabbing her 75 times

All Greggs’ Valentine’s meals sold out in less than 20 minutes

Is this Glastonbury orrrrr

‘It wasn’t against my will or anything’: How a rape case built over two years fell apart with a single text

Liam Allan was accused of six counts of rape by his ex-girlfriend, but police ignored text messages she sent to her friends

I was at the Presidents Club afterparty – old creepy men treated us like prostitutes

Six student hostesses tell us how they were pressured for sex at a private party after the charity dinner

Here’s how to get NUS card discounts when you’re not really a student

One FREE cheeseburger please

New study says you’re a teenager till 24, so you have an extra six years to get your shit together

Sure, do another gap year, why not!

Haven’t got a grad job sorted? You can travel the world with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for £22k a year

Probs better than moving back home tbh

If for some reason your uni was an iconic food chain, this is what it would be

If you got Prezzo you should probably drop out

Sorry, but how did 300,000 people fall for this ASOS scam?

Send this article to 15 friends for a free gift card

Take this bleak quiz and we’ll tell you which Black Mirror episode reflects your soul

You never know, it could be one of the nice ones

The NUS have proved, yet again, that they don’t really care about Jewish Students

I for one am not shocked at all

For a brief moment, we had a glimpse of a world without Unilad and it was glorious

Their main page with 35m likes was deleted this morning

When are frats going to stop killing their pledges?

Yet another student has died pledging

A brief history of how Stormzy won 2017

The only redeeming thing in a terrible year

Can you afford to live in London?

Take this quiz, the answer will be no!

The best Rupi Kaur poems from meme groups across America

I, too, am an intellectual

Find out exactly which Nando’s menu item your uni is

One Bsc in Peri-Periatrics please

These are the counties most likely to get you an Oxbridge offer

SHOCK! One of them is Surrey!

Tell us how you live and we’ll tell you how much of a secret spoilt brat you are

Thank u daddy xoxoxo

Actually, James Corden has always been a dickhead

Should have stopped at Gavin and Stacey tbh

DA in Tim Piazza hazing case refiling manslaughter charges, ‘confident’ they’ll go to trial

The magistrate chose to drop the most serious charges in the case

Is there a single one of God’s beautiful creatures that frat boys won’t use to drink from?

Apparently not

The Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is a terrorist. End of discussion

Law enforcement are refusing to label the incident as an act of terror

Inside Penn State’s Beta Theta Pi: The fraternity that killed Tim Piazza

His frat brother describes his final hours

‘The judge got it right’ says Penn State frat brother charged in Tim Piazza case

Manslaughter charges were dropped today

TIME’s list of gadgets ‘every student needs’ costs over $2k and I’m over here having sleep for dinner

Can I buy an iPad with meal swipes?

Frat bros have created a forum to answer all their insecure questions about Greek life

Like Yahoo answers without GDIs

These are the best colleges in America to be Jewish

Yeshiva U wasn’t top and I have no idea why

These are the best value colleges in America

Your parents will love this

Chipotle is finally putting queso on the menu after years of refusing

There is a God after all

Glastonbury announce new security measures in light of Manchester and London attacks

There’ll be extra searches of everyone attending

Pick a meal deal and we’ll tell you exactly who you should vote for in the general election

Is there a more British institution than a humble meal deal?

Every ‘The Thick Of It’ moment of the General Election so far

It’s the same but with less creative swearing

I wore a male romper for the day and you know what? I would proudly do it again

7/10, easy and breezy

The tragic lesson from Penn State: Human life is worth more than Greek life

No one should die to protect letters on a house

Remember when we were all taken in by How I Met Your Mother, the ultimate TV clickbait?

Hey kids, have I ever told you how I wasted 9 years of everyone’s life

Order a Nando’s and we’ll tell you who to vote for

Cheeky politics and that

It’s time someone said it – Gordon Ramsay deserves a knighthood


Welp, looks like Hurt Bae is back with the shitbag who cheated on her

We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

Philosophy professor accidentally emails students link to porn video


Ranked: The majors with the toughest finals week in America

Strap yourself in

Here are all of The Tab’s April Fools from up and down the country

Check the date

Shotgun shark kid apologizes and says ‘I love animals’ after revealing the fish was ALIVE for video

He’s not even in a frat

Ranked: The colleges who go to bed the latest

Stop watching Netflix

Ranked: The best grad schools in America

Where does yours stand?

Here’s how little sleep you’ll get based on the career you pick after graduation

The horror doesn’t end at graduation

QUIZ: Are you the right side of posh?

There’s a point where it gets a bit sinister

It’s official: Architects are the most sleep-deprived majors in America


Ranked: The most sleep-deprived college majors in America

You should go to bed earlier tonight

The differences between drinking in the UK and drinking in the USA

For starters, one of them can actually handle their booze

You wish you were as cool as the Kent U18s club squad

There will never be a greater club photo

What’s the most sleep-deprived college major?

We all need to go to bed earlier

A definitive guide to every single item on the Nando’s menu and what it says about you

‘Can I just have a glass for water please?’

I became illegal as I flew back to school: An MIT junior is stuck in Tehran because the US won’t accept her visa

She was turned away from her connecting flight with the Executive Order took effect

Federal court halts Trump’s executive order and tells border control to stop detaining legal immigrants

The government was sued by the ACLU

Over 30,000 people have signed a petition to swap Lady Gaga for Migos for the Superbowl Halftime show

Pls NFL Gods

The pussy grabs back: Students lead protests on day one of Trump’s America

Across the country, women marched against the new president

The most inspiring tweets from today’s Women’s marches across the world

‘This is what democracy looks like’

Swastikas are appearing at colleges across America – but how worried should we be?

There have been over 100 incidents in 2016 alone

Everything you’ll experience as a Jew this holiday season

*Still takes pictures at Rockefeller Christmas tree because Hanukkah bushes aren’t socially acceptable*

Donald Trump is a Coca-Cola hypocrite

How can we ever trust him again?

The full transcript of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech

She spoke in New York at around 11am this morning

UK students now have more debt than Americans

Thanks Nick Clegg

Meet the UCI pledge who got Venmo-jacked by a sorority girl

She took his phone, posted on his Snapstory and sent herself $30

Glastonbury 2017: How to get tickets and every other FAQ

Dw, we got you

Every college where there have been killer clown ‘sightings’

But are any of them real?

Are killer clowns appearing on campuses all over America?

Probably not tbh

Hey Freshers! Here’s how to not dress like a racist

Because apparently you need to be told

Fabric is officially closing forever

Islington Borough Council are permanently revoking their license

Even young people aren’t backing Corbyn any more, poll finds

Who’s actually supporting him?

All the innocent things this year’s freshers are wondering about Edi

Bless their little hearts

Can you pass the 2016 US citizenship test?

If Trump wins, you might have to

What you planned to do this summer vs. what you actually did

How is it nearly September?

I lived in the world’s largest grown-up halls for a week

It was sinister af

If your Freshers’ Week friends were characters from Harry Potter

Accio Jäger

How to keep calm when talking politics, by an anger management expert

Because the Brexit chat will never end

Tuition fees are going up again and will now be over £9k a year

‘First they trebled tuition fees saddling students with debt, now they’ve confirmed they’re set to go up again’

Unis have started announcing fees higher than £9,000

Not this again

Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently banned from Twitter

He’s been accused of leading a hate campaign against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones

Durham ranked in the top 1% of unis in the world

And top 20 in the UK

Newcastle ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Northumbria didn’t make the top 1000

Liverpool ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

JMU didn’t make the top 500

Cardiff ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Cardiff Met didn’t make the top 1000

Sheffield ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Hallam didn’t make the top 1000

Leeds ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Beckett didn’t make the top 1000

Birmingham ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Aston didn’t make the top 500

Glasgow ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

Strathclyde placed 456 in the world lol

Bristol ranked in the top one per cent of unis in the world

UWE didn’t make the top 1000