Clubbers of the week: The Easter weekend hometown club special

This is better than any chocolate egg so I’m glad you didn’t get me one mum

Oh, you were going to pretend to read the intro, were you? You were going to read the intro to the article, like you’re supposed to?

Don’t lie to me. Just scroll down and feast your eyes on the best clubbers in the UK this week.

Family photo of the week: Your dad and your sisters, Corfu ’09

You girls make me proud every day

No mum, I can’t talk, I’m DJing

No, it’s not just pushing buttons. Yes, it is a viable career

 When you’re almost finished hoovering

Can’t wait to put my feet up and watch Corrie

When you love the sesh so much that your head literally turns into a cava bottle with a sparkler in it

They walk among us

When you finally find a good link to watch the last episode of Girls

Critics have called it seminal

When you put hazelnut syrup in your latte and feel like a real hardman

The guy on the left ordered his plain, idiot


If you’re from Sunflower Valley make some noooiiiise

When you’re posing for a picture but you get distracted by a beaut holiday home in Cannes

Monty look! It’s got a jacuzzi!

When Arsenal have just lost but your girlfriend demands a cute pic

Wenger out lol 🙁

Hey, I didn’t know One Direction were back together

We’ve missed you guys

When your mum is out so you and the boys try on all of her coats

We look so grown up!

And next on the sofa with Phillip and Holly, it’s Rag’n’Bone Man!

He’ll be chatting to the guys and singing in front of our live studio audience

When you’re looking through the oven door to see if your garlic bread is ready

Mmmm that warm, carby glow

We hope you had a pleasant flight with us today

We hope to see you onboard again in the future