Don’t worry, Theresa, the best clubbers of the entire year will cheer you up

Cold ones for the many, not the boys

A new day has dawned, and the country is in disarray. The sun has set on Grand Admiral May. Or has it? No-one really knows. Apparently she’s teamed up with some evil priests or something? Tbh I wasn’t listening.

Whatever’s going on, the sun has definitely set on this university year – and you’ve partied it out in style. Here are the best clubbers of the entire year, viewed through the prism of the 2017 General Election.

Paul Nuttall’s enjoying early retirement

Bless him, he’s been through so much

When one of your mates takes a free school meal off a child

Yes Henry did you see the tears in the urchin’s eyes

Oh look, your mum took a selfie in the polling booth

You should probably tell her that’s illegal

Jonty, 19, is apolitical but voted Green so he could get a free beer from Brewdog

L e g a l i s e i t

Archie, 21, told his Leeds housemates he was going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

You fucking shy Tory

Cameron/Clegg: Coalition of Chaos (2018)

Hollywood always ruins these things

When you’re too young to vote so wear your dads’ coats to the polling station

They won’t suspect a thing



When you’re out on the sesh with Rupert Murdoch and the exit polls come in

He is not a happy bunny

Hi, I’m Rob. Do you have a moment to talk about voting Lib Dem?

He may be iffy on gay marriage but Tim’s ideas for a soft Brexit are neat-o

Uh oh, Owen Jones has had a couple of lagers


When you’re celebrating but then realise the Tories are still in power and you are fucked because you’re foxes

That’s a slaughtering

If this guy had a drink for every seat UKIP have in parliament

Lol boy bye

If my flip flops represented how many General Elections I want


The DUP???

Oh fuck OFF

Cover image courtesy of Tup Tup Palace