I’m bringing sexy back, those weekly clubbers don’t know how to act


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Here are the best clubbers in the UK this week.

Most scared of hands

This is literally his worst nightmare

Your local estate agents’ team night out

They are wearing Tom Ford Noir

When you’re out but you realise you’ve only had four of your five a day

Oooooo matron!

How I spend most of my Saturday nights

Lucky for some

When your housemate’s parents pay their student loan

Help me I’m poor

In one of my hands I am holding my eyeball

Find it and I will show you a glimpse of your future



When you go out with your friend who’s a year older than you

She did a gap year

When you’re about to spend your whole night sharking

Try shagging in that

The girl in the background has just dropped her Creme Egg

Now it’s all over this girl’s back and everyone’s embarrassed

Ah, everyone’s favourite duo

Wait what