You’ll only pass this quiz if you’ve worked as a waiter and hated it

Who yells at you loudest: the customers or the chef?

You don't just "work" as a waiter or waitress. Waiting tables is something you throw yourself into, face first, with all the unexpected pain and regret of a belly flop into an empty swimming pool.

Yep, there's nothing worse than having to hold down an entire restaurant floor while six different tables yell at you for their food being cold, raw, or simply not there. Likewise, it's not easy to spend your days covered in kid sick and spilt mustard and half-eaten carrot puree, especially when you yourself haven't eaten since 8am.

If you've experienced the hellish day-to-day of life working in a restaurant, you'll be able to get 100% on this quiz. If you don't, it probably wasn't as bad as you thought.