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Over 80 per cent of young people would rather go on a night out with Jeremy Corbyn than Theresa May

VKs for the many, not the few

Which university course took the most study drugs this year? An investigation

The results come from The Tab’s annual drug survey of 11,000 students

Revealed: The amount of students at your university voting Tory

Also read: who to remove from your WhatsApp

Revealed: The universities with the most students suffering from depression

At least one in three students have it, according to a Tab investigation

Revealed: The universities with the most students suffering from anxiety

It’s one of the biggest health issues on campus

A third of students are planning to vote for Labour

Can young people sway June 8th’s election?

The number of suicides at British universities before anyone started to notice

A Tab investigation reveals that universities don’t even have the figures

Revealed: The universities who take the most ketamine

Hey there old spangly legs

Private school students are going to get empathy lessons because they’re all ‘charmless’

One £20,000-a-year school is going to have a ‘loving classroom’

Revealed: Researchers have figured out the courses most likely to leave you unemployed

Good news if you’re a vet, bad news if you study CompSci

Researchers have worked out which degree works the hardest

This finally settles it

Watch the video of a Cambridge Tory burning money in front of a homeless man

His mum says he’s been giving tea to the homeless

Named: The first year Cambridge student who allegedly burnt money in front of a homeless man

Ronald Coyne has been fired from his position within the Conservative Association

Oxford college sends out security email about this man to all students, even though he was just staying at a friend’s place

The college were ‘unaware of the intentions’ of the former Rhodes Must Fall activist

It’s time for universities to stop sweeping suicide under the carpet

We shouldn’t have to find out through tabloid headlines

‘Be on the right side of history’: Thousands of students across the UK march against Trump

‘Super callous fragile racist sexist nazi POTUS’

Landmark report on racism in the NUS exposes ‘institutional failings’

The organisation has an atmosphere of ‘caution and distrust’ – but contains nothing on anti-Semitism

Who are you trying to impress by sending angry tweets about train suicides?

You realise no one is applauding you

Exclusive: Did the FA just swap the faces of the two black players in a photo?

In a game of spot the difference, they put Sturridge’s head on Rose’s body

There is a petition to make tampons and sanitary towels free

It’s been signed by 22,000 people, join them

The way we deal with mental health at university has to change, and quickly

No one should wait 10 months for help

Overburdened and underfunded: The mental health crisis at Britain’s universities

In the first rankings of its kind, The Tab shines a light on institutions failing their students

The gap year memoir of a ‘skinny white girl in Africa’ has angered a lot of people

And now they’re calling her out

An open letter from 96 Vice Chancellors on why you should vote to remain

‘Leaving will impoverish our campuses’

A weekend in France with England fans at the Euros

Two now have jail terms, but are they all that bad?

The clubbers who went out in Ayia Napa and woke up in Syria were joking all along

Who ordered three legends

Young people will be poorer if we leave the EU, says David Cameron

Writing this weekend for The Tab, the PM warned students would suffer

How the rape case against the RAU four collapsed

Four students were charged for raping a woman at their end of year ball – a month ago their case was dramatically dropped

Malia Bouattia: University should be free

She says students are learners, not consumers

William Hill took hundreds of customers’ money without telling them

They took over £1,700 from one person

‘I felt overwrought, all the time’: How the pill affected my mental health

Women tell their stories

The NUS has had better weeks, but I promise we’re changing

Vice President Richard Brooks wants you to stay

Students across 25 universities threaten to leave the NUS

As Malia Bouattia defends anti-Zionism

‘I dealt with rape jokes every day when I worked in an all-male office’

‘You shouldn’t just keep biting your tongue’

Should people accused of rape and sexual assault be anonymous?

Answer our poll

It’s tough when you don’t ‘get’ Harry Potter

But you won’t convince me otherwise

The case that accused the four RAU students of rape has been dropped

‘It’s been two long years’

Being an atheist at a faith school messed up my mental health

I was isolated because I don’t believe in God

The Tab’s mental health survey

All answers are anonymous

A Magaluf stag do dressed up like Adam Johnson and a group of schoolgirls

Apparently they’re ‘Maga Legends’

The undiscovered genius of tapered tracksuit trousers

It’s like your legs are the wafer in a Kit Kat

The miserable week I spent at a stand-up desk – though I did burn 18,000 calories

I didn’t sit down for five days

There is nothing men fear more than getting a haircut

‘Do you want the back square or natural?’

When will we learn to stop drinking four pints on a Thursday?

You’ll only regret it

There’s nothing wrong with dating an Australian in London

Get past the accent and realise how fun they are

Nothing says you’re in your 20s more than drinking a flat white

Hailing from down under and now in Belsize Park

Our first reaction to tube suicides shouldn’t be calling the victims selfish

Three people died on the Underground after New Year’s Eve – and I saw one of them

What drives young men to join the cult of youth politics?

‘It’s all about climbing the greasy pole’

Girls with nose rings are my kryptonite

She probably drinks Red Stripe too

Have you got the story of the month? Win work experience at the Mail on Sunday

And a magnum of champagne

You only need to be a 6/10 to be Fit For Cambridge

Just as long as you can hold a conversation

77 per cent of girls think lad culture is a problem at university

Massive Tab poll goes against lads

St. Andrews are giving out parking tickets for reserving a seat in the library

More reason not to go there

No one at my uni knew I was a Japanese princess

Even though I studied museums

Drinking herbal tea and walks in the countryside: How cultured are you?

Find out how sophisticated you are

Too many girls take ‘soft option’ psychology, says top head

It’s a cop out subject

Facebook will allow you to check who has seen your event invite

No one cares about your birthday

Out of control Facebook events are promising Project X style house parties across the country

They’re challenging you to be ‘man enough’ to post your address

Clueless Cambridge club organises ‘Asylum’ night in the middle of refugee crisis

It was blasted as ‘gross’ and ‘unacceptable’

Karen Buckley’s murder: Glasgow stand defiant against ‘callous and calculating’ criminal

Alexander Pacteau said he had no reason for the murder

Boozy butcher creates a Jägerbomb sausage

He mixed pork with Jägermeister and Red Bull

Shock as Brunel posts link to hardcore Japanese porn site on course page

Not quite JSTOR

Old make-up can give you meningitis

Tests show potentially lethal bacteria in foundation and blusher

Ashley Stevens: Coping with a boyfriend who’s seriously punching

Her boyfriend was humiliated on Reddit

Second year tetraplegic completes Tough Mudder in just his wheelchair

Rob Camm was paralysed just before he started uni

One in ten undergrads think they’ll earn over £50,000 when they leave uni

Don’t be silly

We prefer male lecturers to female ones

It’s creating a gender bias

Uni will have more girls than boys as gender gap grows

Girls do better, but more boys get A*s

Sex workers should be punished by their unis, say staff

Pornstars and escorts would face disciplinaries

More than half of us aren’t happy with our performance in bed

We need to experiment more

A DIY tooth-whitening kit left a hole in my throat the size of a £2 coin

But that didn’t stop him getting his pearly whites

Royal Agricultural Four banned from uni after summer ball rape court case

They allegedly raped a girl in May

Grad who dominated fantasy football gives his tips for the new season

He came ninth in the world last year

A daily moisturiser made my face swell and look like a beetroot

Katie’s holiday was ruined

Four from Royal Agricultural Uni in court for raping girl at summer ball

Graduates of RAU shake hands with Prince Charles

UCAS make £12 MILLION a year selling your details

As if results day wasn’t hard enough

Laughing gas can make you go BLIND and bald

Docs say we’re heading for a ‘sight loss epidemic’

Dynamic graduates set record for youngest duo to row the Atlantic

They even grew great beards

Summer blighted by a peak in cystitis

It can even affect men too

Sick of crippling hangovers? Eat more pears

They act as a laxative too

Hardest fight for places at top unis as A-level results loom

VCs warned it will be the toughest summer yet

Laughing gas protest deflates as just a handful bother to show up

Only 100 people went

Showoff teen who bragged about self-made £21 million jailed for 26 months

The judge said: ‘You should be ashamed’

Doctors say get pregnant at 23 if you want to have three children

‘Everyone thinks you can wait – you can’t’

Leeds grad with nut allergy nearly dies after eating nutty cupcake

She’s had a severe allergy since birth

It’s official: Green tea helps you lose weight

Get past the fishy smell

Rich girls more likely to go to uni than boys

Fee rises are putting young men off

Free EE charger explodes leaving graduate with serious burns

The power bar set her room on fire

521 pills, 233 bags of weed and 101 bags of ketamine seized at Secret Garden Party

That’s over £5,000

WTF: Bournemouth is the best uni for employment prospects

Oxford was the second worst

Science nerds set to be recruited as spies

You may or may not get a license to kill

Gap year girl, 21, killed in tragic quad bike accident in Australia

The bike flipped after it hit water

Glastonbury goers will get trench foot or shamed for doing laughing gas

The Sun hate you and your hippy crack

England’s Joe Root ‘absolutely smashed’ on mad one with the boys at Crisis all-nighter

A year since Gary Ballance took his top off

Women can’t consent to sex when drunk, says leading lawyer

The last decade has seen a 68 per cent rise in rape claims

Bosses will think you’re boring if you go on a gap year, warns jobs guru

‘You’re better off working in JD Sports’

Brit mountain stripper Ellie Hawkins given three days in prison

She freed the nipple and caused an earthquake

Gap year girl held after posing topless on sacred mountain

10 buffalo or three months in jail

Your degree is poor value and it’s making you unhappy

A third of us would do a different course, a new survey said

VICTORY: Scores return to FIFA following Tab boycott as Blatter resigns

It’s over – we won

Does sex make you more productive?

We asked an expert

We are destroying our copies of FIFA to protest against corruption


Chewing pen lids can destroy your teeth and even turn them brown

Just think of where it’s been

The way uni treated me was ‘laughable’ says finalist who planned suicide

‘It felt like I was passed from person to person’

Clever girls are more attractive than girls with big boobs, says expert

This changes the dating game forever

Former uni groundskeeper in murder man hunt

Three people were found dead yesterday

Dating advice from the most sought after single students in the UK

Always two kisses

Exam stress levels are at a ‘record high’

The number of young people seeking advice in Britain has soared by 200 per cent

Reusing your water bottle could make you really, really ill

The bacteria build up can lead to sickness and diarrhoea

This fresher’s stepdad gave her beloved car away because she let it go mouldy

‘The car is called Polly and it’s all her fault’

Manchester crowned druggiest uni as they snort past Leeds

All the gear but no idea

Open Air Cinema, Wipeout Tour, Radio 1’s Big Weekend…none of them are happening any time soon

Most of them have been cancelled, postponed or re-branded as completely different events

Forget goldrush, you’re sitting on a goldmine with £6,000 of gear at uni

But do you have insurance?

Men enjoy wake-up sex most – but women peak between 11pm and 2am

Men prefer your morning breath

Will they ever change? ANOTHER white person elected NUS President?

What happened to progress?

Unpaid internships would be Milibanned under Labour, says Ed

But he’s never heard of Vice

Nando’s goes posh with quinoa revamp today

Nom nom nom

How to actually lose the winter weight by burning fat

You won’t even need a gym

Take The Tab’s dissertation survey

You stayed up all night didn’t you

Girls are having more sex but boys are hooking up with more people


Fruit juice is just as bad for you as a Krispy Kreme doughnut or a pack of Hobnobs

When you thought you were safe

How gay is your uni?

On average 10 per cent of students do not identify as straight

The Daily Mail says you’ll lose your libido by your mid twenties

Women will lose all confidence by 25, apparently

Word to your mother: A quarter of girls take their mum out clubbing

Two thirds of you still rinse them for holidays

Fresher misses out on £1500 in betting shocker so The Tab answers his cry for help

He was one goal away from clearing his overdraft

Why are you still smoking weed at uni?

You probably need a haircut too

Secret Life star says lad culture isn’t a problem – it’s just pushing boundaries

He also says Chinese girls are ‘boring’

You can now get a glass of wine with your skinny flat white at Starbucks

One more thing to Instagram

This 70-year-old former Army pilot will be a fresher in September

One for the bucket list

How to tell if someone is flirting with you

Game changer

Smoking weed won’t damage your memory but skunk can make you bipolar

Pass the chronic

House parties might be cheaper but they’re still rubbish

Stop kidding yourself

An Imperial professor is giving students LSD and watching what happens

It could be a ‘superhighway to the unconscious’

I’m a third year who’s had no hair for half a decade

People think he’s 36

If you live in the North, you’re paying over the odds for your house

How expensive is rent in your uni town?

How unis could be forced to criminalise your ideas and monitor your thoughts

Unis will have to adopt extremist speaker policies to ‘prevent individuals being drawn into terrorism’

Six clubbers collapse from new wave of dodgy pills

They’ve appeared in Newcastle, Manchester and Middlesborough

Meet the Durham second year with a seven-week-old son

She breastfeeds Teddy in lectures

Uproar over ‘draconian’ plans to censor your ideas

They’re going to take away our freedom

Meet the Sheffield graduate who looks great while protecting turtles

‘I just do my thing’

Tab’s Jeremy Kyle pepper spray scoop to feature on national television

Leon said he was making it look bad

100 per cent proof: Tequila could help you lose weight

Mexican researchers proved it and everything

Loveless local humiliated on Take Me Out is bombarded with dates – including the girl who rejected him

He makes film posters with his face on

Bosses only spend NINE seconds reading your CV

The average piss lasts 21 seconds

‘We’ll scrap tuition fees’, swears Labour Party

They’re going to tax you when you graduate instead

Relax…you now have a 70 per cent chance of getting a 2:1 or a First

You’re more likely to get a first than a third

Valiant girl who lost 7 stone tells how sick ‘pulling fatties’ game in Salou scarred her for life

It was a dare to ‘pull fatties’

Whining about New Year’s Eve won’t get you anywhere – go out the next day instead

NYD is totes the new NYE

Smoking rollies is just as harmful, say docs

Less than a fifth of Brits smoke

The Army are laughing at your terrible CV

You don’t stand a chance

Festive porn experiences a sharp rise over Christmas – but we watch less of it

It’s mostly family related too

Boris Johnson could owe Oxford Uni £2,000 for a library book

He’s had it for nearly 30 years

Stinky toff: Oxbridge top the dirty laundry league and more women sniff their pants

You mucky little pup

‘I am the sun from Teletubbies’ – Girl who lit up our TV screens speaks out

Living in laa laa land

Hateful homophobic ‘Monk’ arrested as he says Christmas is polluted by ‘false gods and fetishes’

Brother Damon isn’t very nice

Will date for ride: Manchester grad used Tinder to hitch lifts across America

He swiped right to everyone

A balloon a day keeps the blues away: Scientists say laughing gas could cure depression

Are you having a laugh

What are the odds: The game ruining everyone’s night out

I’ll give you nine to one

Millionaire who says he was falsely accused of rape by Durham student speaks out

Eleanor de Freitas killed herself days before she was due to stand trial

The hardcore British porn you like is probably illegal now

Go down with this sort of thing

You’ve got no fans

You’ve got no ground

Some Bristol students claim they got hold of Quaaludes

When life gives you Lemmons

Your soul is as black as the grout in your bathroom: Where do you get off?

Stop ruining it for everyone else

A quarter of you have cheated on your partner

No respect

A homophobic ‘monk’ is preaching hate at unis across the country

He says transsexuals are demons

The drugs don’t work, they just make you worse: Study drug modafinil DOESN’T help, say scientists

You’re all screwed

Those blue ticks on WhatsApp will destroy your relationship

It’s worse than Facebook now

‘I am exceptional’ – Jade is a pornstar and a student in Manchester

A standard shoot takes two hours

Absolutely trashed: Firemen rescue wasted fresher stuck in rubbish bin

‘He’s stuck. We called the fire brigade. We didn’t know what else to do.’

Desperate unis will let ‘anyone’ in amid scramble to fill places

Unis will accept lower grades than ever in a bid to fill places

‘I stayed in with a DVD’: England star Gary Ballance GROUNDED after Tab scoop

Gary admits he was ordered to stay in with a DVD over drunken snaps

Two Newcastle medical students stabbed to death in Malaysia

Students were training at local hospital in Kuching

University rejected me – but now I’m on the cover of Playboy

Emily Agnes on her life as a Playmate

This new Magaluf sex video is the most disgusting yet

‘British tourists’ in latest Magaluf sex video…

Battered! England cricketer Gary is off-Ballance and ‘absolutely fucked’ after test draw

Topless Gary Ballance is carried out of club after telling fans: ‘I’m not a cricketer tonight. I’m just a drunken bastard’

Furious feminists call for apology over airbrushed graduation pictures

Photographers say their slimming service is only used on gowns

Photographers airbrush students’ graduation snaps to make them look thinner

Furious students condemn offer of digital slimming and skin enhancement for official photos

Incensed bouncer who pepper-sprayed hated Jeremy Kyle on Magaluf strip warns he’ll do it again

Bad boy bouncer sprayed the hated host because he was portraying the resort in a bad light

Why is Cambridge hosting academics who say paedophilia is ‘normal and natural’?

One speaker said ‘the majority of men are probably paedophiles’ and another said it was ‘natural and normal’

The Secret Life of Students was made by 40-year-olds, for 40-year-olds

Channel 4’s real life Fresh Meat was just as stupid as expected…

There’s a new documentary about freshers, and it looks terrible

Watch 12 freshers drink, shag and cry their way through the year

Over half of student feminists would NOT ban page 3, according to our feminism survey

6,000 students respond and 64% are feminists, but not all of them will tell other people they are…

Beware the spornosexual, the bronzed meathead filling up your news feed

The man who coined metrosexual is back, and he thinks we’re all oiled up hunky weirdos

Men accused of rape should have anonymity too, says Oxford Union President cleared of charges

Oxford Union President speaks of “harrowing” experience on Newsnight

This video may be a piss-take, but that doesn’t mean it’s funny

81,000 viewers must be wrong

Blundering professors accidentally attached the ANSWERS to the back of an exam paper

The entire room burst out laughing

Revealed: How much time do you spend in the library?

Southern unis work harder

Does your sex last less than three minutes? You have a problem

Experts define premature ejaculation as sex that lasts less than three minutes

Oxford, Britain’s oldest university, quits the NUS

Will your uni be next?

Marking boycott could lead to MORE cancelled lectures as unis dock staff pay

Unions accuse universities of bullying as students face knock-on effect on graduation

Howay: Brookes fresher snogs Cheryl Cole on New Year’s Eve

Brookes boy has night of his life in Cape Town

Fat cat VCs lapping up the cream

Brazen Vice Chancellors pocket huge pay rises, while lecturers are forced to suffer just 1% increase

The best student videos of 2k13

Students do the funniest things…

Christmas jobs that are not worth quitting uni for

Can’t be arsed with the January exams? Well, you should be.

Over a quarter of students don’t trust Muslims

Tab study also reveals nearly 75% of students do not believe in God

How to have an edgy Christmas

Christmas was so last year, time to spice things up a little…

Promo firm under fire after sick rape joke

Climax promotions are facing extinction after joking about rape on one of their posters. They blame Cardiff Met SU for ignoring their warnings…

Student Takes On The Matrix. Loses

Former SOAS student claims Matrix was his idea…

Students! Get outta town

A report says students taking up nearly 70,000 properties should be kicked out to make way for affordable homes

Business big dog says first class grads are boring weirdos

Leading businessman bemoans the lack of hippies and potheads at uni