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How much sex have you had in the last 30 days? Take The Tab’s Sex Survey 2017

It’s not as much as when you were a fresher

Over 80 per cent of young people would rather go on a night out with Jeremy Corbyn than Theresa May

VKs for the many, not the few

Which university course took the most study drugs this year? An investigation

The results come from The Tab’s annual drug survey of 11,000 students

Revealed: The amount of students at your university voting Tory

Also read: who to remove from your WhatsApp

Revealed: The universities with the most students suffering from depression

At least one in three students have it, according to a Tab investigation

Who will you be voting for in June? Take The Tab’s snap election survey

The Tories are the second most popular party among students, apparently

Revealed: The universities with the most students suffering from anxiety

It’s one of the biggest health issues on campus

Clubbers of the week, clubbers of the week, wherefore art thou clubbers of the week?

What light from yonder clubber breaks

A third of students are planning to vote for Labour

Can young people sway June 8th’s election?

Dissertation topics that should never have been approved: How mad is yours?

It’s called out of the box thinking

Revealed: The courses who claim to be more stressed than you are right now

Hint, it isn’t Business

Revealed: The best universities in the UK according to the Complete Uni Guide league table

Beat the poly with the league table stick

The number of suicides at British universities before anyone started to notice

A Tab investigation reveals that universities don’t even have the figures

Coke, pills, ket: The most popular drugs at each university in the UK

Something’s going on in Bristol

Revealed: The courses which have to pull the most all nighters to get work done

Whether they have to or not is up to you

Take The Tab’s Mental Health Survey 2017

It’s one of the biggest problems at university and it’s time to tackle it

Revealed: The courses smoking the most weed, because they’ve got nothing better to do

Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday

Revealed: The most sleep deprived university degrees in the UK

Now’s not the time to pull an all nighter

Revealed: The universities who take the most ketamine

Hey there old spangly legs

Take The Tab’s sleep survey 2017 and find out how sleep deprived you really are

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Private school students are going to get empathy lessons because they’re all ‘charmless’

One £20,000-a-year school is going to have a ‘loving classroom’

Remain calm, this is not a drill. A gin festival is coming to Oxford

So many gins, so many opportunities

Researchers have decided which universities are more likely to get you a job when you graduate

£9,000-a-year will all be worth it

Revealed: Researchers have figured out the courses most likely to leave you unemployed

Good news if you’re a vet, bad news if you study CompSci

Researchers have worked out which degree works the hardest

This finally settles it

Revealed: How many people studying your course take drugs

So that’s what you do with just six contact hours a week

Watch the video of a Cambridge Tory burning money in front of a homeless man

His mum says he’s been giving tea to the homeless

Revealed: Which uni takes the most drugs

For once, Oxbridge are losing

Named: The first year Cambridge student who allegedly burnt money in front of a homeless man

Ronald Coyne has been fired from his position within the Conservative Association

Oxford college sends out security email about this man to all students, even though he was just staying at a friend’s place

The college were ‘unaware of the intentions’ of the former Rhodes Must Fall activist

It’s time for universities to stop sweeping suicide under the carpet

We shouldn’t have to find out through tabloid headlines

Revealed: The number of people at your university who went to private school

What do you mean Latin was compulsory Theo?

The hardest universities to get a place at in the UK

Three A*s? No problem

We can tell what you’ll be doing in five years’ time, based on your university

Hopefully not still interning

‘Be on the right side of history’: Thousands of students across the UK march against Trump

‘Super callous fragile racist sexist nazi POTUS’

Take The Tab’s drug survey 2017

Tell us your habits

Can you write your dissertation in less than 48 hours?

And still get a 2:1

The second semester is here, what you should know before it’s too late

You realise you can actually miss lectures

Revealed: The universities with the highest starting salaries

Good news for the Russell Group, but not all of them

Have you seen racism at your university?

Tell us what you’ve experienced

Sexual assault charges dropped against Christ Church student

The national papers called him a ‘sex pest’

Landmark report on racism in the NUS exposes ‘institutional failings’

The organisation has an atmosphere of ‘caution and distrust’ – but contains nothing on anti-Semitism

Why I’m selling my virginity

And why it’s worth one million euros

Woman ‘feared she was drugged’ before allegedly being raped by an Oxford student

She woke up in his student accommodation

A girl wants to sell her virginity for one million euros to pay to go study at Oxford

She’ll use the money for an education and a home for her parents

I’m really really going to miss you Obama

You and your dad jokes

An apology to the teachers we made cry

We did some bad bad things at school

Who are you trying to impress by sending angry tweets about train suicides?

You realise no one is applauding you

Exclusive: Did the FA just swap the faces of the two black players in a photo?

In a game of spot the difference, they put Sturridge’s head on Rose’s body

Oxford grads are the second most sought after by top employers

We produce some of the best students in the country

Don’t click on this. But if you want to, it’s the clubbers of the week

It’s our Halloween special

Why would you ever drop in Durham?

Don’t be weird

There is a petition to make tampons and sanitary towels free

It’s been signed by 22,000 people, join them

The way we deal with mental health at university has to change, and quickly

No one should wait 10 months for help

Overburdened and underfunded: The mental health crisis at Britain’s universities

In the first rankings of its kind, The Tab shines a light on institutions failing their students

Nottingham has one of the poorest mental health services, according to its students

Demand for counselling is on the rise

Exeter is the sixth best uni in the UK at dealing with mental health

Demand for counselling is on the rise

Birmingham is the tenth worst uni in the UK at dealing with mental health

Demand for counselling is on the rise

Liverpool students say their uni is one of the worst for dealing with mental health

Demand for counselling services is on the rise

Balliol have launched a scholarship for refugees

They’ll cover all of the cost

Applications are now open for The Tab Fellowship

Here’s how to apply

Unless you’re a medic or a dentist, there’s no value in going to uni

A new report says it’s not worth the money

Edinburgh is the most expensive city for students in the UK

Even worse than London

Liverpool is the second cheapest city for students in the UK

A report from Natwest said our city is one of the best

The gap year memoir of a ‘skinny white girl in Africa’ has angered a lot of people

And now they’re calling her out

Wimbledon, and sport, needs more arrogant pricks like Nick Kyrgios

He’s your new ‘classic arsehole-genius’

An open letter from 96 Vice Chancellors on why you should vote to remain

‘Leaving will impoverish our campuses’

It’s time we faced up to the mental health epidemic

Almost half of students say they’ve suffered from depression or anxiety

These tweets show how violent Russian fans really are

‘If you go to football, you have to be prepared to fight’

A weekend in France with England fans at the Euros

Two now have jail terms, but are they all that bad?

Loughborough will LEAVE the NUS

The board have spoken

The clubbers who went out in Ayia Napa and woke up in Syria were joking all along

Who ordered three legends

Young people will be poorer if we leave the EU, says David Cameron

Writing this weekend for The Tab, the PM warned students would suffer

Everything you should do at least once in Nottingham

Mount the lion

Herriot Watt ranked in the top 30 unis in the country

We came second for our building and town planning degree and third for accounting and finance

Nottingham rises six places in Guardian rankings

But we just missed out on the top 20

Durham ranked sixth best uni in the country

Finally a ranking that makes sense

How the rape case against the RAU four collapsed

Four students were charged for raping a woman at their end of year ball – a month ago their case was dramatically dropped

What’s the worst night out in Nottingham?

They all shut too early anyway

Malia Bouattia: University should be free

She says students are learners, not consumers

Which Euro 2016 player is your uni?

Did Roy pick you through clearing?

Uni staff are striking tomorrow, right in the middle of exam season

They’ll walk out for two days

Everything going to Nottingham Uni teaches you

Ocean Burger just isn’t a thing

William Hill took hundreds of customers’ money without telling them

They took over £1,700 from one person

LSE ranked FIFTH greatest uni in the country

We came 24th in the world

Imperial is the THIRD greatest uni in the UK

We came 15th in the whole world

‘I felt overwrought, all the time’: How the pill affected my mental health

Women tell their stories

The NUS has had better weeks, but I promise we’re changing

Vice President Richard Brooks wants you to stay

Students across 25 universities threaten to leave the NUS

As Malia Bouattia defends anti-Zionism

Revealed: The most sleep deprived unis

Too much fun or too many hours in the library?

‘I dealt with rape jokes every day when I worked in an all-male office’

‘You shouldn’t just keep biting your tongue’

The stoner league: Which uni smokes the most weed?

Pass the bifta

Sheffield ranked ABOVE Oxbridge and 50 places higher than Hallam

In a poll voted for by students

The napping league: Which is the laziest uni?

The ultimate length is 45 minutes

Should people accused of rape and sexual assault be anonymous?

Answer our poll

It’s tough when you don’t ‘get’ Harry Potter

But you won’t convince me otherwise

The case that accused the four RAU students of rape has been dropped

‘It’s been two long years’

Being an atheist at a faith school messed up my mental health

I was isolated because I don’t believe in God

How long would you last in a rugby initiation?

Spreading fear into the minds of ‘egg-chasing’ freshers

The Tab’s mental health survey

All answers are anonymous

We’ve predicted what you’ll actually be doing in five years’ time, according to your course

You’ll probably be too old to go to festivals