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Many of our readers hadn’t voted before. Then they wiped out Theresa May’s majority

The editor who coordinated The Tab’s election coverage looks back

Historic youth turnout sinks Theresa May

The 2017 General Election gave young people the opportunity to change politics – they did

Who should I vote for today? Take a quiz based on actual policy

Obviously the same as your dad

Jeremy Corbyn has heavily implied that he would write off historic student debt, even if you’ve already graduated

Read it and weep with joy

Jeremy Corbyn, our lord and saviour: Labour will scrap tuition fees in time for September

If you’re new to uni, or heading back for third year, you ain’t paying a penny

Here’s a video of students doing jazz hands at NUS conference, because clapping is triggering

‘Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping which can cause disturbance and create anxiety’

The music you should listen to during revision to improve concentration levels by as much as 400 per cent

Seems reasonable

Don’t make the same mistake twice – stop what you’re doing and spend five minutes registering to vote

Fool me once, shame on you

White backpackers are begging for money to ‘support’ their trips around SE Asia

Seems reasonable

Wow, Kendall Jenner literally ended police brutality and racism with a single can of Pepsi

Queen of Social Justice

Glastonbury 2017 line up announced: The XX, Stormzy and Biffy Clyro join headliners

And Barry Gibb is back woo

A definitive guide to every single item on the McDonald’s menu and what it says about you

‘Can I get no gherkin please’

What you call your significant other and what it says about you


Speaking to journalists about their monotonous days working at the Daily Mail

And that includes Christmas and New Year

Every life lesson learnt working a part time job at the McDonald’s grill

Please for the love of Christ not the Sunday dive

The curious case of the two Chris Eubanks

The British world champion on wearing his belt to Harrods and partying with Drake

Who is Tommy Corbyn? Jeremy Corbyn’s York son who dabbles in promo and computer repairs

Come with us now on a journey through his chequered past

Three recipes to feed your flat that cost less than a tenner

‘You do not need to be rich to eat delicious food’

Shower beers now exist so you don’t waste precious predrinking time

Oh, and it also doubles as a conditioner

Who is Ryan Libbey? The man holding Louise Thompson aloft in this picture

As if she were nought but a grain of sand

Revealed: Every university to have banned a newspaper from its campus

And a handy map to boot

10/10 would recommend the clubbers of the week to a friend

Are we human? Or are we dancers?

How Hong Kong became a hedonistic playground for privately educated Brits

‘That segment of white graduate London is just there now – and a lot of them are wired on coke’

How to spot fake Yeezys

A comprehensive guide to identifying a fake pair of Boost 350s

Hell hath no fury like the people tweeting Southern Rail

If you’re going through Victoria, keep going

Drinking vodka Red Bulls ‘has same effect as cocaine’

I’ll have a double please barkeep

George the Poet speaks about patriarchy

‘I enact it every single day’

How the ‘killer clowns’ story unfolded

Don’t go outside

The heartbreaking tweets about Taste the Difference leaving the Sainsbury’s meal deal

RIP French Brie and Grape

Can you still pass GCSE Science?

Osmosis is the movement of molecules from high to low concentration through a semipermeable membrane

Who is Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie’s Clapham husband?

He’s not me, and that’s upsetting

A definitive map of the UK’s rare Pokémon, Pokéstops and gyms

It’s super effective

The fresher who predicted Brexit and Theresa May’s rise to power

And he did it in January

How tragic is your life?

Cut me in half and you’ll see ‘tragic’ written like Brighton rock

How Brexit is your hometown?

‘So what if sterling crashes?’ They said

Music festivals on terror alert

Nightclubs and festivals are both at risk of Isis suicide attacks

NUS disaffiliation: The story so far

Three SUs have voted to disaffiliate and three have to remain

The many faces of George Osborne

We reviewed them all

Putlock has been blocked by internet service providers

Goodbye, old friend

It’s back: How to buy a bottle of prosecco from Sainsbury’s for £2.63

Go go go

Taking Modafinil can reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill

And the implant

Snapchatting your trip to the polling station is silly, self-absorbed and insignificant

It’s a day about something bigger, and you somehow managed to make it about yourself

The Midlands is a place, don’t tell me I live in the North (or South)

Ever heard of Stratford-upon-Avon?

On tour with the UK’s biggest wrestling show in 35 years

‘One of the wrestlers will set fire to somebody’s T-shirt’

The Megabus is terrible but it made me the man I am today

A better man, a stronger man

Who is the hottest University Challenge contestant ever?

Yes, this list includes Stephen Fry

The people queueing for Yeezys are sad, and probably won’t get a pair

‘They cost £150 and you can sell them for a grand’

London’s nightlife is nothing on a night in a country pub

Take me back to the Black Horse

Which society should you join in second semester?

It’ll look so good on your CV as well

Dalston Nando’s has run out of chicken

Dw they still have creamy mash

No one handles sass better than Angry Peter from Come Dine With Me

He is the reality show everyman

Face Time: How Investment Banking interns are trying to impress their bosses

It means spending as much time as physically possible in the office

Meet the real life chalet girls

Ed Westwick never turned up I’m afraid

Signing an online petition is meaningless and won’t change the world

Wow, you don’t like Donald Trump too?

We spoke to Wales International Jamie Roberts ahead of his first Varsity rugby match

It’s going to be men against boys

What amount of drugs counts as intent to supply?

We asked drug dealers about their experiences

Let it go: the Welsh language should be consigned to history

Beth yw’r ffycin pwynt?

Eating insects will add more protein to your diet than chicken or fish

Bug bulking not sulking

Not everything George Lawlor said was right, but the way he has been treated is wrong

The angry mob didn’t even read past the headline

£1.8m granted to Cardiff University to save the Welsh language

The research grant aims to preserve the dying language

There’s a TP gold card up for grabs

Think of all the Smirnoff Ices you could buy with the savings

What’s it like being a dance grad?

‘Sex permeates the city’

Are you our next Editor?

The Tab Exeter needs you

Fight the Freshers 15 in Freshers 2015

Lucy Wyndham-Read tells us how not to get fat

WhatsApp tells you who your best friend is

Have you sent more than you receive?

Boys who go to uni are more likely to experiment with their sexuality

Uni provides an opportunity to explore their sexual identity

Modafinil officially improves memory and creativity, say scientists

The study drug makes the brain work better

Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes

But they still look stupid

Loughborough postgrad dies after rugby tackle on the pitch

She was 23-years-old

We got fake abs from London’s top tanning artist

Her clients include Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman

LSU sends out golden tickets to successful freshers

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three

Skipping breakfast can make you fat

Half of us think it’s a good thing

Eden Lounge strip club fights to stay open

Another day, another boozer closes in Exeter

Putting your phone in your pocket can damage your sperm

Men don’t know that phone radiation affects testicular health

Library to stay open until 2am

When’s it going to be 24 hour?

‘The country is in chaos, there are bombs everywhere’

Meet Kais Chaya, who fled Syria to study at Queen’s