Who is Sam Prince, Made In Chelsea’s handsome new intern (not CEO)?

He likes golf, red wine and older women

Sam Prince caused a bit of a storm when he crashed onto Made In Chelsea last night, mainly because no-one could talk about him without repeating his full name over and over six or seven times.

Sam Prince? Sam Prince!

So, who is Sam Prince? Is he an actual prince? No. Here's some more info on the man/boy himself.

Known as "Prince" to his mates, the 19-year-old model-cum-intern spent his formative years studying at St Bede's private school in East Sussex.

A source who grew up in the vicinity told us the school was in fact "not that posh," going so far as to suggest his accent on the show might be a bit put on. "People at St Bede's don't speak like that," they said.

Sam is the ex-boyfriend of Lottie Moss, sister of Kate and current girlfriend of co-star Alex Mytton. According to The Sun, she broke up with him because he cheated on her.

That'll do it.

A rifle through Princey's exotic Instagram feed suggests a high-octane lifestyle of red wine, women and weekends abroad. He uploads a lot of pictures playing golf, so that seems to be one of his principle hobbies.

He also seems to enjoy fishing, playing pool, and having his abs licked by mystery brunettes at Raffles.

For a man who brags about his 10-night benders in job interviews, though, his online lifestyle seems a little tame.

In October, for example, he uploaded this picture of his lunch with the caption "Lunchtime Sesh."

Regardless, Sam seems like a cheeky fellow indeed – having even spent time tweeting about co-star Toff's "nips" before his debut on the show.

We wish him the best of luck in his romantic endeavours.