Wall Street Journal investigation into spread of fake news shows how Tab story was manipulated by Russian-backed activist page

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A girl found out her dad isn’t really her dad in a biology class and people are losing their damn minds

Now her parents are getting a divorce

Professor offers extra credit to any student who can get him blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Easiest assignment ever

There is no sex trafficking Bible group trying to kidnap you from campus, it’s just a Korean church

The PSAs circulated are completely untrue

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Report: The rumors about kids getting lung cancer from hitting the Juul too hard are untrue

RIP to those of you who just flushed $45 down the toilet

The sorority girl who faked cancer and scammed friends out of $10,000 isn’t going to jail

Kelly Schmahl pleaded guilty to theft by deception

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Researchers have worked out which college has the most sexual partners


Nearly half of all sexual assaults reported at Michigan State occur in dorms, according to a new map

And half of all incidents are reported on the weekend

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Texas Tech bomb threat: Campus buildings evacuated

Cops advise students to stay away from Talkington Hall

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Neo-Nazis are planning a rally at the University of North Florida

It’s being held for the former Grand Dragon of the KKK

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These are the top 50 hottest colleges in America, according to dating app research

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