Harry Shukman
Special Projects Editor

This YouTube dad posts videos of his kids getting kicked in the face, locked in cages and called homophobic slurs

He’s called KidBehindACamera

Two middle school girls who loved Satan wanted to ‘stab their classmates, eat their flesh and drink their blood’

Sounds quite metal tbh

Is Timmy Thick staging a comeback?

Open for a surprise ?

College senior was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on campus, police say

Lauren McCluskey was 21

How influencers pay drama channels to destroy their competition


Celebrating the anniversary of when that kid filmed a Musical.ly in front of his dying grandpa

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah, I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah, let me love you

Murderer of Pitt student Alina Sheykhet pleads guilty

Matthew Darby got life without parole

Introducing the Hair Straightener Tongue Challenge…I think….

Tracing its origins

Meet the Michelle Carter Fan Club: Thousands of people are obsessed with the suicide-texting girlfriend

‘I’m interested in all things Michelle’

Leaked documents show exactly how sororities secretly reject girls who aren’t hot enough

‘She is definitely not pretty enough to be in this chapter’

Where is Pete Davidson going to sleep now?

This is serious

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have BROKEN UP ?

Love is dead

Dry fasting is the latest extreme health trend, but it could literally kill you

Do something else ffs

Hurricane Michael has hit the coast of Florida… quick, time to post your best thot pics!

What is going on

Burger King is a thirsty ‘can I get a hug’ fuccboi

Burger King can eat my ass

There is a special circle of hell reserved for YouTubers who film their kids crying

Why do people even want to see this

People are accusing this vegan YouTuber of ‘scamming’ fans out of thousands for a yoga retreat

Do you want to pay $5,000 for a week of yoga? Flights not included

Taylor Swift’s personal army are destroying the congressional candidate she dissed

Marsha Blackburn, buy Reputation, available on iTunes

Scamella strikes again! Zoella’s new book is a massive waste of money

Don’t buy it!

Michelle Carter trial: New evidence presented at appeal in teen texting suicide case

Michelle is trying to overturn her sentence