Harry Shukman
Harry Shukman
Special Projects Editor

GUILTY: Student facing 21 counts of sexual assault-related charges from 11 women enters plea

‘Whenever I saw him in the library I would get a chill down my spine’

Here’s why that viral photo of the old man eating alone on Valentine’s Day is total bullshit

It’s not what it looks like

Online comments reveal Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz idolized Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger

‘Elliot Rodger will not be forgotten’

‘I’m going to be a school shooter’: FBI alerted about Florida gunman last year

He was reported for comments he made on YouTube

EXCLUSIVE: We asked the ‘Hey Baby Girl’ guy for his romantic, Valentine’s Day advice

‘I just wanted to wish you happy seven month anniversary, babe’

A YouTuber who claimed being vegan cured her cancer has died from cancer

She used to post videos like ‘STAGE 4 CANCER HEALED BY JUICING’

While everyone’s celebrating Shaun White’s victory, let’s talk about his DISGUSTING sexual harassment allegations

Gold medal in being a creep

A 14-year-old says she was raped by three boys in the school bathroom, one of whom is HIV-positive

SHE was suspended for reporting it

This vlogger says you can cure cancer with happy thoughts and juice — and she’s making money doing it

She thinks doctors are poisoning you, too

A teen was arrested for allegedly raping a girl as she died from an overdose, then sending pictures bragging to his friends

He used her ‘dead thumb’ to post on Snapchat saying she’d ran away

Please can you stop saying mean things about me, says Logan Paul

He thinks he’s being cyberbullied

We just got the worst site on the internet taken down

Users on incel.life called Larry Nassar a ‘god’ and bragged about sexual assault

How did a woman fake terminal cancer and scam her friends out of $30,000?

‘She is a fraud and a master manipulator’

Girl who stabbed her friend 19 times for Slenderman sentenced to 40 years in mental institution

Morgan Geyser stabbed her friend ‘for Slenderman’

The girl who poisoned her black roommate with bloody tampons is trying to dodge a prison sentence

Brianna Brochu is pushing for probation

This terrible high schooler bragged about reporting his undocumented classmate so they could be deported

He’s also posted a lot about why he should be able to say the n-word

A college senior was charged with murdering her mother. Now, family friends say she was ‘brainwashed’ by her dad

Karrie Neurauter has pleaded not guilty to murder

‘I was sexually assaulted while studying abroad in Italy. Now I’m going back to put him in prison’

The police appear to have multiple reports about the same man