Harry Shukman
Harry Shukman
Special Projects Editor

Your fave is probably as asshole! Here’s a master list of rude celebrity encounters

Dr Phil might have a skrong dick but HE is a complete dick

Soul queen Aretha Franklin dead at 76

RIP to a legend

Just how hard does Jake Paul’s book suck? An investigation


Is this the biggest tool on earth? Ponytail guy eats raw meat at vegan festival

It doesn’t look like he’s even enjoying it

Should I go to Costa Rica with this wealthy older man I just met?

Or is it the plot of Taken 4!

Babe’s resident man is here to claim 2-in-1 shampoo is better

You will never convince me to change my mind

‘Dixiewave’ is the latest (and weirdest) attempt by racist dorks to get young people into the Confederacy

It’s lame as hell

Laura Lee deletes account after posting racist bile about black people and police brutality

‘Tip for all black people…’

Guess which rapper this girl cheated on her boyfriend with!

‘The next video is of them twerking and the same dude grinding on them’

Is your sorority being unreasonable? Send us their crazy emails!

The cruelty stops here

Man pretends to be a female rape victim to manipulate women

It’s chilling

Um, why are people so excited to beat up their future kids?

They don’t even have children and they can’t wait to spank them senseless

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian promoted the ‘abusive’ monkey trade in her latest video, according to animal rights experts

Kim really fucked up this time

Pour one out for the guy who went on a romantic trip to Bali with his wife and lived through the plot of Along Came Polly

‘My world is completely shattered right now. She’s still in Bali and I took an early flight home’

Someone created a Facebook page about missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts and posted ‘Mollie wants to be here’

They’ve been sending out cryptic messages

Was Snape an incel?

Harry Potter was an alpha chad

Cyberbullying, creepy coaches and sexual assault: Tell us your high school stories so we can investigate

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