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This YouTube dad posts videos of his kids getting kicked in the face, locked in cages and called homophobic slurs

He’s called KidBehindACamera

Two middle school girls who loved Satan wanted to ‘stab their classmates, eat their flesh and drink their blood’

Sounds quite metal tbh

Is Timmy Thick staging a comeback?

Open for a surprise ?

College senior was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on campus, police say

Lauren McCluskey was 21

How influencers pay drama channels to destroy their competition


Celebrating the anniversary of when that kid filmed a Musical.ly in front of his dying grandpa

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah, I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah, let me love you

Murderer of Pitt student Alina Sheykhet pleads guilty

Matthew Darby got life without parole

Introducing the Hair Straightener Tongue Challenge…I think….

Tracing its origins

Meet the Michelle Carter Fan Club: Thousands of people are obsessed with the suicide-texting girlfriend

‘I’m interested in all things Michelle’

Leaked documents show exactly how sororities secretly reject girls who aren’t hot enough

‘She is definitely not pretty enough to be in this chapter’

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have BROKEN UP ?

Love is dead

Never forget that a frat once held a press conference to deny accusations of buttchugging

The greatest self-own of all time

Dry fasting is the latest extreme health trend, but it could literally kill you

Do something else ffs

Hurricane Michael has hit the coast of Florida… quick, time to post your best thot pics!

What is going on

Burger King is a thirsty ‘can I get a hug’ fuccboi

Burger King can eat my ass

There is a special circle of hell reserved for YouTubers who film their kids crying

Why do people even want to see this

People are accusing this vegan YouTuber of ‘scamming’ fans out of thousands for a yoga retreat

Do you want to pay $5,000 for a week of yoga? Flights not included

Taylor Swift’s personal army are destroying the congressional candidate she dissed

Marsha Blackburn, buy Reputation, available on iTunes

Scamella strikes again! Zoella’s new book is a massive waste of money

Don’t buy it!

Michelle Carter trial: New evidence presented at appeal in teen texting suicide case

Michelle is trying to overturn her sentence

Hey Mean Girls fans! It’s October 3rd so you know what that means… ah shit, we missed it


Harvard law professor’s classes canceled amid sexual misconduct allegations

Bruce Hay says the allegations are ‘false and defamatory’

People think they can hypnotize themselves into looking like Kendall and Ariana

It totally works like this

YouTubers are now pretending to have terminal illnesses for views and subscribers

They are lying to you

Checkmate, Christians: Proof that God does not exist

Jonathan Cheban destroyed my faith

Free Michelle Carter, says top civil rights group

‘Michelle Carter’s conviction should be reversed’

Do you want to be the Jenner family’s personal bitch?

You can now work for her – but she won’t pay you

MOOD: Real Housewife Kim Zolciak photoshopped her infant’s lips to make them look bigger

This is the realest

There’s no way to prove Kylie Jenner didn’t cause the Irish famine

One of her many crimes against humanity

Surprise! Curvy Wife Guy is actually super racist!

Who would’ve thought?!

That weird ‘Curvy Wife Guy’ hates us :(

‘I was often teased for my attraction to girls on the thicker side, ones who were shorter and curvier’

Inside the world of ‘ex-gay’ preachers trying to terrorize kids into being straight

Christian ministers are hosting ‘help my child is gay’ seminars

This student reported sexual harassment and physical threats by a frat. Her college said ‘boys will be boys’

It got so bad she needed a police escort to class

Stop trying to silence the truth! Timmy Thick is actually Jack Antonoff

How have you not seen this

People are posting fake stories about sex trafficking to get attention on Twitter

It’s not helping

Put this statue of a saint on Drag Race and watch her win Season 11

Hey Satan, go back to Party City where you belong!

Mac Miller dead at 26


Is Timothée Chalamet’s new haircut hot or not? You decide!

‘He’s gone from greasy rat boi like franciscan friar’

Renowned pwussy Elon Musk can’t inhale

What a pisspot

Will getting hit by a campus bus give me free tuition?

Getting to the bottom of this lucrative myth

This male lion deserves getting mauled for doing whatever this proud queens say he did

Lionesses outsold

Exclusive: Freshman girl paralyzed after falling out of fraternity window

‘Doctors are unsure if she would walk again’

Did ‘Jessie’s Girl’ by Rick Springfield predict the rise of incels?

It’s over for springfieldcels

This is how professors accused of sexual misconduct go back to teaching

It’s called ‘passing the trash’

After looking at this terrifying evidence, Donald Trump will have to RESIGN the presidency

How is #POTUS going to get out of this one?

Share this post if you admire bravery, ignore if you’re a coward and despise children

1 like = 1 respect

Christians say the creepy bishop who groped Ariana Grande did nothing wrong

‘He wasn’t groping, he was just trying to make her feel welcome’

Witches are mad that Sephora is selling a $42 ‘starter witch kit’

One witch said Sephora made their skin crawl

Michelle Carter will win her appeal, according to legal experts

‘On balance she should win’

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand this bar

‘The humor is extremely subtle’

Those troubling Dan Schneider rumors haven’t gone away

Why did the Nickelodeon star get fired?

TREND ALERT: Snorting Pepsi is this season’s must-have drug

Everyone’s doing it

Harry from babe dot net says stop eating octopus, please

How would you like it someone ate you?

Did you really think Warren Buffett was tweeting inspirational advice for teens?

Smart grind always pays off

What happens when the internet thinks you’re responsible for a mass shooting

‘Hi guys I’m alive and well’

Is your boyfriend in a frat? Leak his racist groupchat messages to us!

It’s the right thing to do

Vegans are mutilating themselves with a ‘miracle cure’ called Black Salve that eats through skin

It’s poison that burns your skin and nothing else

Summer’s over, but we’ll always remember our best prank ever

Classic Tyler

Read this bride’s nuclear Facebook meltdown after guests refuse to pay $1,500 to attend her wedding

‘Suddenly, more people backed out, INCLUDING THE CUNT MAID OF HONOR’

This giant virgin made a comic with a Confederate superhero

Does he not remember how the Civil War ended…?

Just how far down the toilet is Laura Lee’s career? Let’s look at the numbers

Very, it turns out

Right-wing trolls won’t stop mocking Mollie Tibbetts’ murder because she was liberal

They say she ‘deserved’ what happened to her

Y’all are going to hell for this one! Christian vloggers lied about evacuating their home for views and clicks

God’s gonna be so pissed

‘Stop using her death for propaganda’: Mollie Tibbetts’ family slams conservatives politicizing her murder

It’s been just 24 hours, let the family grieve

Have you been affected by revenge porn? We want to help report your story

Get in touch with us

Happy birthday, Keith!!

I made you this video of me playing All Star on the trumpet and firing my gun

College student Mollie Tibbetts was abducted and murdered by a man who saw her jogging, say police

She was found dead this morning

Is this Family Feud contestant the sexiest man alive ???????


Missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found dead

She went missing over a month ago

I’m no doctor, but I don’t think those pills that ‘turn food into zero calories’ actually work

It’s literally the Kälteen bar from Mean Girls

How pedophiles are using a new YouTube trend to exploit children and preteens

It’s happening right now

Incels are now writing guides on having sex with underage girls in Thailand

It is disgusting

Does your school have a messed-up dress code? We want to hear from you

We can help you expose them

Your fave is probably as asshole! Here’s a master list of rude celebrity encounters

Dr Phil might have a skrong dick but HE is a complete dick

Soul queen Aretha Franklin dead at 76

RIP to a legend

Just how hard does Jake Paul’s book suck? An investigation


Is this the biggest tool on earth? Ponytail guy eats raw meat at vegan festival

It doesn’t look like he’s even enjoying it

Should I go to Costa Rica with this wealthy older man I just met?

Or is it the plot of Taken 4!

Babe’s resident man is here to claim 2-in-1 shampoo is better

You will never convince me to change my mind

‘Dixiewave’ is the latest (and weirdest) attempt by racist dorks to get young people into the Confederacy

It’s lame as hell

Laura Lee deletes account after posting racist bile about black people and police brutality

‘Tip for all black people…’

Guess which rapper this girl cheated on her boyfriend with!

‘The next video is of them twerking and the same dude grinding on them’

Someone leaked us their INSANE sorority emails for your reading pleasure


Is your sorority being unreasonable? Send us their crazy emails!

The cruelty stops here

Man pretends to be a female rape victim to manipulate women

It’s chilling

Um, why are people so excited to beat up their future kids?

They don’t even have children and they can’t wait to spank them senseless

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian promoted the ‘abusive’ monkey trade in her latest video, according to animal rights experts

Kim really fucked up this time

This woman has been accused of faking cancer to scam money and also faking her own death

Scam queen

Pour one out for the guy who went on a romantic trip to Bali with his wife and lived through the plot of Along Came Polly

‘My world is completely shattered right now. She’s still in Bali and I took an early flight home’

Someone created a Facebook page about missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts and posted ‘Mollie wants to be here’

They’ve been sending out cryptic messages

Was Snape an incel?

Harry Potter was an alpha chad

Cyberbullying, creepy coaches and sexual assault: Tell us your high school stories so we can investigate

Get in touch

Influencer asks fans to accept her relationship with 13-year-old boy

It’s messed up

If you sell essential oils and other shit on Facebook then death is too good for you

Hey girly!

Is the guy who stole a shark and dressed it up as a baby a hero or an asshole?

You decide!

Hey Bigfoot, you tryna smash? ????

The weirdest political news of today

No, there’s not a missing teens/human trafficking crisis in Iowa

The disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts has created a number of false rumors

Inside the ‘troubled teen’ school so disturbing it still gives ex-students nightmares

It’s still open, just under a different name

Uh, dude…I think your friend is a murderer

‘He fantasizes about driving a girl out to the middle of nowhere and just slashing her throat’

This YouTuber is getting rich by feeding his kids laxatives and pretending to kill them for views

‘Gave The Kids Laxative Prank’ is one of his vlogs

Watch this man shock his dick off by putting it in an electrical outlet and tell me again why men are in charge of anything

It’s called ‘guy electrocutes his population rod’