Matt McDonald
US Editor
Matt is the US Editor of The Tab, leading its expansion to American colleges. He edited The Tab Exeter from January 2012 until July 2013, and worked as Assistant Editor and Deputy Editor in The Tab's London bureau for two years.
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Report: The rumors about kids getting lung cancer from hitting the Juul too hard are untrue

RIP to those of you who just flushed $45 down the toilet

Every person you’ve drunkenly met at a tailgate this semester

Because who actually goes for the game?

Professor sends USC into lockdown with false report of shots in Fertitta Hall

DPS advises students to stay clear of the area, but LAPD confirms there is no shooter

Every godawful human being you’ll meet or become on your study abroad in Europe

I just, like, LOVE, London

If ACC schools were Game of Thrones characters

Anything to kill the time between now and Season 8, right?

Plan your perfect game day and we’ll tell you which ACC school you should really have gone to

Not Slytherin, anyone but Slytherin…

If Big 10 schools were characters in Game of Thrones

When you play for the B10, you win or you die

UVA fraternity receive $1.65m payout from Rolling Stone after defamatory gang rape story

The magazine’s cover story ‘A Rape on Campus’ was described as ‘a story of journalistic failure that was avoidable’

Unelectable, deluded, and facing ‘electoral annihilation’: What they said about Jeremy Corbyn

This is what the columnists wrote

UChicago named one of the top 10 universities in the world

We’re above 7 of the 8 Ivies, and Berkeley

Stanford ranked 2nd best school in the world

Who would want to go to MIT anyway?

UT Austin sends more graduates to Silicon Valley than Ivy League schools

You have more of a shot at that Google job than your dick brother Preston at Yale

Literally every single college student you’ll encounter in New York City

If you haven’t met them, you are them

Bizarre, unexplainable things that only happen on a night out in the UK, but literally nowhere else in the world

Why are we like this

Snapchat emojis 2017: What do they mean? Who are your best friends? Does any of this actually matter

Pink heart > Red heart

When is Mother’s Day 2017? Thank me for warning you now

Show yo’ momma how much you love her

Tomi Lahren suspended for not being conservative enough

Final thoughts, anyone?

Every god-awful college student you’ll meet in Boston

How you like them apples?

How to say Happy St Patrick’s Day in Irish, and other ways to fake your way through today

A St Patrick’s Day FAQ by someone who’s been pretending to be Irish for years

McDonald’s Twitter account goes IN on Donald Trump, everyone lovin’ it

Give your social media intern 1000000 McNuggets, now

Which New York subway lines are running today?

Some New York subway lines have been suspended because of the March blizzard

Are there microwaves that turn into cameras like Kellyanne Conway says? I spoke to manufacturers on livechat to find out

Someone had to investigate

Every god-awful college student you will meet in California

‘Is that gluten-free?’

Game of Thrones Season 7 release date unveiled

Winter is coming…this summer – *spoiler warning*

What is Vyvanse? Meet the Adderall alternative taking colleges by storm this exam season

‘Vyvanse makes you feel invincible’

Is Iron Fist bad? Marvel’s latest Netflix series panned in early reviews

‘In the comics, the man gets his powers from punching a dragon in the heart, but that’s withheld from us?’

If you think Kellyanne Conway lacks class for kneeling on the Oval Office couch, wait until you see these 100 percent real pictures

They will shock you to the core

President Trump tells CPAC exactly what they want to hear – who cares about the truth?

In a meandering 48-minute speech, he attacked the media, his predecessor and his defeated opponents. What else is new?

Which Star Wars character is your uni?

Awkward if you’re Jar Jar

BREAKING: Bank robbery and hostage situation in progress at Alabama Credit Union

The university is telling people to avoid the area

My week on a girl’s beauty regimen


My week on a girl’s beauty regimen


Not our President: College students fight back after shock Trump election

The kids are not alright

BREAKING: Donald Trump is the next President of the United States

Yes, really

The sexist double standard of being Hillary Clinton

A Daisy Bernard illustration

The sexist double standard of being Hillary Clinton

A Daisy Bernard illustration

We are the best school in Arizona, says US News

Five places ahead of ASU…obviously

Revealed: Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour rider is as ludicrous as his politics

Venues will be fined in excess of $7500 if they play anything by Adele

Applications are now open for The Tab Fellowship

We are hiring three editors for our New York office

Join our gang

Peter Thiel came out as gay on the RNC stage and no-one knew how to react

‘It’s between him and God, and when he dies, he’ll have to face God, and God will make that judgement’

Pokémon GOP: I tried to catch ’em all at the Republican Convention

I wanna be the very best, the greatest, like, totally amazing, people love me

Goodnight, sweet prince: The long-ordained demise of John Kasich

The candidate you never gave a damn about has finally thrown in the towel

Dear British men, come to America. The accent slays

We asked American guys if they’re better at getting girls than limeys. They’re not

America needs an honest, credible President. America needs Frank Underwood

He would actually make America great again

Let’s not kid ourselves – Leo doesn’t deserve to win an Oscar

I’m sorry but The Revenant is un-bear-able

Brighton is the city London wishes it could be

I have to praise you like I shouuuuuuld

Isn’t sending out campus-wide alerts with trigger warnings in them slightly counterproductive?

They seem more interested in maintaining a ‘safe space’ than keeping students physically safe

What’s the best school in the Ivy League?

Ivy kids on why their rival schools suck

Dartmouth defeats Princeton to clinch Ivy football crown

Sharing is caring guys

Malia Obama is checking out Brown RIGHT NOW

And Twitter is going nuts about it

It’s official: You go to one of the top 100 universities in the world

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

If you went to private school, top firms are more likely to give you a job

Mind your head on the glass ceiling

Finalists: Do not complete the National Student Survey

If you do, you’re letting number-crunching analysts kill academia

Gotcha! Here are all of The Tab’s April Fools from up and down the country

Did you know the word ‘gullible’ isn’t in the dictionary?

What is it with student election candidates and their teeth?

Tell me I’m not the only one who sees it

The pain of being rejected from both Oxford and Cambridge

This goes out to everyone who was ‘too fun’ for the country’s best two unis

Finished freshers? The 10 things you can’t do any more when you’re in second year

You and your mates are so like this

Triumphant Edinburgh Fives fresher returns – with NINE hockey club ties

They don’t call him Dan Ladd for nothing. They call him it because it’s his name

Dear greedy nightclubs and wet student unions: Stop breathalysing people on the door

You’re shooting yourselves in the foot

Your obsession with vintage is making you even more bland

Are you alright

The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who use their phones in pub quizzes

Something must be done

The graduation photographers think I’m an Indonesian girl called Winona

Actually, I’m a 22-year-old bloke from Gloucestershire

Police crack down on laughing gas in 1,200-container ‘haul’

Yes, really

The Radio 1 Sex and Relationships Advice section can change your life for the better – if you just LET it

Your license fee is teaching kids about fingering and that’s excellent

ENTER: The Tab summer poetry competition

Judge: A retired English teacher. Prize: TBC

If you don’t have a ticket, here’s how to break into Glastonbury – from people who’ve actually done it

See you in Shangri-La

I don’t get gin

Everyone else seems to – but I just don’t

BREAKING: Cellar Door closing down

Popular underground venue to shut after only reopening in 2011

How to turn your private joke into a full-blown media shitstorm

Sometimes just being a bellend for your mates isn’t enough

Can’t wait to leave uni? After one year of living and working in London, you’ll be dead inside

The year immediately after you leave uni and start working in London isn’t glamorous or exciting. It’s a drain on everything that makes you you, a drip on your wrist slowly siphoning out your will to live

From Top-Top to tiaras: Meet the Exeter graduate who’s vying for the Miss England crown

After graduating last summer, Charlotte Giles won the Miss Hampshire beauty pageant and is set to compete in the Miss England finals

Durham’s fashion shows are excellent and everyone else should do them

Russian troops are flooding over Ukrainian borders, hundreds in the Middle East die from drone strikes every week and the political struggle in Venezuela is being totally overlooked by the global media. Here are some pictures of sexually attractive people not wearing much

How screwed am I?: Find out what mark you need to get a 2.1 with our degree calculator

You put in the figures, we’ll do the math(s)

Which Game of Thrones character is your uni?

Season 1-4 spoilers, obvs

6% of Newcastle Uni students have caught an STI

Naughty Newcastle students have been contracting a lot of STI’s – but not as many as Northumbria students

SEX SURVEY: Who has the most STIs?

One in twenty students have caught Chlamydia, but which university has the most?

SEX SURVEY: Who has the most STIs?

Surprisingly, only 6% of Notts students have contracted an STI. Either someone’s telling porky’s or they missed out the whole of Karni…

SEX SURVEY: the results

The numbers are in from The Tab’s sex survey. How naughty are Edinburgh?

SEX SURVEY: Who has the most STIs?

Check out UEA’s place in The Tab’s STI survey!

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool: 8% of Manchester students have contracted an STI

Manchester claims a respectable 6th place in the STI League while Sussex is crowned the filthiest uni

SEX SURVEY RESULTS: Brookes comes out on top, survey exhibits impressive spread

In numbers of sexual partners, Oxford Brookes has finished first – reportedly everyone else just sighed, rolled over and went to sleep.

SEX SURVEY RESULTS: How many partners?

We reveal how much sex you’ve all been having in comparison to other Universities

SEX SURVEY: average Exeter student has boinked EIGHT people

Uni up in arms (probably) over student sex habit revelations

SEX SURVEY: Cardiff’s results

How do you measure up to Cardiff’s and the nation’s average number of student sexual partners?

SEX SURVEY: how did Bristol fare?

Do Bristol students shag more or less than others?

SEX SURVEY: we’re the second-most frigid students in the country

Despite Spen-dog’s best efforts, our numbers are among the lowest in the UK

SEX SURVEY: The results

The average student has slept with nine people, our survey reveals

SEX SURVEY Results: Notts below par in the sack

The average student has slept with nine people, our survey reveals

SEX SURVEY: The results

The average student has slept with nine people, our survey reveals.

SEX SURVEY: The results

The average Leeds student has slept with 10.7 people, our survey reveals.

SEX SURVEY: The results

The average student has slept with nine people, our survey reveals

Neck and nominate: why the cat’s out of the bag on this age-old uni tradition

Neck and nominate is not new, not clever and definitely not Australian

Neck and nominate: why the cat’s out of the bag on this age-old uni tradition

Neck and nominate is not new, not clever and definitely not Australian

Video: best student boozehounds of 2013

Lacking a gag reflex is the ultimate show of masculinity. Here’s why.

The best student pets of 2013

From kittens and corn snakes to chinchillas and crayfish, we round up the best student pets of the year

Vote: what is the ultimate Christmas song?

In the distant dawn age before Simon Cowell started shoehorning his shite into the Crimbo chants, there actually used to be some festive bangers. But which is the best? (Now with no Michael Bublé!)

Fresher loses bet and travels to Edinburgh and back in a day (with a detour)

900 miles, 27 hours, 5 hockey clubs and 1 kidnapped Aussie: ‘Edinburgh Fives’ is back with a vengeance

Video: first XI hockey keeper on the way to Edinburgh after losing fives

Aussie fresher loses annual Edinburgh Fives…he got the 6.22 from St. Davids this morning