Texas Tech bomb threat: Campus buildings evacuated

Cops advise students to stay away from Talkington Hall

Neo-Nazis are planning a rally at the University of North Florida

It’s being held for the former Grand Dragon of the KKK

These are the top 50 hottest colleges in America, according to dating app research

Hope you made it

Every school has professors who sexually harass their students – we want to expose them

Email [email protected] if you want to share your story

KKK Grand Dragon suspended from college after threatening fellow classmates

He posed topless with a rifle and spoke about confronting students

I was raped by a student while campaigning for Hillary Clinton — but his college let him walk free

Blake Kitterman is taking his case against the University of Alabama to the Office for Civil Rights

Frat president dressed up as Trump and chased ‘immigrant’ at party in Alabama

The frat is now under investigation

A GoFundMe has been started for Chennel Rowe after her white roommate poisoned her


Who is Brianna Brochu? Everything we know about the Hartford student arrested for poisoning her black roommate

She boasted about rubbing used tampons on her roommates bag

White freshman EXPELLED for poisoning her black roommate with used tampons

‘She will not be returning to the institution’

White freshman who rubbed used tampons on her black roommate’s bag gets arrested

She boasted about poisoning her ‘Jamaican Barbie’

Sorority girl dies after being hit in the head with soccer ball

‘Heaven has gained a beautiful guardian angel’

These are by far the worst leaked screenshots from a frat we’ve seen all day

‘It’s not rape if she enjoys it’

It turns out the Grand Dragon of the KKK is in my history class

His name is Ken Parker

Christian college football players charged with trying to sodomize a freshman and leaving him naked in a park plead not guilty

A hazing incident has led to charges of aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint

Proud dad overjoyed to find his son’s fake ID confiscated in liquor store

Does this guy not look like the most dad-like dad on earth

Ball State Greek life suspended after sexual assault reported on Greek row

The ban is in effect until Jan. 2018