Teuta Hoxha

Teuta Hoxha
Kings College London


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25 things you’ll understand if you went to King’s

“Students don’t want to ask questions because of lecture capture”

Here’s what the majority of universities in the UK think of King’s students

They think we still wear Uggs

Exclusive: The Grenfell Fire left me homeless. Now I’m living in a Holiday Inn while studying at uni

We’ve been living in a hotel for four months

FREE cakes are being given out at Strand today, here’s where

They’re going fast

BREAKING: Police are investigating theft at Strand campus

IT outrages trending at King’s

BREAKING: There has been some ‘extremely serious theft’ of physical disks at Strand

Wiki pages won’t be working

Someone ranked King’s campuses according to Celebrations and I want to give them a medal

But I would have swapped Bounty and Mars around

UCL wanted to send this black student to go to Missouri on his year abroad despite serious hate crimes

Washington University suspended a fraternity for a ‘scavenger hunt’ where they photographed black students and sang racist raps

The Met Police are being dragged for linking seized heroin found 12 miles away to Notting Hill Carnival

Stormzy went in

This designer is selling a ‘refugee’ dress for $119 and doesn’t understand what’s wrong with that

They promise it’s ‘pre-washed’

An unknown student vandalised on the ‘Wall of BAME’ celebrating women of colour at KCL

Has anyone seen anything?

‘I saw one man jump from the building to escape the flames’: We spoke to a survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire

Her dogs saved her

The ‘Wall of Fame’ at Strand and Guy’s gets a makeover two years after protests

Redesigning walls, not building them

We spoke to students caught up in the London Bridge attack

‘We heard more screaming, and a man shouted to “get down”’

BREAKING: All King’s campuses on lock-down

Some students were evacuated from restaurants

We spoke to the guy whose Facebook post about Corbyn upsetting the establishment is going viral

Chris’ status has over 12,000 shares

Meet the KCL Digital Culture blogger hoping to travel the world for free

KCLSU also gets £5k if she wins

King’s have blocked external access to some buildings in response to increased national security

The Macadam entrance has been blocked

Macadam building will be closed until next Tuesday

The fire is under continued investigation

Coffee in the Philosophy common room at KCL is going to be free

It’ll be like sharing gum in primary school, full of vultures

Breaking: Ten fire brigades attend blaze in Macadam building

Everyone has been evacuated

Bioscience second-years unable to complete exam as calculators were wrongfully taken away

The invigilators didn’t read the exam instructions

Noam Chomsky sends an email supporting King’s campaigners at LSE

He called the campaign ‘important and courageous’

KCLSU claims victory over a successful NSS boycott

KCL 1 – 0 NSS

These students dressed up as Louis Theroux and it was the best thing ever

He replied!

There’s a petition for smoking zones on King’s campuses

I wonder what Guy’s will think of this

King’s is the third hardest university to get into for Business Management

We beat UCL

First year student launches Harry Potter themed pins

Donato to the Causum!

King’s lecturer stars in social experiment

Her own students walked right past her

My bushy eyebrows are making me poor

And giving me headaches

KCLSU Elections: Your New Student Officers

A total of 6,200 votes!

King’s lecturer tells student ‘you sound like Donald Trump’

Err, do I get extra marks?

BREAKING NEWS – King’s to divest from fossil fuel by 2022

A victory at last!

Meet the candidates running for Vice-President Welfare & Community

So, Bush House?

The Bangladesh Society hosted an event for the Rohingya

‘To turn a blind eye to the situation is an injustice in itself’

15 things you’ll get if you commute in London

A seat is not one of them

Meet the guy handing out free rings at The National Gallery

He does it for a living

King’s activist Roger Hallam goes on hunger strike

Day 5 of the hunger strike (but he gave in to orange juice, dat Vitamin C gain)

An Oxford Uni student has quit her studies to help fund her coursemate’s degree

She’s ‘committing academic suicide’ but for noble reasons

Student arrested for using poster paint

For the second time

Green Party politicians write open letter to Principal Ed Byrne

Following the recent divest demontrations

King’s College Council decide to increase tuition fees to £9,250

Starting from September 17/18

King’s Students’ Union campaigning to boycott the National Student Survey

Some departments were handing out cupcakes to get students to fill it in

Suspended Divestment student dragged from the Macadam by security

He is currently suspended for graffitiing the King’s Building

Divestment activist responsible for King’s Building graffiti has been suspended

There is a petition calling for his suspension to be revoked

Police are investigating criminal damage done to King’s Building

Two people have been arrested

BREAKING NEWS – Climate change graffiti sprayed across Strand campus

Direct appeals for action gets noticed

Bongo’s Bingo is launching a new residency in Clapham

Who’s ready for Jonny Bongo?

Fossil Free society condemn climate change graffiti on the Strand building

Red paint was washed onto the streets

Former archbishop removed from Strand alumni wall for ‘anti-gay’ views

The removal comes after five years of campaigning

King’s open letter to Principal Byrne to help the people of Aleppo

“We follow in the footsteps of great alumnus such as Desmond Tutu”

Here are all the things you will understand if you’re a King’s student

Who’s Morgan?

A group of third years have started a project documenting the refugee camps

One refugee described his travel from Syria to France as from ‘prison to prison’

KCL members have water thrown at them during peaceful protest

It was during a protest by King’s cleaners

King’s ISOC raises nearly £100,000 for Charity Week

We beat LSE with £93k

King’s cleaning staff protest against their contractor

‘We are not the dirt we clean’

King’s Uni Challenge team vows to include women, trans or non-binary students

Most teams are made up of male contestants

King’s staff offered counselling and prayers for lost work in IT crash

Deadlines for students had to be extended

King’s launches its first magazine for women and non-binary people of colour

It’s never been done before

We asked you how you felt about tuition fees increasing

It used to be £3000 in 2006

Student’s laptop stolen from prayer room on Strand Campus

It was stolen in a window of 10-15 minutes

What students with anxiety want you to know

Don’t be offended when we do some of these things

KCL student opens up about time on Channel 4 show Hunted

‘Hey can you check out this guy for me?’

King’s runs its first ‘unconscious bias’ workshop

It was compulsory

Universities are starting to give out free tablets

While King’s decide to raise fees. Typical.

Switzerland wants to ban the hijab from passport photos. Don’t they have anything better to do?

This is getting boring

Fresher burns down his uni room after three days

He forgot to unplug his hairdryer

King’s to strike a library deal after fears of 24/7 cut

The pilot scheme was a success

King’s ends its 24 hour library policy in controversial style

There was no communication

ASOS forced to remove a picture of white make-up on a black model’s skin

It was removed when people said it was a ‘whole new level of disrespect’

20 inspirational women at King’s

In no particular order

King’s respond to Postgraduate deposit dilemma

Is it wrong to ask students to have part of their Postgraduate finances sorted beforehand?

Petition to stop mandatory £1000 deposit for MA students

‘This student-led petition demands that the deposit is dropped, and the application fee abolished’

Could King’s be heading towards a NUXIT?

The NUS President elect has divided opinions across campus

Ex-King’s student receives life sentence for conspiracy to commit ‘ISIS-inspired’ attack

He was initially charged in October 2014

We asked students to share their experiences with King’s counselling service

‘The counsellor told me I needed four more years of therapy’

Last week’s attack on a Muslim student shows even King’s isn’t safe from Islamophobia

The incident reminded me of the prejudice I experienced growing up in Croydon

Muslim student attacked outside Strand

A member of ISOC had to stand in-between the female student and the attacker

King’s students are campaigning to diversify our campus

KCL have been criticised for their failure to celebrate non-white female staff

Croydon has its flaws, but we love it anyway

No, we’re not the second worst place to live in the UK

KCL’s Counselling Service are meant to help students, but they let me down

I was told I was a bully and a sociopath

Victoria Station evacuated due to unexploded WWII bomb

The station was blocked off with police tape this morning

Living with an abusive parent

‘I’ve never been in a relationship because I’m scared the person I love will hurt me’

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

You’re an awkward bunch

Wolfson House has been hit by a bed bug infestation