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25 things you’ll understand if you went to King’s

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Here’s what the majority of universities in the UK think of King’s students

They think we still wear Uggs

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We’ve been living in a hotel for four months

FREE cakes are being given out at Strand today, here’s where

They’re going fast

BREAKING: Police are investigating theft at Strand campus

IT outrages trending at King’s

BREAKING: There has been some ‘extremely serious theft’ of physical disks at Strand

Wiki pages won’t be working

Someone ranked King’s campuses according to Celebrations and I want to give them a medal

But I would have swapped Bounty and Mars around

UCL wanted to send this black student to go to Missouri on his year abroad despite serious hate crimes

Washington University suspended a fraternity for a ‘scavenger hunt’ where they photographed black students and sang racist raps

The Met Police are being dragged for linking seized heroin found 12 miles away to Notting Hill Carnival

Stormzy went in

This designer is selling a ‘refugee’ dress for $119 and doesn’t understand what’s wrong with that

They promise it’s ‘pre-washed’

An unknown student vandalised on the ‘Wall of BAME’ celebrating women of colour at KCL

Has anyone seen anything?

‘I saw one man jump from the building to escape the flames’: We spoke to a survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire

Her dogs saved her

We spoke to students caught up in the London Bridge attack

‘We heard more screaming, and a man shouted to “get down”’

BREAKING: All King’s campuses on lock-down

Some students were evacuated from restaurants

We spoke to the guy whose Facebook post about Corbyn upsetting the establishment is going viral

Chris’ status has over 12,000 shares

Meet the KCL Digital Culture blogger hoping to travel the world for free

KCLSU also gets £5k if she wins

LSE students given earplugs in exams because of drilling but the university is complaining about protestors

Some were given a break in between the exam

King’s have blocked external access to some buildings in response to increased national security

The Macadam entrance has been blocked

Macadam building will be closed until next Tuesday

The fire is under continued investigation

Coffee in the Philosophy common room at KCL is going to be free

It’ll be like sharing gum in primary school, full of vultures