Rachel Wainz
Rachel Wainz
Rachel is an Assistant Editor at The Tab US managing ten campus teams. Former Campus Editor at The Tab Ohio State.

Wall Street Journal investigation into spread of fake news shows how Tab story was manipulated by Russian-backed activist page

The Tab USC debunked a hoax racist incident in April of last year

A girl found out her dad isn’t really her dad in a biology class and people are losing their damn minds

Now her parents are getting a divorce

Professor offers extra credit to any student who can get him blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Easiest assignment ever

Pitt Greek life faces alcohol ban, social probation after a student was hospitalized

The ban follows an ‘alcohol-related incident’

Too’s Under High needs your help removing a brick signed by Reagan Tokes for her family

If you know anyone who can help, DM Too’s Under High

These are the best signs from College GameDay at Penn State

‘Michigan girls put the blue in blue balls’

A definitive ranking of the AP Top 25 by how bangable the coaches are

‘Nick Saban looks like a selfish lover, but I’d let it slide because he’s clearly got a huge dick’

These campus cops did a big-little reveal shoot and honestly I would give them a bid

‘It’s big/lil season and UPD just got their matches’

‘Puppy Pledges’ are the cutest form of hazing you’ve ever seen

Maybe Greek life isn’t all that bad

This student submitted the entire Bee Movie script because his professor said you could ‘post something to receive credit’

Does this count as plagiarism?

Joining a fraternity will lower your GPA but raise your future earnings, according to study

Dolla dolla bills yo

Jansporting — the dangerous trend that’s killing students who drink too much

‘There’s only one way of protecting someone that intoxicated, and that is taking them to hospital’

Ohio State student Heather Campbell killed in apparent murder-suicide

It is speculated that the deaths were a result of ‘a domestic related situation’

This very good boy helps retrieve tee after kick-offs and Twitter is losing it

Football just got way better

QUIZ: Tell us how you tailgate and we’ll tell you what B1G Ten East school you really should’ve gone to

Fingers crossed I don’t get Rutgers

This kid made a fake ESPN ID to get into the Clemson game – and it actually worked

‘Clemson wouldn’t give me any tickets so I had to make a fake ESPN employee badge’

Mark your calendars: Queso is coming to a Chipotle near you next week

Queso is coming

Beta Theta Pi fraternity brothers will not face trial for manslaughter in Timothy Piazza case

The brothers will face trial for hazing, reckless endangerment, and supplying minors with alcohol

Professor sends angry email to students for skipping class — then realizes it was an online course

The emails go from ‘disappointed’ to ‘I’m sorry’

The lewd signs are back and this time they’re…respecting women?

Cool, I guess we can cancel feminism now