Rachel Wainz
Rachel Wainz
Rachel is an Assistant Editor at The Tab US managing ten campus teams. Former Campus Editor at The Tab Ohio State.
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Wall Street Journal investigation into spread of fake news shows how Tab story was manipulated by Russian-backed activist page

The Tab USC debunked a hoax racist incident in April of last year

A girl found out her dad isn’t really her dad in a biology class and people are losing their damn minds

Now her parents are getting a divorce

Professor offers extra credit to any student who can get him blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Easiest assignment ever

Pitt Greek life faces alcohol ban, social probation after a student was hospitalized

The ban follows an ‘alcohol-related incident’

Too’s Under High needs your help removing a brick signed by Reagan Tokes for her family

If you know anyone who can help, DM Too’s Under High

These are the best signs from College GameDay at Penn State

‘Michigan girls put the blue in blue balls’

A definitive ranking of the AP Top 25 by how bangable the coaches are

‘Nick Saban looks like a selfish lover, but I’d let it slide because he’s clearly got a huge dick’

These campus cops did a big-little reveal shoot and honestly I would give them a bid

‘It’s big/lil season and UPD just got their matches’

‘Puppy Pledges’ are the cutest form of hazing you’ve ever seen

Maybe Greek life isn’t all that bad

This student submitted the entire Bee Movie script because his professor said you could ‘post something to receive credit’

Does this count as plagiarism?

Joining a fraternity will lower your GPA but raise your future earnings, according to study

Dolla dolla bills yo

Jansporting — the dangerous trend that’s killing students who drink too much

‘There’s only one way of protecting someone that intoxicated, and that is taking them to hospital’

Ohio State student Heather Campbell killed in apparent murder-suicide

It is speculated that the deaths were a result of ‘a domestic related situation’

This very good boy helps retrieve tee after kick-offs and Twitter is losing it

Football just got way better

QUIZ: Tell us how you tailgate and we’ll tell you what B1G Ten East school you really should’ve gone to

Fingers crossed I don’t get Rutgers

This kid made a fake ESPN ID to get into the Clemson game – and it actually worked

‘Clemson wouldn’t give me any tickets so I had to make a fake ESPN employee badge’

Mark your calendars: Queso is coming to a Chipotle near you next week

Queso is coming

Beta Theta Pi fraternity brothers will not face trial for manslaughter in Timothy Piazza case

The brothers will face trial for hazing, reckless endangerment, and supplying minors with alcohol

Professor sends angry email to students for skipping class — then realizes it was an online course

The emails go from ‘disappointed’ to ‘I’m sorry’

The lewd signs are back and this time they’re…respecting women?

Cool, I guess we can cancel feminism now

Extravagant dorm rooms that will make you think twice about the filth you wallow in

Dorm sweet dorm

Meet Sherron Stevens: College student, published author, and successful business owner

At just 21 he’s fundraising for his newest business venture: Bondfire Grill

Ohio State fan in coma responds ‘No’ when asked if he likes Michigan

Four months ago doctors believed he was unlikely to wake up

Male student accused by ‘Mattress Girl’ reaches settlement with Columbia in gender bias case

Paul Nungesser sued his school for failing to protect him after Emma Sulkowicz’s ‘Mattress Girl’ protest

University of Central Florida student Zachary Taylor reported missing

He was last heard from on Monday

Former Wisconsin defensive end JJ Watt buys shoes for ‘broke college kid’

Help me, I’m poor

Unidentified suspects threaten to ‘shoot up’ OSU campus and indicate the location of possible bombs

Law enforcement have searched campus and determined the threat to not be credible

Just a bunch of really cool caps decorated by Ohio State students

Basic AF but I love it

OSU Crush’s tweet romanticizing self-harm is dangerous and should be taken down immediately

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea???

LIVE UPDATES: Man arrested outside North Rec Center identified

The man was charged with public indecency

The longer you stay in college the more drinks you take to the face, says new data

It’s not alcoholism until you graduate

This Ohio State student tricked his entire dorm into thinking they were in trouble for masturbating too much

He put a letter under someone’s door and 10 seconds later heard a scream

‘We’ll get through this loss together’: Hart family release statement following Ohio State student Madie Hart’s death

They did not comment on the accusations made against their daughter

Meet the Ohio State sophomore who has been placing the 3D printed bricks you’ve seen all over campus

We spoke to the man behind the 3D printer

Brian Golsby pleads not guilty in connection to Reagan Tokes’ murder

Golsby was indicted on 18 counts including the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Tokes

No, the Smith-Steeb Hall showers aren’t being blocked by ‘large quantities of semen’

Fake news

It’s official, Reagan Tokes will be an honorary graduate of the Ohio State University

Her body was found in February, near the entrance of Scioto Metro Park

Ranked: These are the schools that party the hardest

Rutgers actually won something for once

Ranked: These are the majors that party hardest

The results are in

We looked up what people had to say about Ohio State on Urban Dictionary and it was savage

Apparently our student body’s average IQ is 89

Even if you’ve never heard of the ‘bitch flick’, it’s probably already your favorite genre of movie

Chick flicks haven’t disappeared, they’ve evolved

Police made Ohio State students pour out 15 handles, two cases of beer and 20 Four Lokos – so they started a GoFundMe to buy it back

Not the heroes spring break wants, but the heroes spring break needs

The man who was interrupted by his kids during an interview is a former Ohio State student and professor

He spent a decade at Ohio State

Former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott caught on video exposing woman’s breast

It happened at a St. Paddy’s parade

People are ripping student athletes on Twitter and it is SAVAGE

Student athlete: Life? I prefer live, because I’m always living the dream

Praise Jesus! Chick-Fil-A might finally be coming to Ohio State

This is the most religious experience I’ve ever had

We asked Ohio State whether you get free tuition if you get hit by a CABS bus

Time to end this debate once and for all

Which major drinks the most alcohol?

All answers are anonymous

Ohio State football lost a four-star recruit because they spelled his name wrong

You had one job

Ohio State ranked in top one percent of universities globally in over 35 subjects

We’re also the 88th best university in the world

ASU basketball fan rubs mayonnaise on his nipples to distract opposing team at Saturday’s game

It didn’t work

Ohio State pickup lines that are guaranteed to get you feeling the love tonight

You don’t have to be alone tonight

‘Protect your heritage’: White supremacist posters put up on Ohio State’s campus

This is not the first time alt-right posters have appeared on campus

BuckeyeThon survival guide: everything you need to get you through your 12 hour shift

12 hours of no sitting down, are you ready for it?

LIVE UPDATES: Ohio State missing student Reagan Tokes officially linked to body found at Scioto Grove Metro Park

She was reported missing Thursday afternoon after not returning home from Bodega, where she worked in the Short North

Ohio State freshman tells her story about being attacked by a fake Lyft driver

‘I don’t know how else to deal with it except for to tell other people, so girls will hear this, so somebody will tell them’

Write for us at The Tab Ohio State

Class and street cred, tbh

Ohio State player groped during the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl, NCAA has done nothing

It’s more than unsportsmanlike conduct

Marching band member kicks 55-yard field goal, invited to try out for football team

Do it for the free Chipotle

Drinking game to survive being home for the holidays

Merry Christmas you filthy animals

Strictest abortion law in the nation vetoed by Gov. Kasich

The Heartbeat Bill proposed the banning of an abortion if a heartbeat was detected

‘Moana’ is the feminist heroine we’ve been waiting for

She’s a strong Polynesian woman who don’t need no man

Suspect killed following knife attack at Ohio State University

Nine people were hospitalized

All the things you can do that aren’t jumping into Mirror Lake

We asked, you answered

Operation Smile Club to host Battle of the Bands

All proceeds form battle of the bands will go toward a surgery to help a kid in need

Gift card giveaway: Mirror Lake Jump ideas

You could win a $15 gift card

Students push for OSU to become a #SanctuaryCampus

A document has been compiled and addressed to President Drake

Student tackled during anti-Trump protest

Is it too late to draft a player to the football team?

Everything girls put up with that men would back out of in a week

Undeniable proof that men are just a bunch of pussies when it comes to birth control and everything else

OSU student reports finding ‘claw’ in her Cane’s chicken

At least we know it’s real chicken

OSU Dance Team killed it at the Northwestern game

Juju on dat beat, Brutus

Clowns are threatening to come to OSU tonight

They’ve been popping up at college campuses across the country

PSA Insomnia is giving cookies away for free

Mark your calendars for October 24th!

Mirror Lake drained, jump officially thwarted

I guess we’ll just jump in the Olentangy instead

PSA Gilmore Girls fans: There’s a Luke’s diner in the Short North

This is not a drill

People are loving the guy with a ‘God hates fat-free ranch’ sign protesting the Oval preacher

Has this gone too far?

Inside Rio with Kyle Snyder: OSU’s Olympic gold medalist

Snyder is the youngest American to win the gold in wrestling and a student at the Ohio State University

OSU Coalition for Black Liberation mourns loss of Tyre King

OSU Coalition for Black Liberation explains, ‘Cops cannot play judge, jury, and executioner’

The Horseshoe was named the best stadium in the Big 10

Just one more thing we have over Michigan

BREAKING: Pro-Trump chalk returns to the Oval

‘Build the wall’ was also chalked on the Oval last semester

Jill Stein isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the fight for justice

This is not the first time she’s been charged with trespassing

This OSU student is giving away a free trip to the Super Bowl

Free food, booze, and Super Bowl tickets

Series of car break-ins reported near Frambes Ave

The University has already been notified

Kesha to perform for Welcome Back Concert

It’s going down, and we’re yelling ‘Timber!’ in the Schott this time.

Ohio State football is officially the greatest program of all time

As if we didn’t already know

The final Benghazi report finds no evidence of wrongdoing

So can we please move on?

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren deliver one anti-Trump message after another in Cincinnati

Hillary has finally come out swinging at Trump

Bernie fans, it’s time to vote for Hillary

It’s time to put some ice on that Bern

The definitive ranking of celebrity Donald Trump impressions

Meryl Streep is not the first celeb to impersonate Donald Trump

Donald Trump has benefited more from the media than any other candidate

So why does he say they hate him?

Why you should vote, even if you hate all the candidates

It’s a privilege you shouldn’t take for granted

Trump and Bernie are actually more similar than you think

They’re both promising to make big changes and to challenge our system

BREAKING: Protest marches to ‘stop the sellout’ at Ohio State

They are chanting ‘O-H-I-O corporate greed has got to go’

Ohio State Trump supporters chalk back

More pro-Trump chalk has appeared around University Hall

Reclaim OSU has claimed Bricker Hall

‘Free speech is like a muscle: you have to use it or it’s gone’

OSU cares more about the death of a duck than a human being

‘No vigil or remembrance ceremony was held for Austin Singletary. No one started a GoFundMe to help his family with the cost of his funeral’