Sit back, relax and look at the filthiest clubbers of Glastonbury 2017

Well tbf there isn’t that much mud so they’re q clean

Every weekend, we at The Tab bring you the best clubbers from all the corners of the UK. It is our civic duty, and we perform it without complaint. Yet herein lies our conundrum: how do we give you the best clubbers, when no clubbers are clubbing at any clubs?

The youths of Britain have done a Theresa May, rapidly descending upon the wheaten fields of Somerset for a right old knees-up like they do every year.

Thus, in the spirit of trying to feel included even though we (and you) weren’t invited, we thought we’d bring you the next best thing – here are the best clubbers of Glastonbury 2017 so far.

Good boy of the week

Haha no officer I have no idea how those drugs got into my tiny vest

When you visit your dad in prison and his mates won’t stop leering

This brings back bad childhood memories

When you book a few days off from the Death Star to let your inner rebel out

Blowing up Alderaan was just pretty stressful, you know?

When someone behind you says they have cold ones to crack, but no boys to crack them with

Well bloody hell mate it looks like you’ve just found three lads to take those tinnies off your hands

Didn’t know your dad was going to Glastonbury

He’s probably there to sell his Avon

When you scoop a spider up and take it outside instead of squashing it

I am at one with the universe

When someone tells you Starbucks have released a new flavour of frappucino

Yassss mama Starbucks slay

When your mate didn’t get a ticket but you’re a helpful friend

Just stay still and they won’t notice

An actual photo of me posing with my dissertation

Look at this hot pile of garbage

The floor is <10 likes on an Instagram picture

But I came for the music yeah