Companies around the UK and worldwide have fallen victim to a huge cyberattack

Attackers are holding people to ransom for sensitive files

Cyberattackers are holding computers around the UK and the world to ransom.

The attack, which seems to have targeted WPP plc, took place at around 13:30 today.

Workers at MEC, PepsiCo, BM Brussels, Mondelez and more are returning to their computers to find ransom messages from hackers.

Messages have flashed up on screens at the targeted companies, demanding $300 in bitcoin in exchange for sensitive files.

According to Twitter, the attack seems to be focused around Ukraine, targeting Ukrainian companies, banks and politicians.

Russian oil company Rosneft have also reported a “powerful” cyberattack. It is currently unclear as to whether the attacks are linked.

As a result, sources confirm that several of the companies have sent their staff to the pub while it all blows over.