A round-up of all the things that happened at Sussex University in 2017

Or at least, everything we’ve covered

It’s the time of year to get dreary-eyed at what you’ve been doing for the past 365 days. A chance to look back, learn from your mistakes, and set off into the sunset with your head held high and a spring in your step.

We’ve all grown this year, us included, and we’ve been with you guys every step of the way letting you know of all the cool and interesting stuff that has been happening in 2017.

We’ve compiled all of the biggest stories of the year. For nostalgia’s sake, ya’know?

January 2017

‘Boris Bikes’ announced to be coming to Brighton this summer 

We announced that ‘Boris Bikes’ would be coming to Brighton. Whilst they were hinted at the year before, the council had finally put in place the necessary plans to install them all around Brighton ready for the summer.

Someone put a bike up a lamppost in Northfield

We always have our finger on the pulse in Sussex University so we know of all the mischief you guys get up to. In a drunken stupor, a group of freshers stole their flatmate’s bike and put it up a lamppost. What followed were some pretty funny photos and a very angry Facebook thread.

Donald Trump mistakes a Brighton resident for his daughter

Never one to shy away from social media and letting everyone know what he thinks; Donald Trump mistakingly retweeted a tweet that was originally meant for his daughter, Ivanka, but instead the tweet tagged a different Ivanka that lived in Brighton. It was favourited almost 30,000 times at the time.

The Westmarland Report published its findings

In September 2016, Sussex was hit with the news that a lecturer had been involved in abusing his student girlfriend. Nicole Westmarland was brought in to assess Sussex’s handling of the case and to make sure that Sussex University could prevent something like this happening again. The report was published in January.

Making a Murderer attorneys  visit Sussex University

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting visited Sussex University to talk about their book and about the American criminal system in January. They visited on January 30 and we obviously went down. They were really nice people and revealed a lot about the Stephen Avery case that most people may not have known about, as well as highlighting racial inequalities within US legal system.

Brighton hosts a massive anti-trump rally in the middle of the city

In the wake of the ‘Muslim ban’, hundreds took to the streets to protest against Donald Trump and Theresa May. Starting near the Brighton Town Hall, the protesters had talks from Sussex University staff and afterwards took to the streets for a march.


Sussex University announced it will act as a rent guarantor for students

One of the good things that the Students’ Union achieved this year was securing the university as a rent guarantor for students moving into private accommodation. 20 students took part in the scheme where the university would foot the bill as a regular rent guarantor for students that fit certain criteria. This was a win for students whose families may be struggling with money or for students without guardians.

Nazi stickers found on campus

Some students were shocked when stickers featuring Oswald Mosley and Nazis giving a Seig heil were found all over Sussex University. The stickers were found in toilets, on pinboards, and in the staircases of the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union now provides drug testing kits

You fuckin’ druggos… The union are aware of Sussex’s drug habit and so made drug testing kits available for students at the reception of Falmer House.

Anti-Nazi stickers appear on campus

February was the beginning of an odd trend on campus where political messages became more prevalent than before. In response to the Nazi stickers, anti-nazi stickers appeared all over campus.

We met Gary, the falcon wielding seagull hunter of Sussex University

We spoke to Gary and his pet falcon, George, about his life as Sussex’s seagull hunter. Called in as a response to seagulls attacking students, Gary and George keep the skies above Sussex safe by scaring off the seagulls wherever they can.

We took ourselves for a date this Valentines

Valentine’s is shit. We don’t need a special day to let someone know we love them, so we flipped Valentine’s on its head and took ourselves out for a date. After all, you gotta look after number one.

Adam Tickell announces that Sussex University spends £8.2 million on just ‘small things’. So we took the piss

He is a lovely guy, but when we quizzed Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell on Twitter about Sussex’s recent expenditure report he told us that vaguely that Sussex spent the £8.2 million ‘other’ expenditure on ‘small things’. We understand that he probably couldn’t go into much detail on the limited amount of characters he could use, but it didn’t stop us from putting things in perspective with our article.

We spoke to Luqman a year on after his deportation case

Luqman Onikosi made national news in 2015 when he was threatened with being deported. Luqman was a Sussex masters students and was undergoing treatment for Hepatitis B, an illness that killed his two brothers. The ‘Don’t Deport Luqman’ campaign was established that aimed to protect Luqman’s life as if was to be deported he would no longer have the treatment that was keeping him alive. A year after his case, we met up with him to see how he was and what has happened since then.


Frida is nominated as SU president as turnout falls to its lowest in many years

At the beginning of March, students voted for who they wanted to be their elected officers for the next academic year. Frida Gustafsson won the election, beating the previous president Annie Pickering who had hoped to have won a second term. In addition, the turnout for the election fell to its lowest number in over four years.

We hung out with Brighton’s Scientology Church

Hidden in Brighton, there lives a Scientology church and we went and visited it. It got strange, just read about it here. 

We revealed that there have been six suicides at Sussex in five years

In an attempt to begin a conversation about mental health, we revealed that there have been six suicides at Sussex University in the past five years. We went and spoke to people at Sussex University who help students with their problems and to hopefully shed a little light on what is out there for people so that they do not suffer in silence.

A new art project was built in Library Square and someone left anti-semitic messages on it

The ‘Before I Die’ art project was a project that was designed for passersby to write what they would like to do before they die. The project would be displayed as part of Brighton’s Fringe Festival. Some took the project seriously, others took the piss. However, after a few days of being up the message ‘Jet fuel can’t melt jews’ was found on the piece.

And then communist graffiti was found on campus

Remember when we said that a weird trend began on campus? Yeah, it continued a lot.

Varsity banners cost £700 when societies struggle for money

In a bizarre move by a supposedly cash-strapped Students’ Union, they went out and spent £700 on banners for Varsity that would only be on display for two weeks. The banners would then be given to the students who featured on them. All the while, societies have to raise money themselves for things they need. This then led to a big conversation about what is Varsity all about. And we all know what happens next…

Varsity, and all the shit that came with it

I think we all know about Sussex Varsity… let’s just leave it as that.

Summer ball got cancelled

In response to the trouble at Varsity, Brighton and Sussex Students’ Union announced that the Summer Ball would be cancelled for fear that violence could break out again. As a response, someone in Northfield made an event that would be the replacement. They got into a fair bit of trouble.

Westminister attacker revealed to be an ex-Sussex student

On March 22, Khalid Masood drove his car into pedestrians in Westminister. After some digging, it was revealed he attended Sussex University in 1994 and even stayed in Brighton the day before the attack.


Adam Tickell set to DJ at Shooshh

Not really, but it was part of our April’s Fool joke that Adam has lovingly taken on the chin. We put in a petition for him to actually do the set but it didn’t get passed. Shame, we would’ve loved to have seen Adam in Shooshh.

A group of students announced that they will host their own Summer Ball

Students from both Brighton and Sussex University came together to host their own Summer Ball at the Synergy Centre. As a middle finger to those who thought that the universities couldn’t get on, the event was headlined by student DJs and event organisers who managed to throw a sick night.

Burnie Sanders was to give a talk in Brighton

The Democratic presidential candidate was set to visit Brighton in the summer to give a talk at the Brighton Dome. Everyone was feeling the Burn way before summer had even started.

Sussex Students’ Union continues to spend their money on dumb things. This time, an anti-TEF fairground

£800 was spent on the anti-TEF fairground, a miserable, washed out, poorly attended, mess of a publicity stunt that completely backfired. In an attempt to appear cool and edgy, the union made themselves look a bit of a tit when the fairground just looked absolutely shit and didn’t make a good enough point.


Students began worshipping a CCTV camera

We’re not lying. Student protesters made up a fake religion worshipping the ‘Sussex Eye’ which is really a CCTV camera that looks over Library Square. The protest was against malicious campus surveillance.

We met meme legend ‘Teh Univursity of Susex’ in real life

It is what we inspire to be. We met up with the legendary Sussex page to find out more about the person/people behind one of the best things about Sussex University. Tickell loves their Harry Potter video of Sussex.

Sussex student, Solomon Curtis, runs as a Labour MP in Brighton

At just 20 years old, Solomon has already run twice for the role of an MP. This year, he ran as a Labour candidate in Brighton Pavilion in an attempt to beat Caroline Lucas who has been safely winning the seat for years. We met up with Solomon to find out more about him.


It was announced that Brighton would be host to a massive cheese festival

Not to be confused with the flop of a cheese festival we talk about later on, The Big Cheese Festival is set to hit Brighton on March 3 .

Brighton and Sussex University ranked ‘silver’ in the TEF

Despite the berating of the Students’ Union at the time, no one seemed to care when it was announced Sussex University was silver in the Teaching Excellence Framework. We know no one cared, we can see the stats when we revealed it.

August (nothing really happened in July)

Brighton and Sussex Varsity was cancelled

In a shock reveal, the Brighton and Sussex Students’ Union cancelled Varsity taking place in 2018. At the time, no one knew what would replace it but now we know that a alumni and student sports day will take place instead that totally isn’t like varsity.

CheeseFest was a massive flop, but Brewdog came to the rescue

By sheer coincidence, another cheese festival was to visit Brighton during the summer. However, this was widely considered to be really shit. For starters, they ran out of cheese, queues were massive, and the prices were ridiculous. Scottish Brewery and pub chain, Brewdog, announced after the festival that those with wristbands to CheeseFest could visit the Brighton Branch for discounted cheese. Fair play.

We revealed why buying a Brighton student discount card was really not worth it

Students, especially freshers, are often preyed upon by individuals who want to take their money away. This year, it was no different. The One:Pass card, that was specifically tailored to Sussex and Brighton freshers, offered deals and discounts that could be easily obtained elsewhere for free and yet charged people to have the card. We feel we saved a lot of freshers from buying this broken product.


Sussex Library to be now open 24/7

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

The Brighton bike share scheme is finally launched

At the beginning of September, the Brighton Bike Share Scheme was launched where locals could hire bikes to get around at their own desire. We gave a quick explanation of how they actually work.

Brighton seafront evacuated due to a bomb scare

An anonymous tip-off stated that there was a bomb at Grand Hotel on Brighton seafront at around 4.30pm. Police quickly secured the scene and evacuated everyone in the immediate vicinity.

We first hinted at a wizarding shop opening up in Brighton

In mid-September, plans were released that stated a wizarding shop would be opening in Brighton. We have all come to know and love that shop as Oliver’s Brighton. This was when it was first known about the shop.

Ed Miliband was to host a pub quiz in Brighton

As part of a political festival, Ed Miliband was to host a pub quiz at Komedia. The Mili-fandom were out in full force.

Sussex University beats Brighton by 85 places in The Times Good University Guide 

So not only do we beat them at Varsity but we beat them on league tables. Sussex comes 27th in the country on the Good University Guide and came third on the south coast.

Jeremy Corbyn hosted a massive rally in town and also secretly visits Sussex University

Out of the blue, Corbyn was spotted on campus meeting with students and talking with them about their experiences at Sussex. Whilst some were lucky and got a photo opportunity with him by the time we were able to let everyone know he disappeared.

We played the Sussex lecture drinking game

Ever wanted to spice up a boring lecture? We know we do, so we invented the Sussex lecture drinking game that you and your friends and take part in should your lecture be a dull experience.


We hung out with Sussex’s new ‘High on Life’ society 

University isn’t just all about drinking and drugs. For some students, those things really don’t interest them and they want to find their kicks elsewhere. Enter the High on Life society, a society of students that want to take a break from drinking all the time and instead take part in different activities that they feel would bring them closer to others.

Fright Fest 2017 was cancelled

An event that generally split opinions, Fright Fest was cancelled as it suffered from planning and organisation which meant that the event could not go on. Thousands had already paid for tickets that had to be refunded.

IT balloons appear on campus and in Brighton

Students were freaked out when red balloons that mirrored the recently released film IT appeared on drainpipes around campus and in Brighton. Many quickly snapped the balloons curious as to what they meant. We revealed that it was all in aid of the Students’ Union Halloween party they were hosting at Pryzm. Smart move guys.

A Sussex student was bottled in the face on North Street

Footage emerged online of a South Korean Sussex student who was bottled in the face after an argument on North Street. Yehsung Kim suffered from broken teeth and had to wait for hours before being able to see a doctor.


Sussex makes national news for supposedly preventing a UKIP MEP from speaking on campus

Bill Etheridge was supposed to speak on Sussex campus but was subjected to the external speaker policy that wished to make sure the event ran smoothly. Rather than compromise or indeed attempt to negotiate, the society bringing Bill onto campus cancelled the event, went to national press, and wanted to hold the event at a different venue (all of which declined). All the while, the society cried wolf and claimed that the union and university were ‘no platforming by other means’.

We wanted to figure out if modafinil is cheating

The study wonderdrug is being used more and more these days. We wanted to understand the ethics behind it and chat to those in academia about what they think about students using the drugs.

Oliver’s finally opens

Image may contain: Night Life, Night Club, Tango, Dance Pose, Dance, Furniture, Couch, Human, Person, People

Remember earlier we announced that the wizarding shop, Oliver’s Brighton, would be coming to Brighton? In November it finally opened. We got an exclusive look at the store the night before the public reveal.

Jailbreak finally comes to Sussex

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, Sussex Raising and Giving society will be hosting a jailbreak event where students have 48 hours to get as far away as they can with no money. Other universities have been doing it for years and now it is time for Sussex to show everyone what they’re made of.

We celebrated Adam Tickell’s birthday

Image may contain: Hot Air Balloon, Poster, Flyer, Human, Person, People, Balloon, Ball

He kept it quiet, but through a sneaky tweet we found out it was Adam’s birthday. We compiled his best bits for you all to enjoy.

Sussex University made it onto the Brighton and Hove monopoly board

Announced that they would be making a new B&H board in August, locals were asked what they would like to see on the board. Fortunately for us, Sussex University made the cut and we’re on the green set of properties which are the 2nd most valuable set on the board. Get in!

Sussex Students’ Union launch taxi karaoke for students to win £1000

Students were told that if they were to film themselves singing in the back of a Brighton taxi they could win £1000 if their video got the most likes on the SU’s Facebook page.

The final farewell parties for East Slope were announced

East Slope Bar is the icon of Sussex University and so when it has to be knocked down we will all be extremely sad. Which is why we have to make the most of it whilst it is still around. The Students’ Union announced the last few farewell parties of East Slope that will take students on a journey through the decades of the legendary bar being open.

Immediately after, a petition to save East Slope was made

And over a thousand people had signed it. 

Brighton students fought back against letting agency G4Lets

Dodgy landlords and estate agents are regular parts of life in Brighton. However, a group of Brighton students had enough and with the help of Brighton Solfed protested and campaigned against the living conditions of their house. Loads of you took interest in this case.

We interviewed Adam Tickell

As you can see, a lot has happened for Sussex in 2017 and we wanted to ask Adam about his views. He gave us flapjacks and brownies.

94 per cent of students voted for cheaper prices in Co-op

Not surprising really… The Students’ Union referendum put the question to students ‘should they lobby for more student-friendly prices at the Co-op’. 1419 voted in favour of the motion.

We drunk a shit tonne of ‘hangover-free’ prosecco to see if we would get a hangover

Image may contain: Bottle, Person, People, Human

In the name of science, Lidl released a ‘hangover-free prosecco’ that was scientifically designed to not give drinkers a hangover afterwards. We wanted to try it out, check out our research.

We went and tried Sussex’s hallucination machine

Image may contain: Pc, Laptop, Electronics, Computer, Person, People, Human

More science! Sussex University has developed a hallucination machine to study the way the brain perceives certain images without having to give the subject psychoactive drugs. Obviously, we wanted to try it out. 

Michael Farthing revealed to have been paid almost a quarter of a million pounds as a leaving bonus

Ex-Sussex Vice-Chancellor, Michael Farthing, was paid £230,000 as a leaving bonus when he left Sussex University in August 2016. Students were not happy with that, I wonder if any of them began to protest?

Sussex students go on a rent strike and win

With the Farthing revelation, students living at Kings Road Flats went on a rent strike against the living conditions of the place. Since the university could shell out £230,000 for a bonus, why couldn’t they spend money on making the lives of the students who live at one of their accommodations better? After four days, the students were awarded £64,000 in compensation which included repair works and personal reparations for the students.

Big Shaq announced that he would be coming to Brighton

Big Shaq will be visiting Shooshh on January 29 with tickets expected to sell out very quickly. 

What a year

Phew, I think that just about covers it. I want to say honestly that this year has been a great one for us at The Tab Sussex. We love doing what we do and we will keep on doing it. Whether it is entertaining you, informing you, or giving those who need their voices to be heard a platform we do it all for you guys. As a ragtag bunch of students that want to make life at Sussex a bit more interesting, we’ve felt amazing love and support this year compared to the last which spurs us on to make better and better stuff for you guys to enjoy.

From me, and the rest of the team, we want to say thank you for sticking with us and reading. We promise to keep the memes and the hot news coming.