Someone in Northfield put a bike on a lamp post

Is there no end to the madness?

On Friday morning, a post emerged on a University of Sussex Freshers’ Facebook page as an exasperated Northfield resident shared a photo of his “vintage Chanel bike” on top of a lamppost.

Yazz McQueen, bike owner and Law and American Studies fresher, said: “My bike had no padlock and I left it outside my flat with a note telling no one to touch it. My block mates got really drunk and put it onto the roof so I got payback and trashed their flat with tomatoes. Then last night they had a party and decided to put it on top of a lamppost.”

Twelve hours later, the Facebook post has over 300 likes and a thread of comments hinting at the perpetrators but Yazz says he still doesn’t know who did it.

The Tab can reveal the masterminds behind the bike-napping were fellow freshers, Dylan Ruggier and Luke Verrall who did it because they “figured it would be kind of funny”

This is not the first time that Northfield has shown off its wilder side. During freshers’ week, a door was ripped off one of the flats and left outside with very little evidence of who perpetrated the crime. With East Slope now saying bye-bye, is Northfield the new crazy place to be on campus?