So, how does the new shared bike scheme in Brighton work?

We shouldn’t call them Boris Bikes, they’re Life Bikes…

Saturday 2nd September saw the launch of the Brighton shared bike scheme that mirrors the Santander Cycles (AKA, Boris Bikes) in London. Local showed their joy at the green initiative that aims to get people active and to ease congestion in the city.

The £1.5 million scheme operates from Portslade all the way up to Sussex University, allowing people to travel all around Brighton. Bike also come with locks meaning that you do not have to find another bike hub in order to safely secure it.

Interested? Several hubs operate on Lewes Road, near the bottom of Hartington Road and with the bikes starting at 3p/minute for hire it could be a easy way to work, university, or home.

How does it work? We'll let you know the basics of this two-wheeled plan.

How much does it cost?

To pay, you will need to download the BTN Bikeshare app (SoBi) or you can go on their website. Here, you can choose your payment plan. You can either choose the Easy Rider or the Annual Rider.

The Easy Rider – once you have signed up via the app or website – will charge you £1 for hire. After that, you get 35 minutes of cycling before you pay 3p each minute over.

The Annual Rider will get you one hour of bike riding each day for £72 for the whole year. After your one hour, you are charged 3p a minute for using the bike.

How do I take a bike out?

Once you have signed up for a plan, you will be given a account number and a pin which you can change. You then simply go to a hub where there are bikes and input your code. Once this is done, you can take the bike out and your time begins.

The bikes also have a computer screen to let you know how far you have travelled, how long you have left, and how much your journey is currently costing.

How many hubs exist?

According to their website, there are over 35 areas in which the bike scheme operates. Busier areas have more hubs for example, Lewes Road has over 30 bikes operating there.

Will there be more hubs?

Reports state that since the bike scheme has been immensely popular in the short time it has been operating, plans to install more hubs are underway.

What if a hub is full?

BTN Bikeshare state that you can return/park your bikes at nearby bike racks. The bikes have GPS in them and can be tracked wherever they are. They will know which racks are full and if you have locked your bike near them.

You can find more information on the bike scheme here.

Featured image courtesy of Families Online